illy Coffee: where art, innovation, and coffee meet.

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What is illy Coffee?

illy is a well-established coffee company where art, innovation, and coffee meet.

According to the illy Coffee Company website, Francesco Illy founded the company and the firm has been in the coffee business since 1933. The coffee legacy continues as a member of the Illy family still runs the company. Italian coffee brands depend on their unique blends of espresso, and illy is no exception. Exceptional coffee, espresso goods, and coffee-making technologies make Illy one of the industry’s best coffee brands.

Illy produces coffee from blends of nine different varieties of pure Arabica coffee beans. The coffee comes from Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Columbia, Costa Rica, and India. They also produce a seasonal El Salvador coffee blend, which is only available during the year at limited times and in select markets. With a reputation for dark roast coffee and espresso products, illy has growing relationships with some of the world’s top coffee growers.

Illy manufactures different types of coffee, coffee and espresso machines, coffee cups, and glassware, and runs illy Cafes (5 locations in the USA).

illy Coffee History

illy Caffe’s past is wholly related to the lives of the firm’s founder, Francesco illy, and his family. Francesco illy was born in Temesvár in the Austrian-Hungarian empire. Later, he went to Trieste, Italy, as an army officer during World War I. He remained in the town after the war that had recently been controlled by Italy.

  • 1933: Francesco set up a company in the cocoa and coffee industries but finally decided to focus solely on coffee. From the outset, Francesco was involved in espresso coffee.
  • 1935: Francesco invented the first automatic coffee machine. It replaced compressed air with steam and was the predecessor of today’s espresso machines.
  • 1999: illycaffe S.p.A. founded the Coffee University in Naples. The mission is to disseminate coffee awareness worldwide through education, science, and creativity. Later the University relocated to the city of Trieste, in the offices of the firm. The network of the University of Coffee is composed of 27 branches worldwide.

Why illy Coffee?

Coffee is the most popular caffeinated drink that is loved by millions of people. Some coffee companies are resorting to gimmicky advertising to meet the high demands and keep coffee drinkers hooked to the drink. 

On the other hand, illy Coffee promotes a flavorsome and aromatic organic coffee taste without the bitterness. The various reasons for choosing illy coffee are discussed below.

Authentic Flavour

Illy Coffee’s unique flavors are composed of properly balanced floral and fruity notes. Accompanying these notes are sugar, coffee, raspberry, toast, and honey undertones. All of these come together to form delicious coffee tastes and mouth feels.

Variety of coffee beans

The type of coffee beans you use to make a brew will obviously determine the flavor. illy has strived to create unique tastes by blending different coffee beans.

Illy whole bean coffee is for coffee lovers who prefer grinding the beans to suit their own individual taste and brewing method.

Illy’s coffee signature blends are the result of a skillful blend of 100% sustainably-grown Arabica beans from around the world. The result is an authentic Italian coffee that is consistent, smooth, balanced, and never bitter.

Illy coffee is packed in an air-free and pressurized can that seals in the aroma. You can reseal the can with the screw cap to keep your coffee fresh and flavorsome.

Illy coffee also conveniently provides its coffees in E.S.E. pods, Nespresso pods, and K-cup pods to satisfy consumer demands.

Special blending techniques

The illy Coffee blends have 80 years of commitment and creativity that has resulted in a consistent flavor and signature brand.

illy preserves the distinct taste and aroma of its extracts by recalibrating the harvest every year to maintain the highest quality of each sample. They are expertly blended to meet the high standards set by illy before roasting and processing the coffee beans. illy also uses powerful packaging techniques to keep the coffee tastes and fragrance fresh.

Best Quality Certification

illy has been the recipient of 4 different certifications over the past few decades which testify to its commitment to quality. The company also has a sustainability certification that refers to its commitment to fair practices. Through all these programs, the organization aims to encourage and motivate the farmers to practice sustainable coffee methods of production.

Are illy Coffee Products Environment Friendly?

illy’s climate policy begins at the core of farms and, by adoption and promotion of responsible conduct, reducing all future adverse impacts to the ecosystems around it, and producing quality goods that have the smallest possible environmental effect even when used and disposed.

