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November 2022 Coffee Prize Giveaway

This month we are having a bit of change. It is a coffee book giveaway!

We are giving away an ebook version of the latest book from champion barista, entrepreneur, and connoisseur James Hoffmann.

James has written an excellent book on how to make the best coffee at home.

3D book cover of James Hoffmann's book The Best Coffee.

He goes step-by-step through some of the most common coffee brewing techniques. I highly recommend this delightful and informative book.

We are giving away the ebook (Kindle) version of this book so if you win you will receive it almost immediately.

Enter the giveaway now!

October 2022 Coffee Giveaway

This month’s coffee giveaway is from the well-known Huckleberry Coffee Roasters in Colarado. We reported that Shelby Williamson from Huckleberry ranked 19th in the World Coffee Roasting Championships.

The Blue Orchid is Huckleberry’s house espresso blend.  They serve this coffee every day in their cafes.

You can brew Blue Orchard Blend as espresso or other brewing methods, with and without milk.

Huckleberry says it has a sweet, full-bodied, chocolate and caramel flavor profile.

This is a result of using Central and South American coffees.

The current version of Blue Orchid is a blend of Brazil Fazenda Sao Paulo and Guatemala Aprocafé Atitlán.

Winner of the October Coffee Giveaway

The winner of the October 2022 Coffee Giveaway is Charles. Congratulations Charles!

September 2022 Coffee Giveaway

A favorite American coffee maker is Peet’s Coffee.

Our coffee giveaway this September is Peets Major Dickason’s Dark Roast Whole Coffee Bean

The Major Dickason’s Blend epitomizes the rich, flavorful, and full-bodied taste of Peet’s coffees.

You can use this fine ground coffee for espresso, French Press, Pour-Over, or Cold Brew. Just adjust the coffee grind to suit any of your favorite coffee brewing techniques.

This is freshly roasted coffee with the roast date printed on each and every bag for maximal transparency. It should last about 3 months if stored in the dark in a cool place.

September Coffee Giveaway Winner

The winner of the September 2022 Coffee Giveaway is Caitlin. Congratulations Caitlin.

Here is what Caitlin had to say about winning…

Thank you!! I’m a huge coffee drinker, and I am ecstatic about the win! I love how easy you make it to participate in the giveaway! Can’t believe I really won! Thanks again!

You are welcome Caitlin. I hope you enjoy your free coffee!

August 2022 Coffee Giveaway

We have gone back to offering coffee beans that you can grind yourself. This Bulletproof Breakfast Blend is an ideal choice for that early morning coffee.

This light roast provides vibrant notes of milk chocolate, orange, berry and citrus.

It is certainly worth a try!

The giveaway ends on 31 August 2022.

August Coffee Giveaway Winner!

The winner of this coffee giveaway was Maddy. Here is what Maddy had to say about her win…

Excited to hear I have won!!!! Yay.

We are excited about your win too, Maddy!

July 2022 Coffee Giveaway

Our July 2022 coffee giveaway is Cold Brew Organic Coarse Ground Coffee from Cold Brew Labs.

We have again chosen ground coffee rather than coffee beans.

Taste cool, smooth, cold-brew coffee this summer!

As you know, it is better to grind your coffee, but ground coffee is convenient. In this case, coarse ground coffee is just what you need for a great-tasting cold brew coffee.

Summer is here for the USA and the Northern Hemisphere (it is wintery wind and rain here in Australia).

For lucky people enjoying the summer heat, a good cold brew coffee is just the perk you need.

A Cold brew has health benefits, cools you down, and gives you the boost you need for all those summer activities.

We previously wrote about this coffee in our post The Best Coffee Grounds for Cold Brew – All You Need to Know!

Cold Brew Lab source, roast, & blend their coffee beans for optimal cold (slow) brew extraction. This creates a well-rounded, smooth, low acid, full-bodied flavor.

Cold Brew Lab uses only organic 100% Arabica coffee from Columbia.

This coffee has over 1270 four or five-star reviews on Amazon. This is a pretty good indication that the coffee is good!

Cold brew coffee is the drink of choice for summer!

You may also need a good cold brew coffee maker and instructions on how to make cold brew, so take a look at these related posts…

How to Get the Real Taste of Cold Brew Coffee with a Cold Brew Coffee Maker.

How to Make Cold Foam for Coffee at Home.

This giveaway will end on 31 July 2022.

