how to make turkish coffee at home

How To Make Traditional Turkish Coffee At Home

How To Make Traditional Turkish Coffee At Home

January 2, 2021

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How To Make Traditional Turkish Coffee At Home? If you are a coffee lover, Turkish coffee is a type of coffee you need to try. Turkish coffee is one of the nicest tasting coffees, thanks to how it is made.

If you have tasted it while on holiday, you may want to replicate it at home. Thankfully, it is a fairly easy process. No longer will you have to lust after the coffee you tried while on holiday years ago, you can make it yourself to drink regularly!

In this article, we will be talking you through how to create traditional Turkish coffee at home. We will be discussing the steps in detail, including the best type of coffee to use and all of the equipment you will need.

What is traditional Turkish coffee?

Traditional Turkish coffee can be traced back to the Ottoman Empire. However, in the Islamic religion, the Quran is very clear that coffee should not be drunk. Given this, for a long while coffee was prohibited. However, the ban on Turkish coffee was lifted over time and the beverage was then enjoyed and loved by many. 

If you have visited Turkey, you have likely consumed Turkish coffee. Turkish coffee is a common beverage to drink at Turkish weddings, and it remains an ever-popular drink.

You may be wondering how Turkish coffee is different from regular coffee. The difference lies in the way it is prepared. Instead of using whole ground coffee beans, Turkish coffee is ground into a very fine powder. Instead of filtering this powder, it remains in the coffee drink. 

The majority of Turkish coffee is served with sugar so that it has a sweet taste, rather than being a black coffee. Typically you would not add milk to a Turkish coffee.

How to make traditional Turkish coffee

Making traditional Turkish coffee may seem like a daunting task, but it is fairly simple to do. 

In this section of the article, we will be talking you through how to make the perfect cup of Turkish coffee for you and your family to enjoy.

What you will need:

Here is everything you will need to prepare and make Turkish coffee. We would recommend getting everything prepared and ready before you begin the coffee-making process.

  • A large jug of filtered water (cold)
  • Granulated sugar (You could use sweetener if you prefer)
  • Turkish coffee (You can grind your coffee down if you prefer)
  • Cezve
  • Turkish coffee cups (optional)

If you are new to making Turkish coffee, you may be wondering what a Cezve is. A cezve is a traditional Turkish pot that is used to create Turkish coffee. It has a long handle and is a fairly small pot overall. It is wider at the bottom in comparison to the top and has a lip to allow you to pour the coffee without it spilling. 

Cezve is typically made out of one of the following materials – copper, aluminum, ceramics, or stainless steel. While they are not completely necessary to make traditional Turkish coffee, if you want it to be completely authentic, we would recommend purchasing one to have the full experience.

In addition to this, while you can use any type of coffee, we would recommend purchasing Turkish coffee. Turkish coffee that you can pick up in the supermarket has often already been turned to powder. This will provide you with the most authentic taste.

Step One – Adding the water and coffee

To begin with, pour your cold filtered water into the cezve. You will want to use enough to make one or two cups of coffee, depending on the serving size. 

After you have done this you will want to add your coffee. You should add one tablespoon of coffee for every cup you are brewing. While this may seem like a lot of coffee, it is what is needed to create the perfect Turkish coffee. 

Add the coffee to the water in your cezve, and ensure the coffee is a fine powder. You should not mix the coffee with the water at this stage.

Step Two – Heating the coffee

Next, you will need to place your cezve on the stove at medium heat. Leave the mixture heat up for a few minutes. You will still not want to stir the coffee into the water. This can cause the coffee to clump.

Step Three – Adding sugar

As mentioned above, sugar is traditionally added to Turkish tea. Add as much sugar as you prefer to the mixture and it is heating up. You do not have to add sugar if you prefer coffee without it. You should not stir the coffee straight away.

Step Four – Mixing the coffee

When the coffee powder starts to sink, the mixture is warm enough to stir. When you are stirring the mixture you should start to see foam beginning to foam on the surface of the coffee. This is perfectly normal and should happen as the coffee starts to warm.

If it is not foaming yet, you may need to let it heat for a few more minutes. Be careful not to allow your coffee to burn. Burnt coffee ruins the overall flavor. 

Step Five – Taking the coffee off the heat

If the coffee boils, the foam will evaporate. This is why it is important to keep it at a consistent temperature. Once the foam has developed, you will want to take the coffee off the heat completely and allow it to cool slightly. 

You should then place it back on to the heat until the foam rises again. You can repeat this process a few times.

Step Six – Serving the traditional Turkish coffee

It is tradition to serve Turkish coffee with foam on the top. Given this, you will want to ensure there is foam on the top of the coffee as you are pouring it to serve. You can use a spoon to put the foam on the top of the coffee if you prefer.

Once the coffee has been poured into your Turkish coffee cups, it is ready to be served and enjoyed!


We hope that you found this article useful. As you can see, traditional Turkey coffee is fairly easy to make at home and it makes for a delicious warm beverage to serve to family and friends.

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