What kind of products does illy produce?

illy will continue with their well-known coffees and the following table just shows a sample of the many products that you can expect to find illy producing this year and in the future.

illy coffee products

We will explore some of these products in this post starting with the essentials – coffee!

4 Best Illy Coffee Machines

Coffee is a part of the daily routine of thousands of people; it’s also a perfect beverage to start the day. If you are busy and don’t have time to grind and brew your coffee then try illy’s range of iperEspresso pods and machines. Let us have a look at four impressive coffee machines

Illy iperEspresso Home X9 Espresso Machine

Illy iperEspresso Home X9 is a special illy coffee machine that efficiently prepares espresso and coffee with one-touch. The trendy X9 Espresso has an elliptical chrome-plated body and uses illy’s own iperEspresso capsules.

One of the distinctive features of X9 is the ability to remove part of the water tank even when the system is in operation. It has a control button for choosing two volumes in the cup, a flow measurement device for setting the optimum quantity, and LED illumination on the cup while brewing.

Features of Illy iPerEspresso Home X9

PreparationiperEspresso & iper Coffee Capsules
ColorBlack, Red, and Chrome
Water Tank Capacity23.7 oz
Dimensions4.8 W x 10.6 D x 10.5 inches
Type of coffee preparedEspresso
Milk FrothingNo

X7.1 Red IperEspresso Machine

The X7.1 IperEspresso machine is another impressive illy coffee machine. It has an eye-catching retro style in stunning red or black. This retro design is inspired by 1960’s Italian coffee machines but with all the contemporary features including touch dials and a steam wand.

Features of the X7.1 Red Iperespresso Machine

PreparationiperEspresso Capsules
ColorRed, Black
Water Tank Capacity40 oz
Dimensions10.2 W x 11.4 D x 12.6 H inches
Type of coffee preparedEspresso and Cappuccino
Milk FrothingSteam Wand

illy Y5 iperEspresso Milk, Espresso and Coffee Machine

The Y5 iperEspresso milk, espresso, and coffee machine is a multi beverage machine. It has the exclusive “one-touch milk” technology which allows it to make six types of drinks at the touch of a button including authentic Italian espresso, drip coffee, cappuccino, steamed milk, and Latte macchiato. It can also provide hot water for tea and herbal infusions. 

The Y5 Milk Espresso system also allows the milk tank to be withdrawn and refrigerated until you want to use the machine. The machine also includes a mini-filter with high efficiency for brewing an incredibly flavorful cup of coffee.

Features of illy Y5 iperEspresso Milk, Espresso & Coffee Machine

PreparationiperEspresso & iper Coffee Capsules
Water Tank Capacity30 oz
Dimensions8.5 W x 11.2 D x 9.6 H inches
Type of coffee preparedCoffee, Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Tea
Milk FrothingAutomatic Frother

illy X1 Espresso Machine

A great looking retro design for the X1 Espresso machine with flip switches, touch buttons, and dials. I love the tactile design of this machine. The X1 machine was created about 20 years ago but this new version of the machine is a special edition multi-beverage machine. It can Prepare espresso, cappuccino, coffee, and latte with no problems.

With high technology and elegance, you can make barista-quality espresso, coffee, cappuccino, and latte. There is also a removable cup support tray to accommodate espresso cups, mugs, and cappuccino cups.

Features of illy 60255 X1 Espresso Machine

PreparationiperEspresso & iper Coffee Capsules
ColorBlack Red or Chrome
Water Tank Capacity33.8 oz
Dimensions10.6 W x 9.8 D x 13 H inches
Type of coffee preparedCoffee, Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte
Milk FrothingSteam Wand


Illy is excellent for you if you want a sophisticated and smooth taste for your coffee, versatility in the type of coffees you want to prepare, and convenience.

Illy coffee machines are known for their innovative brewing technology and gorgeous designs.

Hopefully, you can now see why we think that illy coffee is where art, innovation, and coffee meet.

We know that the selection process can get challenging, but we hope that this small review helps a little. 


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