July 2022 Coffee Giveaway Winner

Good Brews Club Member Teresa won the July 2022 coffee giveaway. Congratulations!

Here is what Teresa said about her win…

Thank you! I am excited to try this coffee

You are welcome, Teresa and we are excited for you to try this coffee!

June 2022 Coffee Giveaway

Our June 2022 coffee giveaway is Illy Clasico Medium Roast coffee grounds from Illy Coffee.

Yes, we have changed our giveaway slightly for this month because we are giving away ground coffee rather than coffee beans.

Usually, it is better to grind your coffee but sometimes it is just convenient to have your coffee already ground.

Illy makes sure their ground coffee stays as fresh as possible for as long as possible packing the coffee in an air-free, pressurized can that “enhances and seals in aromas and oils, for perfect coffee.”

The medium roast classic has over 10,000 positive reviews on Amazon, with 93% rating it 4 or 5 stars.

Classico, medium roast coffee, has a rich and balanced flavor with notes of caramel and chocolate.

Illy Classico espresso ground coffee is finely ground and works best in an espresso machine that accepts ground, tamped coffee.

Suitable for vegetarians as well as paleo and vegan diets.

For more information on illy Coffee’s great products, please see our post: illy Coffee: where art, innovation, and coffee meet.

This giveaway ends on 30 June 2022.

June 2022 Coffee Giveaway Winner

Good Brews Club Member Jamie won the June 2022 coffee giveaway. Congratulations!

Unfortunately, Jamie didn’t claim the prize within 7 days! Oh dear… goes to show you that you need to whitelist emails from goodcoffeeplace and check that you don’t throw your prize away!

May 2022 Coffee Giveaway

Our May 2022 coffee giveaway is Elegante Blend Coffee from Amora Coffee.

This coffee has over 200 reviews on the Amora website, with a rating of 4 to 5.

This coffee… “Blends medium roast Indonesian and South American coffee beans, the cup has excellent sweetness and a syrupy body with a complex finish”

Here is what the people at Amora Coffee say about themselves…

Our promise to you is simple: Amora uses the finest beans and a 9-stage roasting process and then cuts out the middle man, shipping direct to your door. What you get is coffee that hasn’t traveled from distribution center to distribution center before ending up sitting on a store’s shelves for who only knows how long. A difference that you can taste.

Clearly, Amora Coffee is determined to give you quality coffee.

For more information n Amora Coffee see our post – Fresh Roasted Coffee From Amora Coffee

The giveaway ends on 31 May 2022.

May 2022 Coffee Giveaway Winner

The May 2022 coffee giveaway was won by Good Brews Club Member Lalita. Congratulations!

Here is what Lalita had to say about her win…

Oh wow! Thank you! I’m so excited. Such a great way to begin my day. I love coffee and am happy to be able to try your blend

We are happy to know that your win was a great way to start your day!

April 2022 Coffee Giveaway

Our April 2022 coffee giveaway is Stumptown Medium Roast Organic Whole Bean Coffee.

This coffee has over 6,700 reviews on Amazon with a rating of 4 to 5.

This coffee has a “creamy and full-bodied flavor that combines chocolatey Latin American textures with bright East African beans. 100% Arabica coffee with notes of citrus zest, caramel and hazelnut.”

Here is what the people at Stumptown Coffee Roasters have to say about their coffee…

Since our beginnings, Stumptown has searched the world for the best coffee out there. That coffee grows in mountainous regions of the tropics—farms perched at high elevations with warm days, cool nights, and distinct rainy and dry seasons. Microclimates, soil composition, coffee cultivars, and post-harvest processing methods can each contribute distinct dimensions to the cup.

Our coffee team spends about half the year in producing countries, meeting directly with our producer partners on their farms, at their mills, and in their cupping labs.

The effort is worth it. We’re not doing it the easy way by buying bulk, mid-quality beans anonymously from a trading house. Instead, we go right to the source of the best coffee—that farm atop a hill in Ethiopia, for example. We hike through fields, stand among coffee drying decks, and sit down to share a meal and talk about the crop with producers we’ve met many times.

We routinely pay producers well in excess of what they could receive on the commodity market, but we understand that our coffee demands more work—hand-picking each cherry at ideal ripeness and processing it with great attention to detail.

Clearly, Stumptown Coffee Roasters are professionals and go the extra mile to deliver great coffee for you to enjoy.

The April giveaway ends at 7:00pm on 30 April 2022 (AWST).

April 2022 Coffee Winner!

