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Yellow La Marzocco espress machine on kitchen bench

La Marzocco Linea Mini: A Compact Powerhouse for Espresso Aficionados

Steven Baxter

The La Marzocco Linea Mini is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation, designed to bring professional-grade ...

BIRD coffee brewer on a kitchen bench

Brew in Reverse: The Unique Approach of the Bird Coffee Brewer

Steven Baxter

The ‘BIRD’ coffee brewing machine is an innovative non-bypass coffee maker designed for coffee aficionados who seek to explore new ...

siphonysta on a kitchen bench

Siphonysta: The Coffee Brewer that Defies Gravity

Steven Baxter

The Siphonysta coffee maker stands out due to its unique brewing method. Unlike typical coffee makers, where coffee drips from ...

black+decker coffee maker on a kitchen bench

The Black+Decker CM1160B, A True ‘Mover and Shaker’ in the Coffee World!

Steven Baxter

The Black+Decker CM1160B is a programmable coffee maker that aims to simplify the coffee brewing process for its users. It’s ...

hario switch pour over

Hario Switch Is The Ultimate Hybrid Coffee Maker for Pour-Over and Immersion

Steven Baxter

The Hario Switch coffee maker is a modified version of the V60 dripper, offering a hybrid brewing method that combines ...

bambino and bambino plus coffee maker

Breville Bambino and Bambino Plus Espresso Machine Review

Steven Baxter

Elevate your morning routine with the Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine. Enjoy café-quality espresso at home with its sleek design and user-friendly features. Get yours today!

Latte art factory milk frother on a bench

Latte Art Factory: Revolutionizing Milk Frothing

Steven Baxter

Latte Art Factory is an award-winning milk frothing solution designed for cafés to reduce operational costs, ensure consistent quality, streamline ...

Breville Dual Boiler Espresso Machine on a kitchen bench

Breville Dual Boiler Review: The Espresso Machine That Earns Its Keep

Steven Baxter

Discover the Breville BES920XL Espresso Machine with its sleek stainless steel design and impressive functionality. Elevate your coffee routine today.

breville oracle touch espresso machine sitting on a kitchen bench with food and containeers

Breville Oracle Touch Review: The Ultimate Espresso Experience at Home!

Steven Baxter

Looking for the ultimate espresso experience at home? Read our Breville Oracle Touch review! Discover automation, perfect grind, and more.

smiling barista

How To clean Your Electric Automatic Coffee Machines: Expert Guides and Tips

Steven Baxter

In this post, we’ll show you how to clean electric and automatic coffee machines. Whether you own a drip coffee ...

washing coffee gear in a sink

How to Clean Your Manual Coffee Makers: Step-by-Step Guides and Expert Tips

Steven Baxter

In this comprehensive guide, we will take you through the step-by-step process of how to clean your manual coffee makers. ...

DeLonghi Dedica Coffee Grinder

Is the Delonghi Dedica Coffee Grinder Worth It? A Candid Review

Steven Baxter

This post aims to provide an unbiased, comprehensive review of the Delonghi Dedica Coffee Grinder. Known for its sleek design ...

conical coffee burrs

Unlocking the Secrets of Coffee Burrs: All You Need to Know

Steven Baxter

Coffee grinders play a vital role when brewing a great-tasting cup of coffee. At the heart of every grinder are ...

checklist and coffee

A 105-Point Checklist For Choosing The Perfect Coffee Grinder

Steven Baxter

This comprehensive blog post presents a game-changing resource—a checklist of 105 essential criteria for choosing the perfect coffee grinder. Whether ...

Ultimate guide to grinding coffee

Ultimate Guide To Grinding Coffee – Unleash the Full Potential of Your Beans

Steven Baxter

An essential step in the coffee brewing journey is grinding coffee beans. If the coffee grinder is rubbish, your coffee ...

six coffee grinders

Best 6 Burr Coffee Grinders 2023. Expert Reviews And Ranking

Steven Baxter

Introducing our top 6 electric burr coffee grinder reviews for 2023! We’ve gathered information from leading coffee experts and ranked ...

winners in a cafe

SCA Best New Product and Coffee Design Award winners 2022

Steven Baxter

Learn about winning new coffee products selected by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). The Best New Product Awards recognize products ...

portable coffee makers

The Best Portable Coffee Maker for Any Type of Brew

Steven Baxter

Whether you want to sip a hot cuppa Joe in the great outdoors or you’re on the quest for something ...

capra press highlighted against orange background

A New Innovative French Press. The Capra Press!

Steven Baxter

A new type of French Press? Is that even possible?  We have been using the modern version of the French ...

Top 10 Home Espresso Machines

Top 10 Best Selling Home Espresso Coffee Maker Machines

Steven Baxter

Discover the TOP 10 most popular best-selling espresso makers in Amazon’s Gourmet or Home & Kitchen coffee maker Best Sellers ...

FinalPress Coffee Maker

Innovative FinalPress Portable Coffee Brewer Review

Steven Baxter

Do you ever wish you could have great-tasting coffee wherever you go, without having to carry around bulky brewing tools? ...

Moka vs Percolator

What is the difference between a Moka Pot and a Percolator?

Steven Baxter

What is the difference between a percolator and a Moka pot? Is there really any difference at all? Yes, a ...

coffee mortar and pestle

How to Grind Coffee Beans Without a Grinder: 6 Simple Ways

Steven Baxter

Grinding whole-bean coffee right before brewing diminishes exposure to flavor-destroying oxygen, prevents the natural flavors from becoming stale and bland, ...

