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The Top 10 Best Electric Drip Coffee Makers for 2020

Steven BaxterJun 28, 2020

Coffee drinkers know that a drip coffee maker is a classic choice to brew delicious coffee. The electric drip coffee machines we review here make the coffee brewing process a…

Tea Vs. Coffee: The Ultimate Dilemma

Steven BaxterJun 21, 2019

Coffee vs Tea – Which is better? Let’s take a deep dive into the differences, the benefits, and the drawbacks. First and foremost, it’s important to understand that we’re not demonizing…

Everything You Should Know About Coffee Farming

Steven BaxterJun 21, 2019

We drink a lot of coffee around the world—some 500 billion cups a year—and it’s important to know that it all begins with coffee farming. The coffee industry provides income…

21 Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Steven BaxterJun 21, 2019

Featured Coffee Coasters They love coffee, you love giving awesome gifts. The problem is thatthere are only so many things you can get for that caffeine enthusiast.However, we have put…

How to Get the Real Taste of Cold Brew Coffee with a Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Meks JusticeDec 31, 2019

A cold brew coffee maker can make your life a little easier. I love a cold cup of cold brew coffee as much as I love a hot one. Especially…

How To Use Vanilla in Coffee? Tips and Tricks

Steven BaxterDec 22, 2022

Vanilla is a popular spice for its aromatic smell and sweet taste. French Vanilla has vanilla with added ingredients – vanilla plus if you like! Both vanilla and French Vanilla…