Best Coffees For French Press

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Have you ever wondered what are the best coffees for French Press? If so, we review 5 of our top picks for coffees that will make delicious French Press coffee.

During the last five hundred years, we’ve dreamt up, devised, and created the automobile, television, the telephone, and the internet. We’ve traveled to the moon, sent space probes beyond the confines of our Solar System, detected planets thousands of light-years away, and have identified, and perfected, multiple different ways of preparing coffee.

And while mankind has benefited immeasurably from all of those technological marvels, the one thing that unites us all is our devotion to, and appreciation of, the bean that keeps humanity moving forward.

We are slaves to coffee’s many flavors and miraculous qualities. It’s our number one drug of choice and has been for more than a thousand years.

Even though we’ve identified numerous ways to consume coffee we’ve always had a special relationship with the French Press. Often referred to as a cafetiere, the French Press is a simple, straightforward tool that, if used in conjunction with the right coffee, can produce an outstanding and exquisite caffeine experience.

But how do you know which coffee is the right one that’ll help you to get the best results with your French Press? That’s where we come in.

We’ve found five of the best coffees that are guaranteed to turn your French Press from an everyday tool into a precise instrument that’ll transform your morning wake-up call into the elixir of life. Welcome to the wonderful world of French Press coffee.

Our Top 5 Best Coffees For French Press

Kicking Horse Cliffhanger Coffee

Kicking Horse roast their fairtrade, organically grown coffee in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The best-selling whole bean coffee brand in Canada, Kicking Horse is a company that does everything the right way. They believe in treating the farmers who grow their coffee with dignity and respect, they believe in sustainability and they believe that their coffee should pack enough punch too, in their own words, “kick-ass”.

This is almost certainly why their customer base is so fervent and loyal because they know they’ll find the goodness that they demand in every cup of Kicking Horse Coffee.

A bright fruity coffee with hints of a smooth chocolate finish, Cliffhanger is a deep, dark, and delicious coffee that’ll lift you up in the morning and put a smile a mile wide on your face for the rest of the day.  It’s blackcurrant and brown sugar aromas are enough to dispel all of your worst fears and will greet you with the same warmth and affection that an old friend would.

Best of all though, you’ll know that when you’re drinking each and every cup of  Cliffhanger, that you’re helping Kicking Horse to do things the right way and save the planet. Who knew that saving the world could taste this good?


  • Kicking Horse is committed to their cause. They put their money where their mouth is and that’s why they’ve developed such a rabid fanbase. With great coffee comes great responsibility and Kicking Horse has always used its power to make exceptional coffee.
  • Look at the packet. Do you see what it says under recommended serving methods? It says French Press. That’s straight from the horse’s mouth. Cliffhanger is made to go from the Rocky’s straight to your cup.
  • We know that, compared to off the shelf supermarket brands of coffee, Cliffhanger may seem a little expensive. But it isn’t. Quality isn’t cheap and you get what you pay for, and one taste of this brew will convert you to the Kicking Horse Coffee way of doing things.


  • Not everyone is a fan. Some of the more rabid, die-hard, dedicated to the cause of coffee perfection connoisseurs aren’t Kicking Horse fans and don’t rate Cliffhanger. That said, those non-believers are also the kind of fanatics who are disparaging about average coffee drinkers, wouldn’t be caught dead in Starbucks, and could probably tell you more about coffee in an afternoon than you’d ever want to learn in a lifetime.

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Koffee Kult Dark Roast

We know that the slogan on the front of the packet is a little ominous and practically screams Jim Jones and Guyana at you, but trust us, while they may play up to the whole cult image, Koffee Kult isn’t a bunch of crazy whackos. Well, actually, they might be, but only as far as great coffee is concerned. And in their business, that’s a good thing. They don’t believe in settling for and being, ordinary.

Koffee Kult believes in being the best, and as such they only source, and roast the best coffee they can find.

Based in Hollywood, Florida this small-batch manufacturer’s Dark Roast is a perfect French Press coffee. Its distinct cocoa aroma gives way to bold, smooth hints of cinnamon that eliminate any bitterness to deliver a superior, full-flavored cup of coffee that’ll snap you awake in an instant and leave you counting down the minutes until you can have your next Koffee Kult fix.


