Innovative Portable Pour-Over Coffee Maker and Grinder

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In this post, we will briefly take a look at the Solocano Bean to Cup Coffeemaker which is an innovative portable pour-over coffee maker and grinder.

There are days we are on a trip and suddenly develop a craving for our own coffee. As most coffee lovers know, there’s something inherently special about the coffee we make ourselves, especially when making pour-over coffee. From grinding to brewing, we know just how we like it. For some people, it’s a ritual that’s every bit as enjoyable as the coffee itself.

However, the issue is that we can’t carry our coffee makers everywhere we go. Or can we? Enter the Solocano Bean to Cup Coffeemaker. This handy machine is a 6-in-1 pour-over coffee maker that allows us to make coffee anywhere and at any time. Here are the six features in one…

  1. Drip
  2. Grinder
  3. Tumbler
  4. Motor
  5. Kettle
  6. Container
solocano parts

The Solocano Pour-Over Coffee Maker is fully rechargeable. This means we don’t have to worry about electricity when there’s a need to grind coffee. The 1200-mAh battery it houses can make up to 12 cups of coffee. There’s more!

It also features a dual-layer filter, an automatic grinder with ceramic burrs (the best kind), and a vacuum-insulated tumbler. Everything the hardcore coffee fan needs to make their own coffee — all in one sleek, handy design.

This article is not about Indiegogo. Instead, it’s about the Solocano Coffee Maker, a product worthy of its listing on Indiegogo. Watch the video by the Solocano team below and keep reading to find out all you need to know about this innovative coffee maker that turns coffee beans into a steaming cup in one-touch.

Introducing SóloCano: Portable bean-to-cup coffee maker.

Let’s take a look at the team behind the Solocano Coffee Maker.

The Brains Behind The Solocano Coffee Maker

They call themselves Team 13Hz Design. Team 13Hz Design self-proclaim themselves, coffee lovers. Well, everybody says this. But from their name, we can tell it’s really true for Team 13Hz Design.

The sweet aroma that comes from coffee stimulates 8-13Hz alpha waves in the brain. This is what results in the cheerful, creative, artistic mood that comes with drinking coffee. Furthermore, coffee always induces the creation of beta waves (13-32Hz) in the brain. These beta waves are responsible for focus and quick decision-making.

The team behind the Solocano Coffee Maker take their name from 13Hz, the point that intersects both alpha and beta waves. It’s a symbol of their creativity and penchant for artistically solving problems. It’s also a strong sign of their love of tech and their love for coffee.

Team 13Hz has a love for coffee so strong that they want to be able to make it anywhere. More importantly, they want to be able to make it conveniently. This is the problem that leads to a solution in the form of the Solocano Coffee Maker.

Also, they know that every year, over 15 million trees are cut down every year to serve a single purpose — paper cups for coffee. Also, the process of actually making the cups requires energy that can be used for other necessary activities. The source of this energy is mostly fossil fuels. Also, most people rarely recycle these cups. The result is that the environment is put at risk.

Hence, the Solocano team is offering a solution for making coffee anywhere. This product also includes a mug that’s a part of the coffee maker.

Saving the environment. Helping us make coffee on the go. That’s Team 13Hz Design.

How Do You Use The Solocano To Make Pour-Over Coffee?

It is pretty darn easy to make coffee from your favorite coffee beans with the Solocano.

There are six steps to making pour-over coffee with the Solocano

  1. Open the grinder
  2. Add your favorite coffee beans (about 1 teaspoon for one cup)
  3. Press the button on the motor to grind the coffee. The ground coffee goes into the filter.
  4. Remove the grinder
  5. Open the filter bracket (see the filter later) and seat it on top of the flask
  6. Pour hot water over the grinds and there you have your pour-over coffee! (The temperature of the water should be between 195 and 205˚F if possible. Boil the water and let it rest for about 30 seconds and you should have the correct temperature)

Have a look at the infographic and you can see that all of these steps essentially take place in one container. Great stuff!

solocano innovative portable pour-over coffee maker and grinder

What’s Special About the Solocano 13Hz Coffee Maker?

