Coffee and Health

Coffee can be good for your health and is one reason to start drinking coffee today.

montage representing health benefits of chlorogenic acid in coffee

Discover the Hidden Health Hero in Your Coffee With Our Chlorogenic Acid Calculator

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When you enjoy your morning coffee, you’re not just getting a caffeine boost. You’re also consuming chlorogenic acid, a compound ...

cup of coffee and measuring tape

Brewing Your Way To A Trim Figure With Weight Loss Coffee

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Many of us start our day with a hot cup of coffee. But what if that morning ritual could also ...

person with mask looking at coffee beans in a petri dish

Is Bacteria In Coffee Good For You?

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Healthy bacteria are essential for your gut health and immunity. Two Australian companies have created special coffees containing supposedly good ...

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Regular Coffee Consumption Helps Reduce Cardiovascular Disease and Mortality

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Scientific research was conducted to evaluate the long-term effects of coffee on arrhythmias, cardiovascular disease (CVD), and mortality. The researchers ...

coffee cup with heart and stethoscope

Is Coffee Healthy For You – Mixed Ideas

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Is coffee healthy for you? There seem to be some mixed ideas about this. Is coffee good for you or ...

does coffee make you live longer?

Does Coffee Help You Live Longer? Scientific Study.

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We all know that coffee can make us feel more awake and alert. But does coffee help you live longer? ...

Java Burn Scientific Review

Drink Coffee and Lose Weight with Java Burn? Scientific Review

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You probably already know some of the potential health and weight loss benefits of coffee. We’ve also previously written about ...

how much caffeine in decaf coffee

How Much Caffeine is in Decaf Coffee?

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How much caffeine is in decaf coffee?

how many calories in coffee

How Many Calories Does Coffee Have?

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Whether a cup of coffee is your morning pleasure, or your quick caffeine fix and pick-me-up, if you’re anything like ...

poured honey

5 Surprising Benefits of Adding Honey in Coffee

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What are the benefits of adding honey in coffee? Let us create some buzz and find out! ? As you ...

Is Cold Brew Coffee Actually Healthier For You

Cold Brew Coffee Benefits – Is Cold Brew Coffee Actually Healthier for You?

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If you keep up with what the kids are into these days, you’ve probably heard of cold brew coffee. It’s a great choice for anyone who prefers a cold beverage to a hot one and you get your caffeine in to boot. This seems to be due in part to its rumored health benefits with many cold coffee drinkers believing that, in some way, cold brew is better for you. But where did this idea come from? Is it actually true? Let’s take a closer look to determine if there are any benefits of drinking cold brew coffee over hot coffee.

Is Coffee Good For You?

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Is coffee good for you? Is coffee bad for you? What are the health benefits of coffee? Are the health ...

caffeine calculator

How much Caffeine did you drink today?

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How much caffeine did you drink today? This is a question that we coffee lovers may not always think about ...

8 Benefits and 6 Cons of Coffee on Your Health

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The benefits of coffee include a mental boost, helping fight against diseases, ameliorating inflammation, and decreasing stress. The Cons of ...

chemistry of coffee

Chemistry of Coffee: Science Behind the Black Nectar

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Depending on your affection for coffee, you might call it black nectar, black gold, or life-blood—some of us get more ...

How Much Coffee Is Too Much

How Much Coffee is Too Much Coffee?

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We love coffee but too much coffee may not always be a good thing. As the saying goes “…too much ...