SCA Best New Product and Coffee Design Award winners 2022

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Learn about winning new coffee products selected by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). The Best New Product Awards recognize products that represent the best in quality and value to the coffee industry.

The SCA recently announced the winners of its Best New Product Competition and Coffee Design Awards at the 2022 Specialty Coffee Expo at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

This year’s competition saw winners across 10 categories.

The 2022 Best New Coffee Product Winners

Here are the SCA winners for 2022…

  • Coffee Accessories – VITRI™ Tumbler
  • Commercial Coffee Preparation & Serving – Black Eagle Maverick Espresso Machine
  • Consumer Coffee Preparation & Serving (Electrical) – POUR’D
  • Consumer Coffee Preparation & Serving (Non-Electrical) – Clara French Press
  • Open Class – Numilk Pro Countertop Fresh Plant-Based Milk Machine
  • Roasting Equipment & Tools – ROEST L100
  • Specialty Coffee Beverage Additive – White Chocolate Café Powder
  • Specialty Non-Coffee Beverage – 1883 Maison Routin Ginger Beer Syrup
  • Technology – Ember Mug2

Formerly known as the Design Lab Showcase, the Coffee Design Awards is a platform for showcasing and celebrating great design in specialty coffee.

Let us take a closer look at the winners…

VITRI™ Tumbler

Winner of best coffee accessories.

The VITRI™ Tumbler by Littorary is a go-to mug that makes the most of your preferred hot or cold drinks.

The VITRI™ Tumbler maintains the ideal temperature with the best materials by insulating your beverage with glass. When glass is used to keep the temperature of your beverage just right, your beverage tastes and smells better.

Vitri. Source: SCA

You will notice that it has an exceptionally smooth mouthfeel, and it is visually apparent what is inside.

The VITRI™ Tumbler is made of glass, so it eliminates synthetic materials like plastic, rubber, and silicone from the drinking experience. Plastic is used in many common beverage containers, and it has an adverse effect on the environment and accelerates climate change.

The tumbler is not yet available in retail but is coming soon.

Black Eagle Maverick Espresso Machine

Winner of Best Commercial Coffee Preparation & Serving

Black Eagle Maverick is a coffee machine that is the most intelligent and user-friendly to date. Simonelli Group had to develop new technology to develop the Black Eagle Maverick.

Black Eagle Coffee Machine. Source: SCA

It couldn’t just look beautiful, with its slick design and Group head display, it also needed to be intelligent. The T3 Genius and PureBrew technology gave the barista complete control of the beans and a revolutionary extraction technique to extract the purest flavour from the coffee.

In addition to beauty and intelligence, the new Black Eagle Maverick creation is environmentally friendly and powerful.

The wand on the Black Eagle Maverick creates 2.1 bar of dry, high-quality steam, for example, but it uses 37% less energy than the previous model. The Black Eagle Maverick uses more environmentally friendly materials and recycles its own energy.


Winner of Electrical Consumer Coffee Preparation & Serving

If you own a coffee shop (or you have high-end coffee equipment in your kitchen), then POUR’D is the quickest, easiest, and most consistent way to serve delicious cold brew coffee.

POUR’D was designed and developed by Marco Beverage Systems. They design, manufacture, and sell innovative energy-efficient water boilers and coffee brewing systems.

POUR’D. Source SCA

POUR’D is a system that dispenses cold coffee at the point of service

POUR’D comes in two general tap (font) systems a ready-to-drink system and a concentrate system.

Both the ready-to-drink system and the concentrate system have a one or three-button version. The three-button version allows you to pour three different preprogrammed sizes of coffee.

In the ready-to-drink version coffee can be dispensed straight from a bag-in-box, urn, or container kept in the fridge, kegerator, or under the counter.

In the concentrate version, POUR’D can serve coffee from a single concentrate and automatically dilutes the coffee with either chilled or mains water. You can use ratios from 1:1 to 9:1.

The POUR’D 3 Button Concentrate version also provides a separate water line so you have the option of adding a water boiler or a water chiller to dispense either hot or cold water from the tap.