The Solocano Coffeemaker is a rechargeable battery-powered coffee maker. All we have to do is push a button, and the process of grinding the beans starts. From grinding to brewing, the Solocano Coffee Maker needs little supervision. We simply push a button and wait for our coffee.

In addition to this level of convenience, other exciting features of the Solocano Coffee Maker include:

Double-Layered Filter

The double-layered filter is one that can survive consistent extraction. It can do this without a drop in the efficiency. The filter present in the Solocano Coffee maker can completely remove all coffee residue.

Furthermore, it’s a design feature that allows for the maximization of coffee aroma. Since there’s no need for a paper filter, nutrients and oils can easily pass through into the mug. It means we can enjoy our coffee just the way we want it.

6 Coarse Settings

The frustrating part of using someone else’s coffee maker is that the coarseness is never quite the way we want it.

When it comes to coarseness, the Solocano Coffee Maker allows us to select 6 different levels. The levels include very fine, fine, medium fine, medium, coarse, and very coarse. We can finally choose one level and stick to it. Also, if we’re looking to switch flavors, we can select a setting to match the mood.

Even Particle Size

Every barista knows that consistency and precision are the keys to grinding coffee. To truly enjoy a cup of coffee, to extract maximum flavor during brewing, even grinding is a must.

The Solocano Coffee Maker takes this into perspective. As a high-quality coffee grinding machine, it offers a consistent grind. We can rest easy knowing that the resultant brew will not be under or over-extracted.

Thermal Insulation

The mug has a double-wall that can keep ice and drinks at optimal temperatures for up to 7 hours. Also, it can hold up to 16.2 oz of coffee. That’s just about the right amount to get our day off to a flier!

thermal insulation


Do you know that the container your coffee is in can affect the flavor? Well, Team 13Hz Design certainly knows this. That’s why their Solocano coffee maker is made from 316 stainless steel.

Also, molybdenum is a part of its makeup. Molybdenum makes the stainless steel corrosion-resistant. With a melting range of 2,500 °F – 2,550 °F, it can handle every temperature we can throw at it. High strength and strong corrosion-resistance make this travel mug ideal for coffee and other beverages.

Trendy Design

The ability to make the exact coffee we like, even on the go, is the primary selling point for the Solocano coffee maker. However, Team 13Hz goes one step further by making sure we treasure how this coffee maker looks.

The minimalism in the all-black design of the Solocano coffee maker means it’s a stylish accessory. It also comes with coffee scoop, USB cable, and cleaning brush. The coffee maker and accessories all pack into a neat and good-looking travel case. So cool!

travel case


The motor is fully rechargeable via a USB port and can be recharged from powerbank, a car, and a computer. I just love the compact design and convenience of the Solocano.


Manual Mode

For the days we want to make coffee manually, the Solocano coffee maker comes with a manual grinder. The Soulhand Grinder and pour-over coffee maker is another portable coffee maker that only has a manual grinder.. If we so desire, we can enjoy the benefits of mindfulness that comes when rhythmically grinding coffee manually.

FAQs About the Solocano Coffee Maker

How Can We Clean A SóloCano Coffee Maker?

Cleaning your Solocano coffee maker is a simple affair. All you need is a small brush to clean the insides of the bean container. Then with water, rinse out the filter and the tumbler. Make sure to dry out each component upside-down.

Can We Buy The Batteries Elsewhere?

Solocano works using standard rechargeable lithium batteries. Also, we can buy replacement batteries elsewhere. But, the 13Hz team recommend that we don’t remove the batteries ourselves.

How Long Does It Take to Charge?

The Solocano Coffee Maker takes about 45 minutes to charge to full capacity. Also, it automatically stops working after grinding. This way, we don’t have to worry about battery wasting.

Is the Solocano Dishwasher Safe?

We can easily disassemble the Solocano Coffee Maker for a quick wash with warm water. However, washing the battery component with water is not safe!

Where can I find out more?

Go to Solocano’s Indiegogo campaign here.

UPDATE: Solocano now has its own shop


Traveling? We can still make the coffee we love. On the way to work? We can still get in a quick coffee grinding session. That’s the level of accessibility that we get with the Solocano Coffee Maker. With the different coarse settings it offers, we can enjoy the finest ground coffee, exactly as we like it!

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