Coffee Balls. The Future of Coffee Pods?

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Welcome to the future of coffee-making, Coffee Balls! Forget the hassle of measuring, grinding and the mess that comes with it. Coffee Balls have made brewing your daily cup of Joe a breeze.

Coffee balls are a new way of brewing coffee. No more coffee pods or ground coffee. You don’t eat these coffee balls; you brew with them.

Migros’ groundbreaking new coffee ball system may revolutionize how we make coffee at home, or will it? Let’s take a look.

Migros’ Compostable Coffee Balls

Swiss company Migros’ has manufactured compostable single-serve coffee balls to provide the convenience of coffee pod brewing without the hassle.

The coffee balls come in nine packs packed like eggs and cost about $5.00 (or 55 cents per ball).

Source CoffeeB

You need a machine called Coffee B to use the coffee balls (see below), which cost about CHF169 (Swiss Francs) or about $186.

With CoffeeB, you can make the best premium coffee as quickly, aromatically, and practically as with a capsule system – but with a 100% compostable coffee ball.

The coffee balls are encased in a thin, flavorless seaweed-based membrane that is quickly discarded after use.

This system avoids aluminum and plastic waste yet still enjoys all the benefits of a capsule brewing system.

Unlike traditional plastic pods, these coffee balls take only a few months to decompose, reducing the ecological footprint of making coffee.

For example, 63 billion coffee pods are consumed worldwide yearly, according to a 2021 market research study by Euromonitor. That year, the Nespressos and Keurigs of the world grew 18% and made almost $13.5 billion. (

CoffeeB redefines what it means to quickly and easily make hot caffeine beverages at home. Not only that, but you can rest easy knowing that your brewing process isn’t contributing to global waste.

Of course, a new coffee brewing method doesn’t mean anything if you don’t get flavorful coffee.

CoffeeB claims its unique formula retains full-bodied flavor with all-natural ingredients, ensuring optimum taste every time.

What Coffee is Available as Coffee Balls?

Migros offers the following coffee balls

Espresso Bio

Balanced, intense and spicy. With the flavors of caramel, cassic and pepper.


Balanced, elegant and refreshing. With the flavours of caramel, citrus and petit-beurre

Espresso Forte

Aromatic, complex and intense. With the flavours of cacao, dark berries and nutmeg


Balanced, refined and smooth. With the flavours of chocolate, currant and nut.

Lungo Bio

Balanced, delicate and refreshing. With the flavours of balm, cereals and citrus

Lungo Forte

Aromatic, full-bodied and strong. With the flavours of cacao, caramel and pepper.


Italian, spirited and strong. With the flavours of barrique, liquorice and roasted almonds.

How Does the CoffeeB system work?

coffee ball machine
Source: Coffee B

The coffee ball is moistened with water when placed in the company’s CoffeeB machine to help soften the hard-packed design.

The machine pierces the casing and injects even more water as it squeezes the ball.

The steps to this patented coffee extraction and brewing system are as follows…

Step 1: The pressed ball of coffee, which is solid in its normal state, is moistened in water inside the machine to soften it.

Step 2: The machine squeezes the Coffee Ball, pierces it, and then inflates it with water.

Step 3: The coffee is extracted at a brewing pressure of 7-12 bar. The machine’s pump itself operates at 19 bar.

Step 4: The brewed Coffee Ball is ejected into the collection tray.

You have your coffee ball coffee!

What Do People Think of the Coffee Balls and the CoffeeB System?

Personal testimonials on the CoffeeB website are all positive and praise the company’s sustainable and environmentally friendly efforts.

But you would expect positive comments for testimonials, wouldn’t you?

Well-known, respected barista and coffee connoisseur James Hoffmann has mixed views on the coffee balls and the CoffeeB coffee maker.

I don’t think this is bad coffee, I just don’t think it’s the kind of coffee that I would enjoy. If you like a classic pod taste profile, then I think this is certainly delivering that.

The machine costs 150 Swiss francs, is noisy and vibrate-y, but it is the single most delightful way to load a coffee machine I’ve ever experienced.

He also thinks the machine isn’t using the optimum brewing temperature, which can seriously affect the flavor.

See what James says about the coffee balls and the machine on his YouTube Video…

Coffee Balls: Bizarre Or Brilliant?

Is CoffeeB in the USA?

CoffeeB will expand to Germany this spring, then into additional European markets.

Unfortunately, the coffee balls and the CoffeeB machine are not yet available in the USA but Migros is looking for potential partners to launch in the US. 

Who is Migros?

Migros (pronounced Migro) is Switzerland’s largest retail company, a supermarket chain, and employer. It is also one of the forty most prominent retailers in the world.

Migros is structured as a cooperative federation (the Federation of Migros Cooperatives), with more than two million members. (Wikipedia

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