How To Make V60 Pour Over Coffee – Tips And Tricks From Top Coffee Blogs

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Discover how to make the ideal V60 pour-over coffee with our comprehensive guide. Learn tips and tricks from us and some of the top coffee blogs in the world.

The V60 is a popular coffee brewer. Hario is a well-known brand made in Japan. It is cone-shaped and needs a filter to hold the ground coffee. 

What is a V60 Coffee Brewer?

Characteristics of a V60 brewer…

  • conical brewer (in contrast to the Kelita flat-bottomed brewer)
  • uses a pour-over brewing technique. That is, hot water is poured over ground coffee beans held within a filter in the V60
  • a filter keeps the ground coffee in place during the pour over and prevents ground coffee from getting into the final cup of coffee
  • the filters are usually paper, plain, non-wavy, and conical in shape (in contrast to the Kelita ‘wave’ style paper filters)

Like all manual pour-over techniques the V60 requires some practice and tweaking to prepare delicious coffee.

In this post, I’ll outline the basic equipment you need, ways to control your brew, and the main steps to making coffee with the V60 brewer.

I’ve also included links to the top blog posts which have some great tips to make the best V60 pour-over coffee. 

I also recommend James Hoffmann’s recent book How To Make The Best Coffee At Home which describes step-by-step how to use a V60 to make a great cup of coffee. It is a very good book that explains what you need to do to make ‘the best coffee at home’. 

James Hoffmann Best Coffee At Home Book

What Equipment Do I Need to Make V60 Pour Over Coffee?

To prepare V60 coffee you will need the following equipment

  • Hario V60 Brewer
  • Gooseneck Kettle
  • Coffee grinder. Preferably a burr grinder.
  • Scale with timer
  • Filter paper
  • Carafe or jug to collect the filtered coffee

How To Use A V60 Coffee Brewer

Infographic on step by step method to make V60 pour over coffee

How Do I Control My V60 Coffee Brew?

You often need to experiment to find the best V60 coffee brew to suit your taste. The following are some of the main factors you need to consider when trying to control your brew

1. Type of coffee bean

2. Type of coffee bean roast. Light to Medium roast seems best suited to pour-over coffee. But there is nothing stopping you from trying other roasts.

3. Grind size. A medium grind is recommended but you can test other grinds.

4. Temperature. The temperature of water you use depends upon the type of roast coffee you use for brewing. James Hoffmann recommends the following temperatures…

Very light roasts: 95–100°C (203–212°F)

Light roasts: 92–100°C (198–212°F)

Medium roasts: 85–95°C (185–203°F)

Medium-dark roasts: 80–90°C (176–194°F)

Dark roasts: 80–85°C (176–185°F)

5. Filter paper. A paper filter is usually the best material for V60 brewing

Hario V60 Paper Coffee Filters Single Use Pour Over Cone Filters Size 02 White, 100 count, 2-pack


6. Brew time.  The total time to brew V60 coffee is about 3 to 5 minutes. If you use a two-pour recipe then each step is about 30 seconds.

7. Water. The water needs to be pure. You also need to use the right amount of water to best extract the coffee. The right amount of water is reflected in the brew ratio.

8. Brew Ratio. The recommended coffee-to-water brew ratio is 1:17. That is, you use one part coffee to 17 parts water.  For example, you can use 500 ml of water to extract 30 g of ground coffee. Or in imperial measure, you use 17 oz of water to extract 1 oz of ground coffee.

9. Extraction recipe. This is the way you perform the extraction. You can extract with one or two pours. You can also pre-wet the filter. Once again you can experiment to find out which best suits you. See our easy infographic on how to make V60 pour-over coffee.

10. Type of V60 brewer. Plastic, Ceramic, Metal, or Glass

Hario Pour Over Coffee Starter Set Craft Coffee Maker Dripper, Glass Server, Scoop and Filters Size 02, Black


Ultimate Guide V60 Technique to Brew Pour Over Coffee By James Hoffmann

The Ultimate V60 Technique

One Cup V60 Pour Over Coffee

James Hoffmann has recently released a modified version of his Ultimate V60 technique for one cup V60 coffee.