Top 10 Best Selling Pour Over Coffee Makers

Top Best Selling Pour Over Coffee Makers

Steven Baxter

Discover the TOP 10 and the TOP 100 most popular best-selling coffee makers in Amazon’s Home & Kitchen coffee maker ...

coffee mug for warm coffee

Best Coffee Mugs to Keep Coffee Hot

Steven Baxter

Any avid coffee drinker will tell you that there are few things worse than taking a sip of coffee and ...

making a cup of french press coffee

The 8 Best French Stainless Steel Coffee Presses in 2021

Steven Baxter

For coffee lovers, this beverage offers an experience of smells, textures, flavors, and levels of intensity. All these culinary experiences ...

Breville vs De'Longhi Comparison

Breville vs DeLonghi: Which Makes Better Coffee Machines

Steven Baxter

De’Longhi and Breville are the leading coffee-machine manufacturers and have become quite popular among expresso lovers all over the globe. ...

Ratio 6 different color coffee maker

Ratio 6 is a World-Class Drip Coffee Maker

Steven Baxter & Vasileia Fanarioti

Ratio Coffee makes stunning automated coffee brewing machines. Ratio Coffee is a small company in Portland, Oregon with high standards, ...

soulhand products

Soulhand Portable Grinder, Cold Brew Coffee Maker, and Goose Neck Kettles

Steven Baxter

The Soulhand brand was established in 2016 and focussed on pour-over coffee. Their products are sold all over the world. ...

moka coffee maker and mug near open fire

Best Camping Cowboy Coffee Pots and Percolators

Steven Baxter

Going camping? Need coffee? Discover the best camping cowboy coffee pots and percolators in our comprehensive review. When you’ve packed ...

Orb One. A Unique Stovetop Coffee Maker

Orb One. A Unique Stovetop Coffee Maker

Steven Baxter

Introducing the Orb One, a coffee maker that redefines the art of brewing. This sleek, minimalist device is a coffee ...

keurig k-mini

Keurig K-Mini vs Keurig K-Mini Plus

Steven Baxter

What are the differences between Keurig K-Mini vs Keurig K-Mini Plus? Find out in this post! Coffee is a great ...

single serve Keurig coffee machines

Which Keurig K-Cup Brewer Is The Smallest?

Steven Baxter

Which Keurig K-Cup Brewer is the smallest? Why bother with ‘small’ anyway? Well, a single-serve caffeine delivery machine is potentially ...

baratza encore vs virtuoso

Baratza Encore vs Baratza Virtuoso

Steven Baxter

Baratza Encore vs Baratza Virtuoso. Is one Baratza grinder better than the other? Even if you consider yourself to be ...

Vertuo Plus

Nespresso VertuoPlus vs. VertuoPlus Deluxe

Steven Baxter

Nespresso is one of the largest coffee machine manufacturers in the world, renowned for their high quality machines and delicious ...

best saeco espresso machines

Best Saeco Espresso Machines

Steven Baxter

What are some of the best Saeco Espresso Machines? Saeco espresso machines are renowned for their quality and usability. Thanks ...

Breville BES870XL Barista Express Review

Breville BES870XL Barista Express Review

Steven Baxter

Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard – Anne Spencer Breville BES870XL Barista Express Review. ...

showing best DeLonghi Espresso Machine

Best DeLonghi Espresso Machine

Steven Baxter

Are you someone who can’t function in the morning without your beloved cappuccino or espresso? A top of the range ...

best super automatic espresso machines

Best Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Steven Baxter

What is the best super automatic espresso machine? Created to automate every single step of the coffee making process for ...

best gaggia espresso machines

Best Gaggia Espresso Machines

Steven Baxter

As a coffee-lover, you will know that espresso is a key component of any creamy, delicious cup of coffee. Without espresso, ...

best smeg coffee maker

Best Smeg Coffee Maker

Steven Baxter

Nothing beats a good cup of coffee in the morning to wake you out of the sleepy daze and give ...

keurig K elite vs K-Select

Keurig K-Elite vs. K-Select

Steven Baxter

If you are thinking of buying either the Keurig K-Elite vs. K-Select, then this buying guide will help! Much like ...

Keurig K Mini Plus vs K15 vs K-Select

Keurig K Mini Plus vs K15 vs K-Select

Steven Baxter

Trying to decide if you should have the Keurig K Mini Plus vs K15 vs K-Select? Don’t worry we have ...

5 Best Krups Espresso Machines

5 Best Krups Espresso Machines

Steven Baxter

For coffee lovers, an at-home coffee machine provides a convenient way of getting your daily coffee fix. So let us ...

nespresso pixie image

Nespresso Pixie Review. Small But Packs a Punch

Steven Baxter

Are you looking to purchase a coffee machine that is easy to use and produces significantly good coffee? Then the ...

gaggia coffee maker

5 Reasons To Love The Gaggia Accademia 1003380

Steven Baxter

The Gaggia Accademia 1003380 is an impressive and sleek espresso machine that can be utilized by baristas of all experience ...

coffee portafilter

6 Best Keurig Machines For Commercial Use

Steven Baxter

Finding the right coffee machine for your home or business can be tough. There are numerous factors to consider, and ...

mr coffee one-touch

Mr. Coffee OneTouch CoffeeHouse Coffee Maker

Steven Baxter

I Never Laugh Until I’ve Had My Coffee – Clark Gable What about Mr. Coffee OneTouch CoffeeHouse Coffee Maker? Can ...

nespresso vertuoline vs Evoluo

Nespresso Vertuoline vs Evoluo

Steven Baxter

What goes best with a cup of coffee? Another cup – Henry Rollins Nespresso Vertuoline vs Evoluo which is best? ...

Dolce Gusto vs Nespresso

Dolce Gusto vs Nespresso

Steven Baxter

Have you ever wondered about the comparison between Dolce Gusto vs Nespresso coffee pod machines? Read this post and wonder ...

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