  • Another company who wear their hearts on their sleeves, Koffee Kult are guided by their ethically sound and ecologically driven approach to finding and roasting the best coffee possible. They work closely with all of the farmers who supply their coffee and wholeheartedly believe in only using sustainable products.
  • Koffee Kult is a small Florida based brand and if you’re in the area, they encourage customers to pop in, so that that they can see what they do for themselves. If they’ve got the time and they’re not too busy, they’ll even show you around and give you a tour of their facility. If you do take Koffee Kult up on their offer, by all means, share a cup of Joe with them and enjoy what they do, but remember to stay away from the Kool-Aid.
  • Then there’s the price. For all of that expertise, knowledge, and taste, it’s an absolute steal. If you want the best, you have to pay for the best and while Koffee Kult’s Dark Roast isn’t cheap, it’s not expensive either. It’s a great price for an even better coffee.
  • Guess which serving method Koffee Kult recommends for their Dark Roast? That’s right, they recommend using a French Press to serve their coffee with.


  • You know those coffee snobs that we mentioned before? Yeah, some of them feel the same way about Koffee Kult as they do about Kicking Horse. The fanatic mindset obviously doesn’t like the mainstream finding out about its most cherished secrets.
  • What is a little worrying is the number of reviews that have mentioned finding rocks in their bags of coffee beans, and more alarming are the ones that mentioned said rocks ending up in their coffee grinders and destroying them. The grinders that is, not the rocks. It pays to be extra vigilant with Koffee Kult beans.
  • Unfortunately, they’re a beans only firm, so you’re going to need a coffee grinder before you can use Dark Roast in your French Press.

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Death Wish Coffee Company Ground Coffee

Whether founder Mike Brown named his coffee company after the Charles Bronson film that shared its name or he didn’t, doesn’t matter.

All that really matters of that Death Wish claim to make the “strongest coffee in the world”, which means that after a cup or two of their freshly ground, French Press coffee, you’ll be flying high all day and there’s a good chance that you’ll never come down. Not until it’s time for your next cup of Death Wish Coffee.

Infused with subtle notes of cherry and chocolate, every cup of Death Wish Coffee is twice as strong as other brands, but thanks to the unique combination of Fairtrade Arabica and  Robusta beans that they use, it’s never bitter or overwhelming.

All of that taste, all of that strength and it’s French Press ready? It might sound too good to be true, but trust us, Death Wish is the real deal. One sip, and you’ll be hooked forever.


  • Death Wish has done it all. They’re worked with Ozzy’s guitarist Zakk Wylde, collaborated with Boston’s finest The Dropkick Murphy’s, partnered with the Special Olympics, and even sent their coffee into Earth orbit where it was enjoyed by the crew of the International Space Station. And on top of that, they’re committed to using Fairtrade, ethically sourced coffee beans.
  • When Death Wish says that their coffee is the strongest in the world, that isn’t just an idle boast. They mean it. While there’s a good chance that it might burn a hole or two in your French Press, it’ll also give you the kick you need to face whatever the day throws at you.
  • They’re so convinced that you’ll absolutely adore their coffee that in the off-chance that you don’t, Death Wish will give you your money back. That sounds like a win-win situation to us. But then, it’s an offer that we’ll never have to take them up on. We’re tried their coffee and are more than happy to say, we’re Death Wish fans.
  • And it comes pre-ground. You just need to put the coffee in your French Press and you’re good to go. Or at least you will be after you’ve added boiling water and done the whole press thing


  • Any claim that’s as bold as the one that Death Wish makes about their coffee is bound to come under attack, and sure enough, there’s a vocal minority who refute everything Death Wish says about their product.  All we can say is that having enjoyed a cup or two of this coffee ourselves, we believe Death Wish.

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Stone Street Brooklyn Signature Blend

Straight out of New York City, Brooklyn’s Stone Street Coffee boast they make artisanal coffee that puts the pace into the step of every native of the East Coast’s most famous city. Freshness is paramount to Stone Street and they built their name and brand through their unparalleled commitment and dedication to small-batch roasting.

If New Yorkers swear by it, you know that Stone Street’s finest is going kick like a mule and push all of your get-up-and-go buttons at once.

A one hundred percent Arabica bean blend, Stone Street’s Brooklyn Signature, has a rich, deep aroma that entices you to luxuriate in it’s bold, full flavors that’ll fire you up and inspire you to make the most out of every day.

There’s a reason New York is called the city that never sleeps, and it’s all down to a steady diet of Stone Street Brooklyn Signature Blend Coffee.


  • Stone Street’s Brooklyn Signature Blend has a secret that most New Yorkers know, but are more than a little hesitant, and reluctant, to share with outsiders. But as we’re not natives of the Big Apple. We’re more than happy to tell you what that secret is. This blend? As good as it is as your regular morning cup of coffee, it’s also a stunning cold brew. And you can make the cold brew using your French Press too.
  • We know that you’ve seen the price and you’re right. When you’re paying that sort of money for a coffee that tastes this good, why would you want to even think about buying anything else?