Essentially, James uses lower doses of coffee of about 15 g, and extracts with 250 ml of hot water over about 3 mins. He pours 50 ml of hot water in circles over the ground coffee for about 10 seconds at various stages of the pour-over. He describes this as a ‘pulse’. He thinks that the pulse gives better extraction. He also found that preheating was essential and definitely affected the taste of the coffee.

Please watch his video where he explains and demonstrates his latest V60 technique. It is masterful as always.

A Better 1 Cup V60 Technique

Despite this new technique James also says that the coffee is ultimately affected by the type of coffee, the coffee grind size, and the coffee grind quality.

Tips and Tricks on How to Make V60 Pour Over Coffee From The Top Blogs in the World

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is it called the V60?

The original and current Hario V60 had a ‘V’ shape where the internal angle of the ‘V’ is 60 degrees (

What is the best ratio of coffee to water for a V60 pour-over?

The recommended coffee-to-water brew ratio in most pour over coffee techniques is 1:17. For example, you can use 250 ml water to extract 15 g of ground coffee. However, you can change this ratio to suit your taste.

How do you pour water in a V60 pour over coffee maker?

You pour water in a circular motion from a Gooseneck kettle onto the surface of the ground coffee in the V60 brewer. YThe first pour is to bloom the coffee, the second pour is the first part of extraction, and the third pour is the second part of extraction. 

How do you calculate V60 pour-over coffee?

If your brew ratio is 1:17 this means you need 1 part coffee and 17 parts water to interact with each other.

Let us say you want to make just one cup of coffee. A cup of coffee is usually about 250 ml or 8.5 fl oz. Do the following math

Divide 250 by 17 

250/17 = 14.7 

This tells you that you need 14.7 g of coffee for your brew. If you like you can experiment by rounding up to 15 g or rounding down to 14 g to test the effect on your brew.

If you use imperial measures then to make 8.5 oz of coffee you need 

8.5/17 = 0.5 oz of coffee beans which you grind for your brew

Why is my pour-over coffee weak?

If your V60 pour over coffee is weak this may be due to underextraction.

Underxtraction may be due to…

  • the grind size being too coarse, so try a finer grind size. 
  • poor technique. That is, you poor water too fast and don’t give the water enough time to percolate through the coffee grinds.
  • water not hot enough

Weak coffee may also be due to the type of roast coffee bean you use. A light roast may taste weak to someone who likes a darker roast. 

Why does my V60 taste bitter?

A bitter tasting coffee indicates that it is overextracted. You need to control the extraction to ensure that you are in the spectrum between underextracted and overextracted.

How long should a V60 pour over take?

The time to pour a V60 pour is about 3 to 5 minutes. The time of pour depends on how long you pour over the coffee beans, the rest time after the pour, and the type of filter used in the V60.

Why does my V60 clog?

Your coffee grind is probably too fine. Try dialing in a less fine, coarser, grind. 

How much coffee for a 12 oz pour over?

If we use a brew ratio of 1:17 then you would need 0.7 oz of coffee beans which you grind for your brew

How much coffee do I use for 12 cups?

If you use a brew ratio of 1:17 and one cup is 250 ml then you would need 14.7 g of coffee for each cup. Thus, you would need 12 x 14.7 g = 176.4 g for 12 cups.

Is V60 the same as pour over?

Yes, the V60 is a pour over coffee brewing method

How long do you let a pour over sit?

You can let the coffee sit for 45 seconds after the bloom, 30 seconds after the first pour, and 30 seconds after the second pour.

Why does my V60 drain so fast?

Your coffee grind is probably too coarse. Try a finer coffee grind.

How do you know when pour over coffee is done?

Your pour-over coffee is done when all of the water has passed through the coffee. This should occur over about 3 to 5 minutes.

Should you Stir V60?

Yes, you can stir your coffee grinds after the first and second pours.

How do you pour a perfect pour over coffee?

All you need to know is shown in our infographic on how to make V60 pour over coffee.

Quirky Facts

HARIO is a respected Japanese company that began making heatproof laboratory glass instruments in 1921. They began making coffee siphons in 1948. The V60 was brought to market in 2004 after years of trials.

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