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Share your recipe and Earn

You can share your coffee recipe with GoodCoffeePlace and earn up to $20.

When you are ready to submit your recipe to GoodCoffeePlace’s Share Your Recipe promotion please read the instructions below and complete the form. Thank you!

what you need to know

+ One person may submit up to 10 recipes.

+ Your recipe must use coffee in the ingredients

+ State the name of the coffee, coffee liquor, or brewed coffee used in the recipe.

+ If you used brewed coffee please state the name of the coffee beans and the method of brewing (e.g. filter, siphon, French Press).

+ Write the ingredient list for your recipe

+ Write clear instructions so that people can reproduce your recipe

+ Include at least one photograph of the finished product of your recipe

+ Your recipe must be your own

How we Pay You

+ A recipe is worth at least $10. We may consider a reward of up to $20 for what we judge as exceptional work.

+ If your recipe is accepted for publication on goodcoffeeplace.com we will transfer at least $10 to your PayPal account.

+ If you have a PayPal account, then we should only need your email to make the transfer (provided it is the same email for your PayPal account). If we have any issues making the transfer we will contact you.

+ If you do not have a PayPal account, then you will receive a link to sign up to PayPal to access your payment.

+ If we do not immediately accept your recipe we may consider it later. If we eventually decide to publish your recipe, then you will receive at least $10.

+ Our decision to either accept your work (written article, recipe, image, photograph, or graphics) or judge it as exceptional is final and no correspondence will be entered into. (please also refer to the General Agreement when you register)

We look forward to receiving your recipe!

How to submit your Recipe!

It is easy to submit your recipe here are the steps:

+ Type your details into the form

+ Upload your recipe from your computer.

+ Read and Accept the terms and conditions of the General Agreement

+ Certify you are not a robot by clicking on the Captcha button (sorry but this keeps out unwanted spam)

+ Click the ‘Submit!’ button and you’re done!

The form can only upload one file. If your written recipe is separate from your photograph then it is better to upload your written article and photograph bundled in a compressed file (e.g. zip).

If your photograph and written recipe are in one file (e.g. MIcrosoft Word file) great! Just upload your single file.

The following file types are accepted: docx, doc, pdf, txt, jpg, png, gif, or .zip

Please contact us if you have any issues submitting your recipe.

We look forward to receiving your yummy recipe!

You can submit your work anytime you like – up until the closing date for the promotion.

Recipe Submission Form

Please read the Terms & Conditions of the General Agreement before clicking the accept checkbox.

You will receive a confirmation email soon after you submit your recipe. If you don’t receive this email then please contact us. Thank you.

Please type a genuine email
This form can only accept one file. Please upload your document and photograph as one compressed file (i.e. zip). Alternatively upload one file containing both your recipe and photograph (e.g. Microsoft Word Document). Thank you.
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