The April 2022 coffee giveaway was won by Good Brews Club Member Frank. Congratulations!

Here is what Frank had to say about the win…

Thanks! Love the coffee giveaway promotion! and your website 🙂

Thank you for your kind words and enjoy your coffee giveaway!

March 2022 Coffee Giveaway

Our March 2022 coffee giveaway is Coffee Bros Medium Roast Coffee Beans

This coffee has over 3000 4 to 5-star ratings on Amazon.

Coffee Bros was started in 2018 by Dan and Nick in New York.

They roast in small batches to ensure freshness, quality, and consistency.

Coffee Bros roast excellent blends and single-origin coffee beans.

They are also active and concerned about the environment and sustainability. Coffee Bros have partnered with One Tree Planted to give back to coffee-growing communities and teamed up with GrainPro to seek out the creation of a recycling program for their coffee bag products.

Coffee Bros is an ethical company that roasts excellent coffee.

If you don’t win this coffee you still need to try it!

The March giveaway ends at 7:00pm on 31 March 2022 (AWST).

March 2022 Coffee Winner!

The March 2022 coffee giveaway was won by Good Brews Club Member Mehdi* Congratulations!

Here is what Mehdi had to say about the win…

Thank you so much! I love my coffee beans and I’m so excited to have gotten the chance to win this giveaway!
Good Coffee place has so many great articles for learning and for making the best coffee. It’s also a good chance to try out some new coffee brands! I can’t believe I won, thanks again!

You are welcome!

February 2022 Coffee Giveaway

Our February 2022 coffee giveaway is Kicking Horse Smart Ass Medium Roast Coffee.

We reviewed this medium roast coffee in our post on The Best Coffee Beans for Cold Brew Coffee.

Kicking Horse coffee is a good medium roast coffee that is suitable for most brew methods including French Press, Espresso, and Cold Brew.

A medium roast coffee tends to have more subtle flavor characteristics compared with dark roast coffee.

The caffeine content is much the same for light, medium, and dark roast coffee beans.

Complete the entry form to enter the coffee giveaway.

The February giveaway ends at 7:00pm on 28 February 2022 (AWST).

February 2022 Coffee Winner!

February’s coffee giveaway was won by Good Brews Club Member ‘hughs’* Congratulations!

Oh dear…’hughs’ didn’t claim their prize!

You usually have 7 days after you are notified to claim your prize. Unfortunately, ‘hughs’ didn’t claim at all at any time.

So sad!!

Why enter the prize draw and not claim your prize?

Maybe my email notifications were sent to spam?

Please whitelist our emails (we don’t send many) and check your spam regularly for any of our emails that may have been miscategorized as spam.

Don’t be like ‘hughs’ and miss out on your prize!

January 2022 Coffee Giveaway

Our January 2022 coffee giveaway is Death Wish Coffee

We reviewed this strong coffee in our post on the 10 Best Dark Roast Coffee Beans.

Death Wish coffee is often known as the world’s strongest coffee. If we are talking about caffeine content then Death Wish Coffee isn’t the world’s strongest coffee.

However, there’s no denying that Death Wish is still a good strong coffee with an attention-grabbing title.

The amount of caffeine in every cup is twice that of your average coffee. It’s an impressively strong whole bean coffee, giving you the kick you desire. Besides the high level of caffeine, Death Wish has some fascinating tasting notes.

If you want to know more about how we define ‘strong coffee’ then please read our post ‘What is the Strongest Coffee‘.

January 2022 Coffee Winner!

January’s coffee giveaway was won by Good Brews Club Member Naghma.* Congratulations!

Here is what Naghma had to say…

Thanks so much! I’m super excited to win. Coffee is my life.

We are excited about your win too! We are glad to be part of your coffee life!

December 2021 Coffee Giveaway

This month’s FREE bag of coffee beans for the holiday season is Door County Holiday Blend Mistletoe Mocha!

A bright tasty coffee bean that will warm you during the cold winter months.

December 2021 Coffee Winner!

This month’s coffee giveaway was won by Good Brews Club Member Sarah*. Congratulations! Here is what Sarah had to say about her win…

I’m so EXCITED to see I won…I can’t wait to try your coffee out. Thank you!

We are excited to see that you won too! Enjoy your free coffee!

*Please note that we do NOT disclose email details of the winners due to our privacy policy. We only use the first names or parts of the email address of the winners to show that this is the real deal and we do give away some excellent coffee!

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