Coffee Beans

Join us on a journey of coffee beans from the coffee plant, to farm, to process, to roast, and to the final coffee bean product.

aeropress and coffee beans

Aeropress Coffee Beans: Your Brew’s Secret Ingredient

Steven Baxter

Welcome to our dive into the world of AeroPress coffee brewing. In this post, we explore the important topic of ...

coffee beans around a coffee cup with a question mark

Is A Coffee Bean A Bean?

Steven Baxter

To bean or not to bean; that is the question! (apologies to Shakespeare) Is a coffee bean a bean? Is ...

Death Wish Coffees in a row on a dark background

Death Wish Coffee Review – One Of The Strongest Coffees In The World

Steven Baxter

Wake up and get moving with Death Wish Coffee one of the strongest coffees in the world. Death Wish Coffee ...

cup of steaming coffee with spices and lifeboost coffee beans

Lifeboost Coffee Review — Is it the Healthiest Coffee Out There?

Steven Baxter

One coffee brand that has built stong customer loyalty is Lifeboost Coffee. It is often seen as the ‘Healthiest Coffee ...

pumpkin smoothie

Best Pumpkin Spice Coffee Decaf: Our Top Picks to Spice up Your Mornings

Steven Baxter

There is no denying that a warm cup of pumpkin spice coffee can make you forget about all your worries ...

pumpkin spice coffee

5 Best Pumpkin Spice Ground Coffee: The Ultimate Guide

Steven Baxter

When the outside temperature drops, leaves change color, and you see orange popping up everywhere, you know that fall has ...

italian roast coffee

What Is Italian Roast Coffee? (Everything You Need to Know)

Steven Baxter

What is Italian roast coffee? What makes Italian roast coffee different from other roast coffee? Italian coffee is a roasting ...

coffee cup with flower

Hawaii Coffee Company – Hawaii’s Favorite Coffee Brands

Steven Baxter

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages, earning the title ‘Elixir of life.’ People love it because coffee is ...

crazy man with a cup of coffee

Best Coffee for People Who Don’t Like Coffee

Steven Baxter

Every once in a while, you come across people who never caught the coffee fever and simply don’t fancy a ...

cup of coffee in women's hands

The Best Italian Coffee to Buy In 2022: Reviews and Buying Guide

Steven Baxter

What are some of the best Italian coffee to buy in 2022 and beyond? Going to Belgium is a no-brainer ...

Dark Roast Coffee

10 Best Dark Roast Coffee Beans – Strong Coffee with Rich Depth of Flavor!

Steven Baxter

If you’re on the quest for the best dark roast coffee beans with a robust flavor that will give you ...

medium roast coffee in a bag

The Ultimate Guide to Medium Roast Coffee: All Questions Answered

Steven Baxter

The final flavor experience of coffee depends mostly on the initial flavor compounds found in the coffee beans. The roast ...

Light roast brown coffee beans in white cups on a wooden table top

8 Best Light Roast Coffee: Flavor and Caffeine Content Reviewed

Steven Baxter

It’s true that in the world of coffee, the darker roasts have dominated the market for some time, but recently, ...

picking coffee cherries coffee beans

Where Do Coffee Beans Come From: From Plants to Home

Steven Baxter

Approximately 1.4 billion coffees are consumed around the world every day. Have you ever considered were all the coffee beans ...

strong arm man holding coffee

What is the Strongest Coffee? Best Top Strongest Coffees in the World

Steven Baxter

For some people, a regular cup of joe is enough to help them wake up and start their day. Others, ...

roasted coffee beans for espresso

The 10 Best Espresso Beans for 2021 – Reviewed and Ranked

Steven Baxter

A cup of espresso isn’t like your regular cup of coffee. All things remaining constant, your typical cup of Joe ...

black coffee and coffee beans

Best Coffee to Drink Black. Getting the Best from Your Coffee

Steven Baxter

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who drink black coffee and those who wish they drank ...

best coffee for moka pot

Best Coffee for Moka Pot – Ground and Whole Beans

Steven Baxter

Italian Moka pots are known to make some of the best-tasting coffee, but do you know the best coffee for ...

home coffee roasting in 8 easy steps

How To Roast Your Own Coffee Beans In 8 Easy Steps

Steven Baxter and Emori Gift

Any coffee lover would agree, there is nothing better than starting your morning with a coffee made from a fresh ...

arabica vs robusta

Arabica Vs Robusta Coffee

Steven Baxter

Arabica vs robusta coffee beans what are the differences and similarities? More often than not, comparisons of different types of ...

best cold brew coffee beans

The Best Coffee Beans for Cold Brew: Everything You Should Know Coffee on a desk

Steven Baxter

There are very few things quite as tasty and as satisfying as having a cup of cold coffee on a ...

when does coffee expire and can it go bad?

