HUNU – Pocket-Sized Portable Eco Coffee Cup

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Introducing the HUNU-Pocket-Sized Portable Eco Coffee Cup. An innovative eco-friendly portable coffee cup. Fit it in your pocket and take it anywhere.

According to the National Coffee Association, over 64% of Americans older than 18 drink coffee every day. Understandably, most of us need that extra “kick” to get us going, no matter what time of day it is. And as we all know, a good cup of coffee can help make everything a little clearer.

Here’s another statistic that may be a little more startling. In 2018, 60% of American coffee consumers visited branded coffee chain shops to get their drinks. Most of us have a coffee machine in our kitchens, buildings, or offices. Even though we can create certain blends and flavors from the comfort of our home, most of us still purchase coffee from a café.

Now, we’ll tell you an even more shocking stat. A disposable cup, the branded one that holds store-bought coffees, cappuccinos, espressos, etc., may be slowly poisoning us. It may even be poisoning the whole planet.

There’s a better alternative, and we know it as HUNU – Pocket-Sized Portable Eco Coffee Cup. We’ll discuss this innovative eco-friendly coffee cup soon. But first, let’s take a look at the problems with single-use disposable plastic cups.

HUNU - Pocket-Sized Portable Eco Coffee Cup
Image courtesy of HUNU on Indiegogo

Why Are Disposable Coffee Cups Bad?

Here are the major talking points for plastic cups that contained coffee or not:

  • Bisphenol A is a chemical in plastics we use to store food and drinks. It is also present as a lining in disposable cups. This toxic chemical can seep into our bodies through the cup.
  • Disposable cups require trees for manufacturing. Between 30-70 million are cut down every year for that purpose. This can lead to several consequences, including ozone depletion.
  • Due to the complex recycling process of disposable cups, not many plants can recycle them.
  • Animals such as fish can ingest waste from paper cups and pass it on to us through our food.
  • It takes decades for a disposable cup to decompose. This is a significant strain on our already polluted planet.
OK…it’s not all plastic coffee cup waste but you get the idea. Image from Pikrepo

The Story Behind the Pocket-Sized Coffee Cup

HUNU is the team behind the eco-friendly portable coffee cup. When the pocket-sized portable coffee cup was still nothing but a floating idea, the team started their work by centering around a few facts.

Disposable cups are convenient, and reusable cups are not. How to change that? By making a cup that can comfortably fit in pockets, for one. To achieve this, they had three guidelines:

  1. The cup needs to be large enough to take enough coffee but collapsible enough to fit in a pocket.
  2. A form of insulation was necessary to hold even the most scalding liquids.
  3. It needs to have a lid and be sturdy.

Months later, they chose silicone as the best material for the job. We’ll tell you why in a bit. After selecting the material, the next part was creating a few 3D renders and prototypes. Playing with these prototypes allowed the manufacturers to find more ways to improve the cup.

Next was choosing material for the insulating band and the design of the lid. Here, the team used flexible technology that is 3D rendered to select the best concept. After choosing the best concept, up next was the manufacturing stage.

The team created design drawings and started looking for a manufacturer. This was not as easy as it sounds. Eventually, they found a manufacturing partner in China, leading to the first round of prototyping. The manufacturing team followed this up by spending many months finessing the details, from the fit, feel, and structure of the cup to the size of the drinking hole and plug. After a year of work, the HUNU cup was complete, and a masterpiece was born.

Why Silicone?

Choosing a material wasn’t easy. For maximum effectiveness, they had to select a material that offered the following:

  • The cup should be light, durable, and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Be sturdy enough to hold hot liquids.
  • Be compact enough to spend all day in a pocket.
  • The team had to make it using the highest quality food-grade materials.

After looking at many other materials, none could compare to silicone. It’s odor and stain-resistant, flexible and durable. It’s also easy to clean, doesn’t leak toxic chemicals, and can withstand high temperatures.

Plus, it’s an abundant natural resource, so the chances of scarcity are super low.  The silicone used in the HUNU cup is LFGB and FDA approved, which is the highest safety certification in Europe and the USA.

Here’s Why The HUNU Cup is So Great

This eco-friendly portable coffee cup is an excellent innovation in so many ways:

HUNU coffee cup
Image courtesy of HUNU on Indiegogo

The Portability Factor – The HUNU cup’s IT factor.

Portability is something most makers don’t seriously consider when manufacturing coffee cups. The reason why disposable coffee cups sell is that you nobody wants to carry their coffee cups all day long.

The HUNU cup solves all that and makes reusable cups fun. The cup can be folded down to be less than an inch wide. Then, you can easily slip it into your pocket or a little bag.

When you want to use it, you simply pop it out and hand it over to the barista. After drinking, quickly rinse it out for another use or pop it in the dishwasher.

hunu fits in pockets
Have pocket will travel. Images courtesy of HUNU

Helps Save Money

We all know we can get a discount if you bring your cup to coffee shops. This means using the pocket-sized HUNU cup will allow us to save more money in the long run.


It’s Portable, but It’s Also Big

The HUNU cup can comfortably take about 8 oz. of coffee. If we fill it right to the brim, it can take up to 10 oz. However, we don’t recommend that since it’s possible to spill a little when closing the lid.

Size of HUNU Portable Coffee Cup
HUNU takes all the usual coffee sizes.


For those asking, “But what if I have a little coffee in it when I fold it?” Relax, it won’t spill. The makers design the HUNU cup to be leak-proof from top to bottom.

Completely Insulated

This cup comes with an insulating band that you can wrap around it. This keeps your hand safe from hot drinks – no plastic needed.

Different Colors

Color may not be the most important thing about HUNU, but it is still nice to know you can choose a color to suit your style.

colors of HUNU portable coffee cup

It’s Recyclable

The manufactures use 100% biodegradable material, so it is recyclable. If not recycled, it will decompose much quicker than disposable cups.

How to use your HUNU Pocket-Sized Coffee Cup

It’s easy to use but HUNU have provided a brief video to show you how to use this beaut’ little coffee cup.


FAQs About The Pocket-Sized Coffee Cup

Will the cup leak if there is a bit of coffee in it when I put it in my pocket?

Absolutely not. When we fold the cup and put the insulating band on it, it serves as a plug to keep any liquid from spilling out.

What’s the HUNU cup made of?

The team makes the cup from food-grade silicone and bamboo. Also, the team uses a bamboo composite made from bamboo fibers and resin.

The supplier is FDA and LFGB approved. This means their materials are at the highest level of certification in both the USA and Europe.

Is it dishwasher safe?

Yes, all parts of the HUNU cup are dishwasher-friendly. A good rinse with soap works just as well.


Disposable paper cups present a significant risk to humans and the environment. Only by making changes like the HUNU pocket-sized cup can we start fighting to clean up the mess created by consumerism. And, we can do it without losing a single advantage that comes with a single-use cup because the HUNU pocket-sized cup provides all that. Who knew (HUNU) you could get all that in a coffee cup? ?

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