Best Fair Trade Coffee Brands Around The World

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Coffee is one of the major commodities in the world because of the excess demand in the west part of the globe. Most of the industrial sites of coffee beans work long hours to produce a vibrant and exquisite taste of the coffee. Undoubtedly, Fair Trade Coffee products work with the same efficiency to give their customers the aromatic flavor. Let us look at some of the best fair trade coffee brands around the world

Reasons to Buy Fair Trade Coffee

  1. Fair Trade Coffee supports the sustainability of our environment.
  2. It supports the right price products.
  3. Fair Trade gives direct support to local works and farmers.
  4. It is better for your health.
  5. It helps to preserve biodiversity.
  6. Fair Trade coffee removes mediators.

What’s The Big Deal With Fair Trade Certification?

Fair Trade certification ensures enforcing standards required for the market system by FLOCERT. It enables the coffee farmers and their society to raise their voices in their industry.

The certification also promotes sustainable projects for the environment, since climate change causes damage to coffee beans and plants.

There are a lot of coffee companies registering themselves for Fair Trade Certification. You might come across numerous brands supporting the efforts of a farmer for growing coffee beans that also help our environment.

Make your coffee hunt more exciting with these ten best Fair Trade Coffee brands! This detailed rundown feature certified coffee beans explicitly produced with excellent work.

Here’s The List of The Best Fair Trade Coffee Brands

1. LifeBoost Fair Trade Single Origin Nicaragua Gourmet Ground Coffee
2. Papua New Guinea Fair Trade Whole Bean Coffee
3. Kicking Horse Smart Ass Fairtrade Whole Coffee Bean
4. NO FUN JO Fair Trade Decaf
5. Tiny Footprint Fair Trade Nicaragua Segovia Dark Roast Organic Coffee
6. Death Wish Coffee Company Ground Coffee
7. Equal Exchange Mind, Body, and Soul Organic Coffee
8. Doma Coffee The Chronic Organic Medium Roasted Fair Trade
9. Wandering Bear Organic Cold Brew Fair Trade Coffee20. AmazonFresh Peru Whole Bean Organic Fair Trade Coffee

LifeBoost Fair Trade Single Origin Central America Gourmet Ground Coffee

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LifeBoost is the right balance of tasty coffee sustainably grown in the mountains of Central America, where wide varieties of arabica coffee beans are grown.

Delicious low acidic 

This coffee is chocolaty with a tinge of citrus. Most acidic coffee causes teeth decaying and stomach problems, but the perfect acidic value of 6 pH makes it a creamy coffee.

Certified Organic Fair Trade coffee

This coffee is grown under mountain shades, dried under the sun, and washed by spring water. All these processes help to store the purity and health of natural coffee beans. 

Mycotoxin free coffeeA bit costly
Rich coffee with notes of chocolate and lemon  
Low acidic 

 Papua New Guinea Fair Trade Whole Bean Coffee

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A unique selection of peaberries prepares the great Papua NG coffee. Papua New Guinea’s first coffee plantations came out of Jamaican Blue Berg coffee from 1927.

Papua is a medium roasted whole bean that maintains the authentic flavor and remarkable taste of this Fair Trade coffee.

Intense and Rich in Taste

Papua NG Fair Trade coffee beans have the flavor notes of caramel, earthiness, fruit, and slightly citrus in taste. The cup notes of these coffee beans give you a deep sweet aroma taste with aromatic woods, papaya, mango, and chocolate.    

Fair Trade Certified Coffee Beans

Papua NG coffee beans are grown in shades of mountains, dried in the sun, and medium roasted. These are 100% arabica coffee beans that are free from chemicals and pesticides.

Low acidic coffeeSome users feel it is too mild
Coffee has a smooth flavor 
Fair Trade coffee beans 

Kicking Horse Smart Ass Fairtrade Whole Coffee Bean

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Rocky Mountain ranges in Central and South America. Kicking Horses is a package full of roasted and fully-grown coffee beans. Farmers prepare these beans organically in an economically and ecologically sustainable manner. The aroma of Kicking Horses coffee beans has a medium roast with sweet sugar, vanilla bean, stone fruit.

Brew method

Use coarse grind coffee beans of Kicking Horses for french press, medium grind for drip coffee, medium-fine grind for making pour-over coffee, and fine grind coffee beans to make Espresso.

Fair Trade Certified Coffee Beans

Kicking Horses coffee is grown in the shades of central and south American mountains. It produces 100% arabica coffee that is good for farmers, the environment, and coffee lovers.

Coffee has a bright aromaA bit dark for a medium roast
Coffee flavor is boldPricey
Fair Trade certified 

Morning Jo Fair Trade Medium Roast Coffee

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Morning Jo is a an organic Fair Trade coffee. It is USDA certified sustainable, Fair Trade certified, and Kosher certified Coffee product.

Robust flavor

This is a medium-dark roast coffee bean that has professional cupping notes of apricot, honey, crisp lemon with a clean finish and no added flavors.

Coffee has an undertone of sweetnessAcidic
USDA + Fair Trade certified 

Tiny Footprint Fair Trade Nicaragua Segovia Dark Roast Organic Coffee

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Nicaragua Segovia Organic Coffee is dark roasted and grown in the areas of Nueva Segovia. The procedure features thorough washing and drying of coffee in the sun. The flavor profile of this Nicaragua Segovia Dark Roast Organic Coffee is traditional flavors of bright apricot, spice, and fig with notes of chocolate.

Carbon negative coffee

Tiny Footprint donates a portion of its income to reforestation in Ecuador’s Mindo cloud forest. For selling off every pound, these cloud forests consume 54 lbs amount of carbon dioxide and provide habitats for native animals and plants.

