Best Pumpkin Spice Coffee Decaf: Our Top Picks to Spice up Your Mornings

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There is no denying that a warm cup of pumpkin spice coffee can make you forget about all your worries with just a single sip. But what if we told you that you could relish the same delicious taste without all the caffeine? You heard it right; this coffee now comes in a decaf option for all the health-conscious coffeeholic!

While the allure of a full-body pumpkin spice latte is unmatched, sometimes you need something mild and not full to the brim with caffeine to help calm your mind.

Additionally, there might be plenty of other health-related reasons to opt for this drink. Pregnant women and those with anxiety, insomnia, and high blood pressure should steer clear of excessive caffeine; this is where decaf coffee enters.

We will specifically focus on pumpkin spice coffee decaf, so continue reading to learn about our top five pumpkin spice coffee decaf picks and a detailed buying guide to help you make an informed decision.

Who Invented Pumpkin Spice Coffee?

The exact origins of original pumpkin spice coffee are unclear but it supposedly originated in the 1930s to increase pie sales at a bakery.

However, about 70 years later, Peter Dukes, an economist at Starbucks, is credited with inventing the Pumpkin Spice Latte in 2001.

Best Pumpkin Spice Coffee Decaf: Our Top Picks to Spice Up Your Mornings

1. Coffee Fool’s Decaf Pumpkin Spice

Coffee Fool's Decaf Pumpkin Spice (Whole Bean)

$12.02  in stock
as of April 16, 2024 12:46 pm

  • Roasted lighter to bring out the natural flavors of the bean
  • 100 Percent Pure High Grade Arabica Beans
  • Naturally and Artificially Flavored
  • Roasted in the USA
  • Bags made in the USA

With years of experience in combined roasting, Coffee Fool provides the healthiest, greatest-tasting coffee grounds through its carefully grown raw ingredients and innovative roasting procedures.

And their decaf pumpkin spice is the latest addition to the list. This Arabica coffee is lightly roasted in small batches and naturally and artificially flavored using only the best quality sweeteners.

This coffee is decaffeinated through a process using only water to extract and remove the caffeine, safeguarding the customers from harmful solvents and chemicals. The result is coffee free of caffeine but with the same excellent pumpkin spice taste.


  • Solvent and chemical-free extraction method
  • Same great flavor as that of pumpkin spice
  • Lightly Roasted to bring out the flavors


  • The packaging can be torn easily

2. Volcanica’s Pumpkin Spice-Flavored Decaf Coffee

Pumpkin Spice Decaf is one of Volcanica’s top-selling decaf grounds. It has bright flavors, a smooth finish, and a full creamy body with notes of cloves, nutmeg, and pumpkin. Like the former option, Volcanica also utilizes the Swiss Water Technique to decaffeinate its coffee and provide the best-tasting cup of Joe without using any chemicals.

Pumpkin Spice is among the top-rated coffee flavors, and Volcanica does justice to it by preserving the beans’ authentic character in its decaf version. And because it is grown in mountainous regions under strict measures, this coffee also possesses a rich flavor and low acidity.


  • Enriched with pumpkin’s characteristic flavor
  • Low acidity
  • Chemical-free extraction
  • Fairly priced


  • The flavor can get a bit too empowering for some people

3. Door County’s Pumpkin Spice Decaf Coffee

Founded in 1993, Door County has always aimed to produce the best-tasting products and deliver them to you with equally superb service.

Their specialty class-one arabica coffee beans are seasoned to perfection with cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg to create the popular fall decaf flavor. Unfortunately, these beans, similar to the fall season, are available only from August to October.

This option is excellent for a guilt-free pumpkin treat without caffeine.


  • Unique blend and premium flavor
  • Seasonal favorite
  • Uses specialty class one beans which are safe to consume
  • Accessible in both ground coffee and whole bean form


  • Not available throughout the year

4. Lifeboost’s Pumpkin Spice Decaf

Lifeboost has made quite a big name for itself in the coffee market, all credited to its all-natural, organic, and safe products. And their Pumpkin Spice Decaf coffee is no different.

pack of Lifeboost pumpkin spice decaf
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Cultivated by experienced farmers in the highlands of Nicaragua, these high-quality coffee beans feature an aromatic, nutty odor and smooth flavor that is neither too spicy nor too sweet.

But its multiple health benefits make this coffee one of the best. First, it is 100% mycotoxin-free. Mycotoxins are chemicals created by certain molds that can cause serious health issues, including kidney failure, cardiomyopathy, hypertension, and even cancer.

Secondly, it has a low acid content and practically zero caffeine, making it suitable for those suffering from acid reflux and caffeine jitters.


  • Smooth, balanced flavor full of spices
  • Organic and pesticide-free
  • Mycotoxin-free
  • Low acid content
  • No added sugar or calories
  • Provides multiple health benefits


  • A little higher priced than other brands at $25.48 (price as of date of post)
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5. Red Buffalo’s Pumpkin Pie Spice Coffee Decaf

Red Buffalo’s Pumpkin Spice decaf is an ideal way to relax at the end of your day. This coffee headlines a potent autumnal blend of spices and pumpkin that will warm you inside out, and its light caffeine-free body will allow you to enjoy the drink without worrying about your sleep. The gentle aromas of cloves and cinnamon combined with pumpkin make Red Buffalo a promising pick among other varieties.


  • Sugar-free
  • Lies low on the caloric scale
  • Contains no fats and gluten


  • Not as flavorful as other alternates

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the best decaf pumpkin spice coffee can be challenging with so many available options. If you are still unsure about the next pick for your home, here are a few buying tips to help you out in your hunt:

Natural or Artificial Flavors

Consider the flavor you are looking for and choose the product accordingly. For example, some pumpkin decaf coffee is flavored with natural spices, while others utilize artificial flavoring. Natural spices are the way to go if you prefer a subtle taste. In contrast, those looking for an intense flavor should try coffee with artificial flavoring.

Quality and Brand

This one is a no-brainer. It is always better to go for a well-known brand with positive customer reviews to ensure your money doesn’t go down the drain. Simultaneously, ensure that the bean quality is good and that they are roasted well enough to eliminate the bitter taste. In short, do your research before making the purchase.

Spice Blend

It is essential to keep in mind that not all pumpkin spice blends are created equal. Some contain more spices, while others have a milder composition; therefore, you should look for a coffee that features a blend according to your preferences.

With these tips in mind, take your time to experiment until you find the right decaf pumpkin spice coffee that conforms to your taste and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is the Best Pumpkin Spice Coffee Decaf?

Since everyone has different tastes and preferences, there is no correct answer to this question. However, some well-known pumpkin spice coffee decaf brands include Dunkin Donuts, Trader Joe’s, and Starbucks.

Are There Any Benefits of Decaf Pumpkin Spice Coffee?

The answer to this is a resounding yes. Decaf pumpkin spice coffee has an array of benefits, including reduced anxiousness and jitters that accompany caffeinated coffee and the ability to make you fall asleep faster. Lastly, it can help you save money since the decaf variety is cheaper than regular coffee.


Decaf Pumpkin Spice Coffee is a perfect drink for fall and every season. It is healthy, delicious, and decaffeinated, so you can devour it at any time of the day (or night!) to satisfy your cravings.

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