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Is Bacteria In Coffee Good For You?

Steven BaxterNov 21, 2022

Healthy bacteria are essential for your gut health and immunity. Two Australian companies have created special coffees containing supposedly good bacteria. But is bacteria in coffee good for you? An…

How To Fix A Jammed Coffee Grinder

Steven BaxterJun 21, 2019

You’re spending your time and grinding your coffee, but now it’s jammed, and you can’t get to that sweet, sweet coffee. How to fix a jammed coffee grinder? You can…

Soulhand Portable Grinder, Cold Brew Coffee Maker, and Goose Neck Kettles

Steven BaxterJul 5, 2021

The Soulhand brand was established in 2016 and focussed on pour-over coffee. Their products are sold all over the world. Soulhand have a catchy little phrase where they say “Life…

Is Coffee Vegan? A Vegetarian’s Guide To Drinking Coffee.

Steven BaxterJun 6, 2022

The coffee bean itself is of course vegan. A coffee bean is actually the seed of the coffee plant fruit (called a cherry). However, there are other things to consider…

Does a Nespresso Machine Make Regular Coffee?

Steven BaxterApr 17, 2020

Does a Nespresso machine make regular coffee? Let us see! Nespresso™ is a sub-brand of the Nestlé Group in Switzerland. Nestlé™ has dominated the capsule-based coffee market since its inception…

8 Favorite Top US Coffee Roasters for 2019

Steven BaxterSep 19, 2019

This review of the 8 Favorite Top US Coffee Roasters for 2019 saves you time and to gives you an overall guide to some of the favorite coffee roasters in…