This means that POUR’D can deliver any combination of:• Cold coffee (up to 3 sizes)• Shot of coffee concentrate (for iced mochas, lattes, or frappes)• Hot water (for tea, americano, hot chocolate) or cold water (for chilled drinks)

Clara French Press

Winner of Non-Electrical Consumer Coffee Preparation & Serving

This new French Press comes from Fellow the makers of the well-known Ode Brew Grinder.

Clara’s special vacuum-insulated walls maintain the ideal brewing temperature needed by your coffee to keep warm on your second and third cups, while the enhanced mesh filter helps keep out the coffee grit. This means your brewed coffee is smooth and flavorful.

The Clara French Press has lots of features…

Numilk Pro Countertop Fresh Plant-Based Milk Machine

Winner of the Open Class Competition

The Numilk Pro is small, and easy to use, machine to dispense plant-based milks.

It is designed by Numilk with the coffee shop in mind.

NuMilk Professional. Source: Numilk

The idea is that you buy their ingredients pouches, fill the machine with water, pop the pouch into the machine, and the machine prepares the plant-based milk for you. This saves time, you don’t need to waste money on store-bought milk, and you have less waste.

They have a range of liquid milk pouches and both a professional and a home machine.

Numilk Machine Home Version. Source: Numilk

If you are a into making your own plant-based milk then you may like the NUTR machine. You can use your own source of nuts or seeds to make your own plant-based milk.


Winner of Roasting Equipment & Tools

The ROEST L100 is designed by Roest Coffee and is intended for professional coffee roasters.

The ROEST Sample Roaster reduces the workload from sample roasting, saves time, and increases consistency and quality.

Source: Roest Coffee

Manual roasting with many adjustable variables enables you to improve your roasting skills and expand your knowledge about coffee.

ROEST is a hybrid of a conventional drum and a hot air roasting machine offering the best of both worlds!

It can roasting up to 50 – 120 grams at a time with multiple pairs of fans for independent heating and cooling and the ability to roast at the touch of a button makes your workflow efficient.

The professional features include automatic and manual roasting, portability, digital precision, easy operation, and ease of use.

The most popular features are automatic and manual roasting, portability, digital precision, ease of use, ease of repair, free online support, and big community.

1883 Maison Routin Syrup

Winner of Specialty Non-Coffee Beverage

1883 Maison Routin introduced a new mixer syrup line for the SCA competition. The syrups include Ginger Beer, Ginger Ale, Tonic and Cola.

The 1883 Maison Routin syrups are made in the French Alps, so you know it has got to be good.

You can mix 1 part of 1883 mixer with 7 parts of sparkling water to create a refreshing summer drink.

However, you can also use these new syrups when you want to experiment with craft cocktails, mocktails, sodas, tea, lemonade, iced coffees, floats, granitas, slushies, and milkshakes.

As far as we know the new syrups are not yet available in retail stores. However, they do have an existing range of excellent syrups on Amazon with some examples shown below…


Winner of Technology

The Ember Mug2 is a temperature-controlled ‘smart’ mug.

The Award-winning Ember Mug 2™ 14 oz Copper Edition mug is guaranteed to make every morning, that glorious first sip, shine.

The coffee mug allows you to set and maintain your preferred drinking temperature for hot beverages.

Unlike other heated mugs that only work to keep a beverage hot, the Ember Mug maintains your preferred temperature (between 120°F – 145°F) precisely, for up to 1.5 hours on battery or all day with the charging coaster.

Why is this a ‘smart mug’? Three reasons…

  1. The Ember Mug is embedded with a microprocessor-controlled dual-band heating system, and motion and liquid sensors to maintain coffee or tea at your precise drinking temperature. This technology allows Ember to wake up when moved or when liquid is poured in, and sleep when not in use to preserve battery life.
  2. Has a Mobile App
  3. Ember Mug integrates with Apple Health so you can track your coffee consumption each day.

With the Ember Mobile App, you can…

  • control temperature with a swipe
  • customize the LED color
  • select presets and suggested temperatures
  • Toggle between Celcius and Fahrenheit
  • Send notifications to your mobile phone or tablet

Clearly a ‘smart mug’!


For more information on the SCA new product winners and the coffee expo please, visit

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