How Long is Coffee Good For – How to Store Coffee to Preserve Freshness

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Unlike wine, coffee is a beverage that should be stored and consumed as soon and possible for optimum freshness and flavor. Coffee lovers enjoy the experience brewing coffee that is fresh with all its intoxicating flavors and aromas. Whether you’re an expert barista or a regular coffee drinker, it is important to know how to best prepare and enjoy the beverage, but also how to maintain it in excellent condition to preserve its freshness.

By ensuring proper care and storage for your coffee, it is always possible to have a beverage with a good aroma, body, and flavor. Read on for the answer to a question asked by many coffee enthusiasts: how long is coffee good for?

How Long is Coffee Good For?

Starting from the roasting date, coffee has a shelf life depending on the form in which it is acquired (roasted bean or ground). Good flavor and aroma are a true sign of a cup of fresh coffee or a coffee that has exceeded its expiration date. Generally, the shelf life of coffee varies between two and three weeks depending on the way it is stored and the presentation.

How to Store Coffee to Preserve Freshness

Most people use a coffee container to preserve their coffee beans or grounds. The truth is that the best way to conserve coffee is to leave it in its original packaging, assuming that the packaging is of high quality and is designed for proper storage of the product.

Here is a step-by-step guide to preserving your coffee’s freshness.

1. Buy freshly roasted coffee beans

Roasted coffee beans can be preserved for longer than coffee grounds but should still be consumed as soon as possible.

Most coffee packaging is designed for maximum preservation so that it remains fresh and delicious for a longer time. Coffee should be kept in perfect conditions so that its properties can remain in check. Freshly roasted coffee beans can last for several weeks as long as the packaging is closed properly.

When buying your coffee, make sure that the packing date is close to the date of purchase. This way you will be able to take advantage of all the qualities that whole bean coffee possesses.

Coffee roasted by hand and produced in small batches is an excellent option since you will be acquiring a fresher product than one that is sold in large self-service stores.

2. Grind it just before consuming it

If you are a true coffee lover, we highly recommend having your own coffee grinder at home. This will provide the opportunity to enjoy the best cup of coffee made from freshly ground coffee beans.

Another advantage is that you can decide the best way to grind the coffee according to your preferred mode of preparation. The recommended grind of the coffee changes according to the preparation. It is possible to ruin a good cup of coffee if the proper grind is not obtained.

3. Keep coffee in a cool and dry place

Coffee beans oxidize easily, so environmental conditions can decompose them. Heat and humidity are the worst enemies of the coffee bean since they are influences that cause it to lose its aroma, flavor, and freshness.

One of the environments at home with more heat and humidity is in the kitchen, and it is there where we usually store coffee. It is best to store it in a closed cabinet away from humidity and heat. The best option is to store it in an airtight container and to keep it away from light. Many times, the coffee packaging itself is the greatest option, since it is designed to protect the coffee from the conditions that deteriorate it.

The ideal temperature to conserve the freshness of coffee for a longer period is around 72 degrees Fahrenheit. A temperature higher than this could damage the flavor and aroma of your coffee.

4. Buy smaller quantities and keep packaging closed

Coffee packages come in various sizes. Usually, in the stores, you can find packages of 250 to 500 grams and up to 1 kilograms of content. We recommend buying the package that best suits your needs, but never buy large quantities if the consumption of coffee in your home is minimal or infrequent. It is also important that you do not open the package until the moment you are going to consume it.

In the case that you have been given a large package of coffee as a gift, you can divide the contents and store it in small jars, sealing the containers so they are airtight. If possible, reserve a small portion for your upcoming daily consumption and vacuum seal the remaining coffee. This will prevent oxidation from detracting from the coffee’s properties.

Some of the best airtight containers

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5. Using transparent film

Some people choose to store their coffee in airtight jars. When the coffee canister is full, it is difficult for air to oxidize the coffee and deteriorate it. On the other hand, when the coffee canister is half full, the portion of air that remains in the canister can make the coffee more exposed to oxidizing components lessen its freshness.

To avoid this, you can place a piece of transparent film over the surface of the coffee and stick it to the internal walls of the jar. In this way you, will ensure that the coffee is protected from the air inside the jar to preserve its freshness.

6. Avoid the fridge

The adequate temperature to conserve the freshness of coffee is around 72 degrees Fahrenheit degrees. Some people might think the fridge is a good option to keep it fresher longer, but it is a bad choice. The humidity of the fridge affects the coffee and deteriorates it much faster affecting its flavor. In addition, coffee tends to absorb odors easily, so the odors of all the other foods stored with it could affect the coffee’s aroma.

According to the National Coffee Association, the only way to store coffee in a cold place is perfectly vacuum-packed in the freezer. Freezing coffee beans is recommended only if the coffee is freshly roasted and there are large quantities of coffee. This can help you to preserve it for 6 months or more. Once you are going to start consuming it daily, you can defrost it and store it in a cool and dry place.

You can use some great home vacuum sealer machines to vacuum pack your coffee. Three of the best vacuum sealers on the market are the Nesco Vs-12, the FoodSaver V4400, and the Mueller MFFVS-01.

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Ground Coffee

Ground coffee is one of the more convenient forms to purchase and store coffee, and it is also the most common.

If you grind coffee at home, it is best to consume it immediately or only grind as much as you’ll need for up to 10 days. If you have purchased it ground, you can keep it in a sealed container, away from humidity and heat. Keeping it in these conditions, its shelf life will be approximately three months.

If you store coffee in a poorly closed package or container, you expose it to environmental conditions, so in a few days, it will lose its freshness and essential flavors. A Ziploc bag or Mason jar work well for protecting coffee freshness because they have seals.

Coffee Beans

Coffee in whole bean form is similar to ground coffee. If you store it in a cool place, away from heat and humidity, you will be able to preserve your coffee in optimal conditions for consumption. However, whole bean coffee will conserve its properties of flavor, brightness, color, and smell for approximately three to six months.

Brewed Coffee

Storing brewed coffee is a little less common since most coffee drinkers prepare and enjoy their hot coffee immediately because it begins to lose its valuable properties while it cools down.

Others may want to make larger quantities to enjoy over few hours or even days. It is best to consume it within the following 12 hours or up to 24 hours if it has been refrigerated. It should be noted that the flavor of leftover coffee will not be the same and you may not enjoy it as much as a freshly prepared coffee.

Cold Brew Coffee is a little different because it is brewed cold and stored cold. However, you should probably drink your cold brew coffee within a week for the best taste.

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