  • You know the people who complained about Death Wish Coffee not living up to the hype? They’re the same people who are complaining that Stone Street is too strong. But hey, it’s coffee made for New Yorkers in the heart of New York. What did they think it was going to be?

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Two Volcanoes Gourmet Guatemala Medium Roast Coffee

Two Volcanoes specialize in single estate coffee that’s grown in the hills of Guatemala, in the shadow of, appropriately, two volcanoes. They know the history of every roast they undertake and where every bean that they use because all of their coffee comes from the same place.

There’s no outside sourcing and they don’t need to vouch for or verify the sustainability of their product, they already know everything they need to about the coffee they roast. It’s Guatemala’s finest.

Grown in the rich volcanic soils of the Guatemalan hills, this gourmet coffee is blessed with a heavenly aroma and a complex, subtle, smooth taste that ends on a light, almost ethereal chocolate note. Powerful, deep, and sweet, it has none of the bitter or lingering burnt aftertastes that plagues some of the French roasts that it rivals, and proves that good coffee comes in small batches.


  • It’s a single estate coffee, so each and every roast will taste exactly the same. You’ll never have to worry about getting another French Press coffee again. Put a regular order in and be content in the knowledge that every cup of coffee you make will taste just every bit as good as the previous one did.
  • Remember when we said that if you wanted the best, you’d have to pay for it? Well, the finest South American coffee that we’ve ever tasted doesn’t cost anywhere near as much as you think it will. It’s a reassuringly great coffee at a reassuringly great price.


  • And once again, the coffee snobs have sharpened their blades and gone after Two Volcanoes. No matter what a brand says, there’s always someone waiting in the wings to try and take them down. We’ve been fortunate enough to try this blend, and while our pallets aren’t as refined as some, we enjoyed it and as French Press friendly blends go we think it’s right up there with the best of them. Which is why it’s on our list.

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Best Coffees For French Press Buying Guide

As with everything else in life, a little knowledge might go a long way, but a lot of knowledge prepares you for any eventuality. That’s why it’s important before you decide which coffee you want to use with your French Press to improve your mornings, to know as much as you possibly can.

What is the French Press? 

Okay, we know that you almost certainly know what a French Press is and that you’re probably looking at one right now, but for the benefit of those of you who may have arrived at the game late,  we thought it might be opportune to explain what a French Press is and why, if you want great coffee, you’re going to want to use one.

Invented in 1924, the French Press is a relatively simple coffee pot that uses a combination of pressure, heat, and a filter to produce fresh coffee. Ground coffee is placed in the press, followed by boiling water, both of which are then combined by pressing down (hence the name French Press) a plunger that is fitted with a filter.

The ground coffee is compressed by the plunger at the bottom of the press, while the liquid coffee flows up and into the press through the filter. The coffee is then ready to be poured at your leisure. We told you it was simple, didn’t we?

What are the benefits of using a French Press?

Apart from being able to use fresh coffee, the press is also designed to let you fully embrace and experience coffee in its entirety. Pressing the coffee releases the full aroma of the blend, which adds extra texture and depth to the flavor of the coffee.

You can also control the strength of coffee with a French Press by adjusting the amount you use in it.

The more coffee you add to the press, the stronger your coffee will be, the less you add the weaker it will be. Given time and experience, you’ll be able to accurately judge how much coffee you need to use in order to make your perfect cup.

The Size of the Grind

One of the most common mistakes that a lot of people make when they use a French Press is misjudging the size of the grind.

If you’re buying pre-ground coffee, you should be fine as the coffee producer will have expertly gauged the size of the coffee grounds in order to prevent any of them from seeping through your French Presses filter.

However, if you’re going to grind your own coffee you need to make sure that you grind the beans for long enough so that they’ll release their full aroma and flavor when you use them in your French Press, but don’t grind them for too long.

If you grind them for too long, they’ll end up being small enough to pass through the filter of your French Press and will end up in, and potentially ruin, your cup of coffee.

Unfortunately, the only way to master the art of grinding coffee is by trial and error. Experience is everything, and the more coffee you grind, the better at it you’ll get. And the better at it that you get, the better your French Pressed coffee will be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which French Press Coffee Should I Choose?

Well, we have given you five great coffees to choose from but the choice is one you have to make.

You know what you’re looking for in a coffee, aroma, and taste-wise and hopefully, we’ve enticed you to try a few of the excellent blends on our list by describing what you can expect, as far as taste and aroma are concerned, from them.

Coffee Tips - French Press

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