Perfectly roasted coffee craft

Craft roasted in the vintage of 90 kilos of drum roasted designed with German technology and fueled with modern ribbon burners that ensure perfectly roasting of craft.

Fair Trade certified coffee

Tiny Footprint is the world’s first brand that donates a portion of their sales for growing plants and that makes it a negative carbon coffee and certified with Fair Trade Certification.

World’s first carbon-negative coffeeLighter dark roast
Roasted to perfectionSmoky aftertaste
Fair Trade certified 

Death Wish Coffee Company Ground Coffee

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Death Wish is the world’s strongest coffee crafted with selective, perfectly roasted Arabica and robusta coffee beans. Death wish is highly caffeinated, dark, and strong without being bitter or acidic as compared to any average coffee blend.

Flavor Notes

Death wish coffee has a powerful, bold taste with notes of chocolate and cherry. The clearness and smooth flavor that comes without acidity and bitterness is due to the blend of fine arabica and robusta.

Nutrients in blend

According to Death Wish, this blend has only 1 calorie per cup, no carbs, protein or fiber. It is certified with USDA Organic with no additives or ingredients behind this coffee brand.

Fair Trade Coffee

Arabica and Robusta beans are naturally produced and roasted in slow processes. Throughout the making of the blend, no additives and caffeine are added that make it fully organic and Fair Trade certified.

Naturally produced coffeeThis coffee is not for those preferring light caffeine. 
It has a good taste and smooth flavor  Some users feel that it is not as strong as the Death Wish company says.
Coffee with no additives 
Fair Trade certified 

Equal Exchange Mind, Body, and Soul Organic Coffee

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The coffee roast is overall lightweight, so it is appealing to the latter. This 100% Colombian-sourced coffee is known for its unique flavor as the supreme signature of Kirkland.

Brew your best

The best cup of coffee starts with your favorite roast, blend, or taste in your home. Dozens of consumers who have just begun their keto diet favor the high-fat dietary demand of these coffee beans.

Coffee flavor

No special, but negative notes, too. It can be obtained by having enough coffee in a generous 42,5 oz bins with 325 cups of 6 fl. The combined blend of malt, almond, and dark chocolate is smooth, creamy, and balanced.

Fair Trade certified coffee

Equal Exchange offers a way to work directly with small farmer cooperatives to create integrity, independence, and empowerment. Through this partnership, farmers can improve their lives by adding income and security.

A creamy and balanced blendSome users feel it left a bitter taste in the mouth
Rich flavor, Low acidic 
USDA Certified Organic, Fair Trade, Kosher Pareve certified by the Orthodox Union 

Doma Coffee The Chronic Organic Medium Roasted Fair Trade

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The combination of the Chronic Mega will make you feel fantastic, sip after sip. It includes dry flavorings of cherry fruits, dark chocolate flavor, a subdued acidity, a healthy body and light sweetness, cedar, and clove aftertastes.

Blind Assessment

Crisp and sweet pie. Cocoa, ripe prune and berries with a taste of fresh, springy cups and aromas. Rich, forward acidity; lightly syrupy mouth-feeling. Saturated with a soft taste, managed.

Fair Trade certified coffee

The Cooperative Fund of Paez is organically accredited. Although it has a logo called “,” there is no evidence that Fair Trade USA has a FairTrade Seal.

Bold and balanced sweetnessUsers feel it is not good for cold brewing
A mellow acidic 
Used to make an espresso, and drip coffee 
Pure organic and certified with Fair Trade 

Wandering Bear Organic Cold Brew Fair Trade Coffee

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Cold coffee is so smooth that it’s the only fair trade coffee that you can drink black. The Wandering Bear appears in an eleven oz pack. As for the rest of the party, Tetra Pak is closing Dreamcap. To this end, they have chosen a light-blue backdrop as perfect as the typical color vanilla.


It is a good coffee and one of the best coffee prepackaged. Coffee in hand, with accompanying notes of vanilla and cocoa. There is no extra sugar, but also no spice. The coffee makes drinking easy and blends in with the audacity and taste.

Fair Trade Certified Coffee

Wandering Bear Organic Cold Brew is a Fair Trade Coffee that comes with no unnecessary ingredients and sugar.

Ready to drinkSome users feel that it has better taste
No sugar additives 
Coffee has 25 mg of caffeine per oz. that is strong enough 
So smooth you can drink it black 

AmazonFresh Peru Whole Bean Organic Fair Trade Coffee

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AmazonFresh Whole beans are 100% organic coffee grown in Peru. It delivers a smooth taste, sweet aroma with notes of chocolate, and has the certification of Fair Trade and USDA Organic.

High-Quality Experience

Shortly after roasting with a one-way freshness valve, the AmazonFresh coffee is packed to ensure the coffee beans delivered to you are fresh.

Fair Trade certified coffee

AmazonFresh coffee is 100% arabica coffee beans comes with the label of USDA Organic certification and Fair Trade certification. 

Value for money coffee productToo mild
100% Arabica CoffeeProfile of coffee is simple
Fair Trade + USDA Organic certified 


We hope this rundown of Fair Trade coffee brands helps you in searching for the best Fair Trade coffee brands! 

Our first choice is LifeBoost Fair Trade Nicaragua Ground Coffee, which is medium-roasted and sustainably grown in the Nicaraguan mountains and gives you a delicious taste.

You should also consider Papua New Guinea Fair Trade Whole Bean Cofee, it gives you a smooth, delicious, low acidic flavor.

If you are searching for a decaf with robust flavor and sweet undertones, you can go with  Kicking Horse Smart Ass Fairtrade Whole Coffee Bean.

If you are looking for a pre-packed Fair Trade Cold Brew Coffee without added sugar or cream, you can go with Wandering Bear Organic Cold Brew Fair Trade Coffee.



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