8 Favorite Top US Coffee Roasters for 2019

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This review of the 8 Favorite Top US Coffee Roasters for 2019 saves you time and to gives you an overall guide to some of the favorite coffee roasters in the US.

Have you thought about mixing things up a bit by trying out new types of coffee? Coffee with different profiles, such as light, medium, medium-dark, and dark roast.

The flavor and aroma of a particular coffee depend, among other things, on the coffee bean roasting process.

In short, the roasting profile of a coffee summarizes what was done to the beans and how it impacted the taste, aroma, body, and brightness of the coffee.

This is why independent coffee brands are constantly experimenting to enhance the flavor of the coffee roasts they create.

There’s a lot of creativity and trial and error that goes into creating that great tasting coffee blend.

Everyone may be trying for perfection but like beauty, it is in the eye of the beholder. There is no such thing as the ‘perfect’ coffee. It is an individual choice – if you think it tastes and smells great then that is just fine. 

Every brand ends up with a unique version of the black liquid which means more for coffee lovers such as you, and me, to choose from.

Our members, friends, and team recommended these top coffee roasters as their absolute favorites. Give one, or more, a try and tell us what you think.

By-the-way, please let us know if you have a favorite coffee roaster – we’d love to hear from you!

1. Peach Coffee Roasters

Peach Coffee Roasters comes highly rated for its medium roast, full-bodied and bold flavor.

This is a blend of washed Columbian coffee beans from the region of Huila and natural processed Zambia, which compliment each other nicely with their primary notes of fruits and chocolate.

This makes Peach Coffee Roasters the great choice for espresso, cappuccino or lattes.

The company is responsible for various blends such as Brazil, Salvador Garcia Da Silva, Zambia Natural, Sumatra, Decaf Colombia Swiss Water Process, and GA 400 Medium Roast Espresso among others.

The Finca Don Jaime is an example of one of their best-selling coffee roasts

Peach Coffee. Finca Don Jaime
Source of Image: Peach Coffee Roasters

This is what they say about this roast:

We are pleased to announce the 4th release in the Ripe for the Picking coffee series. We bring you the Finca Don Jaime, a honey process coffee from El Salvador.

This coffee has a unique, clean taste that is rare to find in the region.
El Salvador has struggled to produce coffee due to an aggressive plant disease known as Coffee Leaf Rust (CLR) or Hemileia Vastatrix.

Only in the last year have coffee producers in the region seen a manageable decrease in CLR. CLR in 2014 impacted 38% of plantations and is now down to only 10%.

This renewal in coffee viability has enabled farmers like Don Jaime to produce fine coffees that rival bordering countries. We are lucky to share the story and this coffee.”

An interesting story isn’t it?

2. Longbow Roasters

Longbow Roasters is the brainchild of a husband-wife duo that saw a gap in the coffee niche soon after moving to Texas from Washington.

Like, true enterprising entrepreneurs, the couple decided to roast a unique coffee blend, and the rest, as they say, is history. They started with the Whirly Pop popcorn popper, which had only a single dark roast level.

The small-batch specialty coffee roaster brand has since grown its business to include a few more blends. Longbow Roasters takes pride in offering the freshest coffee to its customers.

Some of the blends that the company offers are called, Hellfire, Mexico Chiapas, Colombia Huila Azahar, Ethiopia, Sidamo, and Sumatra, which are whole bean, medium roast varieties.

The Hell-Fire Blend is an example of one of their excellent coffee roasts.

HellFire Blend
Longbow Roasters HellFire Blend

This is what they say about this roast

“A Tri-Blend from the regions of Africa, South America, and Indonesia. Cupping notes: sweet, bold, with a smooth finish. Medium-Dark Roast. Recommended Brew Methods: French press (coarse grind), Drip machine (medium grind), Cold brew (coarse grind), Espresso (fine). Pulls great as an espresso, cold brew, or your everyday cup. What “Attack” Pilots Drink!”

A sweet and bold roast and apparently Attack Pilots drink it too!

3. Veteran Roasters

Veteran Roasters has produced an exceptionally rich product with its Veteran Roasters Cup O’ Joe Coffee blend.

The company which was formed in 2017 is on a mission, and it’s a noble one. The founders of Veteran Roasters Cup O’ Joe started the company with the sole purpose to employ the homeless and chronically unemployed veterans so that they could regain their dignity and lives once again.

Today, the company is almost completely veteran operated and is confident that they have a solid product.

The good news for you is that not only will you be buying a great coffee roast you will also be supporting the veterans. That’s a double whammy!

The ‘Cup of Joe’ is an example of one of their excellent coffee roasts.

Sorry, it looks like the link has been broken!

This is what they say about this roast

“Where does the term Cup O’ Joe originate? The US Navy of course.

On June 1st, 1914, then-Secretary of the Navy, Josephus Daniels issued General Order 99 prohibiting alcohol aboard any US Naval vessel. This did not sit well with the sailors and out of spite for Secretary Daniels they forever referred to their caffeinated beverage as a “Cup O’ Joe.”

Veteran Roasters Cup O’ Joe is a well-balanced medium roast blend, with good body and some great chocolate notes.”

A history lesson as well as good coffee!

4. Temple Coffee

Temple Coffee Roasters is another US-based company that’s been offering high-quality coffee blends since 2005.

Every coffee bean is meticulously profiled by the company’s Director of Coffee, Production Roaster, and Head Roaster to ensure each coffee bean can deliver unmatched flavor.

It is this tailored approach that gives Temple Coffee Roasters an edge over many other coffee roaster brands. This is also one of the reasons why the brand has been the recipient of numerous accolades since its inception.

Another factor that sets this brand apart from the rest is that their coffee is roasted-to-order for each customer.