When Does Coffee Expire And Can it Go Bad?

Steven Baxter

Everything in life has an expiration date, and just like many of your favorite things, coffee is no different. So, ...

how to grind espresso beans

How To Grind Espresso Beans


How To Grind Espresso Beans In this post, we’ll review some of the key points on how to grind espresso ...

why Ethiopian coffee

What is Ethiopia Coffee?

Steven Baxter

What is Ethiopia Coffee? Ethiopia is regarded as the home and the birthplace of coffee and to this day reports ...

why is costa rican coffee the best?

Why is Costa Rican Coffee the Best

Steven Baxter

Why is Costa Rican Coffee the best? Costa Rica is not the birthplace of coffee, but it does have a ...

best Peet's Coffee

Best Peet’s Coffee

Steven Baxter

Who is Peet’s Coffee?  What are some of the best Peet’s coffee? We will get to that in a jiffy, ...

best fair trade coffee

Best Fair Trade Coffee Brands Around The World

Steven Baxter

Coffee is one of the major commodities in the world because of the excess demand in the west part of ...

best fair trade coffee in Africa

Best Fair Trade Coffee Brands In Africa

Steven Baxter

What are the best fair trade coffee brands in Africa? Fairtrade is a worldwide campaign that seeks to provide better ...

which coffee pod

Which Coffee Pod For You?

Steven Baxter

Coffee pods are single-serve portions of coffee that can be used with various coffee machines to produce a quality cup ...

Best Coffees For French Press

Steven Baxter

Have you ever wondered what are the best coffees for French Press? If so, we review 5 of our top ...

How to Make Coffee With a Moka Pot

How to Make Coffee With a Moka Pot

Steven Baxter

Do you want to know how to make coffee with a Moka pot? Good! Just read this post and you ...

How to Grow a Coffee Plant at Home

How to Grow a Coffee Plant at Home

Steven Baxter

If you are willing to try something different, we show you how to grow a coffee plant at home. You ...

The ‘Best of the Best’ World Coffee Roasting Champions

Steven Baxter

What is the World Coffee Roasting Championships? The World Coffee Roasting Championships (WCRC) are where the ‘Best of the Best’ ...

The Best Tasting Coffee In The World

The Best Tasting Coffee in the World – Our Ultimate Guide

Steven Baxter

Are you looking for the best-tasting coffee in the world - who isn’t, really? We’re here to give you the lowdown on the best-tasting coffee you can buy, where to get it, and what makes it...

How to find the Best Selling Coffee Beans 2019

Steven Baxter

How to find the best selling coffee beans in 2019? As you know Google search engine is the biggest and ...

A guide to home coffee roasting

Ultimate guide to Home Coffee Roasting

Larry D

Everything you wanted to know about Home Coffee Roasting.

8 Top Favorite Coffee Roasters 2019

8 Favorite Top US Coffee Roasters for 2019

Steven Baxter

This review of the 8 Favorite Top US Coffee Roasters for 2019 saves you time and to gives you an ...

How To Fix A Jammed Coffee Grinder

Steven Baxter

You’re spending your time and grinding your coffee, but now it’s jammed, and you can’t get to that sweet, sweet ...

Decaf Coffee: 7 Myths Debunked

Steven Baxter

Decaffeinated coffee, or decaf coffee, is basically the uncle in the attic nobody talks about, and when they do, it’s ...

Quick Lesson On Coffee Beans

Steven Baxter

Coffee is both a fine science and an art. It’s cultivated in some of the most beautiful places in the ...

Everything You Should Know About Coffee Farming

Steven Baxter

We drink a lot of coffee around the world—some 500 billion cups a year—and it’s important to know that it ...

How To Grind Coffee Beans: The Ultimate Guide in 2019

Steven Baxter

In this post, we’ll dig deep on how to grind coffee beans. We like to call it our ‘ultimate guide’ ...

How Does Roast Affect Coffee?

Steven Baxter

The roast of your coffee immediately impacts the flavor, caffeine content, and the color. Without roasting your beans, you’d just ...