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What You Need To Know For Pour-Over Coffee

November 9, 2022

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Pour-over coffee is a way to brew a delicious cup of coffee, whether you’re a new home brewer or a seasoned barista.

The pour-over brewing method involves pouring hot water through coffee grounds held within a filter and collecting the coffee into a carafe or mug.

Pour-over coffee is usually a manual brewing method and needs both skill and time to master. Yes, there are supposedly automatic pour-over coffee makers but the traditional manual way of brewing pour over-coffee gives you more control over the taste of your brew.

Pour-over coffee is not necessarily the easiest way and may take a bit of practice to get the taste you want.

Pour-over accentuates intricate flavors when compared to other brewing methods, and is a popular choice for single-origin coffees. It is clean, clear, and consistent, and uses a constant supply of fresh water.

Pour over coffee has some challenges, including the risk of channeling, where a stream of water finds an easy route around the ground coffee. This is a problem because it prevents water from interacting with the ground coffee and results in underextraction.

There is debate over whether to use paper or cloth filters, and whether to use bleached or unbleached filters. It’s up to you which specific filter you choose, but make sure it fits your device properly.

Specialty baristas use small copper kettles to pour water for their coffee. These kettles are designed to keep water at a stable temperature and have a long, thin gooseneck to control the flow of water.

Pour over method works best with light roasts because they highlight subtle flavors.

Like any coffee brewing technique the size of your grounds affects the rate of extraction.

You can start with medium grind size and adjust it as needed. A quality coffee grinder is an absolute necessity to make sure your coffee particles are all ground to the same size.

There is a lot to learn about pour-over coffee and how best to pour including blooming, pulse pouring, and agitation.

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