The company manufactures many coffee blends that are ground from the whole bean and feature a medium-light roast with notes of nutty milk chocolate.

They are currently offering a 10% discount on your first purchase if you sign up for their newsletter. They then offer up to 50% discount for continuing subscribers.

Update: Sorry but it seems that the coffee described below is no longer sold or has sold out. 

You may like to visit Temple Roasts to see other quality coffee beans on offer?

[The Guatemala Guayabales Single Origin Espresso is one of their highly-rated coffee roasts.

This is what they say about this roast:

“ Body: syrupy. Flavor: Brown Sugar, Graham Cracker, Pecan. Finish: Bittersweet

Our latest single-origin espresso is a classic and straightforward offering that excels with steamed milk but is also striking on its own.

The syrupy body envelops the palate with notes of pecan, graham cracker, and brown sugar. The offering has a satisfying chocolate finish that lingers pleasantly on the palate.”]

Like the idea of a chocolate finish because I’m a chocoholic!

5. Ceremony Coffee Roasters 

Ceremony Coffee Roasters is at the top of their coffee roasting game as Winners of America’s Best Espresso Award.

Ceremony Coffee Roasters also offer multiple grind options for the brewing method of your choice, such as manual brew, drip machine, French press, or espresso.

They have a fantastic, and mesmerizing, ‘Taste By Colour’ guide on their website. We love it and you gotta try it to know what we mean.

The Antithesis Coffee roast is one of their best-selling roasts.

This is what they say about this roast:

“Intense, dark roast stands up to milk and preconceived notions. Our true dark roast – simply intense.

Intentionally pushed to the brink of carbonization, our most developed roast explores coffee’s dark, bittersweet side – maximizing deep sweetness and fullness of body.

Intense chocolatey, caramelly, and smoky flavors are to be expected, creating the perfect canvas for a little cream and sugar. Lovers of a good French roast will find a welcoming home here.

Get dialed into a bittersweet, full-bodied espresso with a brew ratio around 1:1.4 and a boiler temperature of 198F.

Ceremony Coffee Roasters also say that ‘Coffee Should Be Something Special’ and we agree!

6. Nicoletti Coffee Roasters

Nicoletti Coffee Roasters first opened its doors in 1972, which makes it the first coffee house in Brooklyn.

The coffee roaster has a huge selection of premium quality blends that are made from fresh coffee beans and uses the company’s signature family recipe to give each blend its unique taste.

They also import coffee beans and coffee makers (e.g. Moka pots) from Italy.

The Nicoletti Coffee Espresso Roast is one of their highly-rated roasts.

Sorry, it looks like the link has been broken!

This is what they say about their coffees:

“Nicoletti Premium Coffee Roasters has been serving the NYC area for over 45 years. The original Coffee shop, which opened on November 7th, 1972, is still in the same location, as the first day it opened its door. We have a large selection of Fresh Coffee Beans from our signature family recipe “Espresso Roast” to our weekend morning favorite “French Roast”. We roast multiple times a week so this way our coffee beans are always fresh.

We roast our coffee in small batches and we now ship all over the USA ?? exclusively through Amazon.com. Any order of coffee that is placed on Amazon will come with a Roast date right on the bag and usually ships 24 hours from when it’s roasted from our shop located in Brooklyn NY including free shipping and prime available in the North-East.”

Clearly, a long-contributing member of the community serving fresh coffee roasts.

7. JBC Coffee Roasters

JBC Coffee Roasters was named one of the 12 best coffee roasters in the U.S. by Forbes in 2018

JBC Coffee Roasters is another company that’s won multiple awards for its rich flavored coffee. The coffee roasters deal in espresso and blends from Africa to Indonesia, including South and Central America.

All of their coffee is freshly roasted-to-order and is ground from whole beans that are sourced from growers who follow industry best practices and are free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

The results are citrus fruit, caramel, sugar cane, and plum notes that come from a medium-light roast and taste delicious.

Update: Sorry but it seems that the coffee described below is no longer sold or has sold out.

You may like to visit JBC Coffee Roasters to see their other popular coffee beans?

[The Tano Batak Sumatra is one of their highly-rated coffee roasts.

This is what they say about this roast:

“Aroma And Flavor Notes: Stone Fruit. Maple Syrup. Sweet Tobacco. Body: Syrupy. Acidity: Juicy & Sweet-Tart. Roast Level (Agtron): 58/75. Region: Lintong Sumatra. Producers: Small Holder Farmers. Varietal(S): Ateng. Bergendal. Jember. Typica. Growing Elevation: 1400 Meters Plus. Processing: Wet Hulled”]

One of the few roasters in this list that sources coffee beans from the hills of Indonesia.

8. Mazevo Coffee Roasters

Mazevo Coffee roasters get its name from a Greek word that means “to gather” and that is exactly what the company
claims to be doing when it comes to sourcing the best quality coffee bean,
coffee gear, and tea.

The Korban Espresso Coffee is an example of one of their highly-rated mixed roasts.

Korban Blend
Mazevo Coffee Korban Blend

This is what they say about this coffee roast:

“Trifecto coffee. The fruits of Africa perfectly balanced by a combination of the finest Papua New Guinea & Colombian Coffees. An Espresso blend that pairs incomparably well with just about anything. Tasting Notes: Citrus, Blueberry. Clean and Balanced”

A wonderful combination of tasty coffees from three different sources.


While some roasters are going to be on the lighter end of the spectrum, others are going to be more versatile in their taste.

To find a brand with a delicious roasting profile it’s best to go through the wealth of options that are available in the market until you find one that aligns with your taste preferences.

You can read all the reviews you want about coffee roasts and some reviews, like this one, are a great start. However, there is no better experience than actually drinking some of these coffees yourself

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