Hayman Coffee Review – Is It Worth It?

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Hayman Coffee is one of the biggest brands among coffee enthusiasts and lovers. They offer specialty coffees of fine quality, aroma, and flavor that give you a delightful coffee experience. However, is Hayman coffee worth the buzz? Let’s find out in our Hayman coffee review!

Who Is Hayman Coffee?

Hayman Coffee is based in London, England, and has been operating since 2014. They offer the finest coffee beans in the world. They focus on the quality of products that stand out from other brands in the coffee market.

What Type of Coffee Does Hayman Coffee Offer?

Hayman Coffee’s Arabica selection includes these specialty coffee selections:

These exceptional specialty coffees will delight you with their unique aroma and flavor.

The luxury boxed presentation of Hayman coffees screams quality and would be an exclusive gift to impress a coffee lover.

Hayman Coffee’s selections are relatively small yet offer great coffee for coffee enthusiasts.

What Makes Hayman Coffee Stand Out From Other Brands?

Hayman has an impressive menu of specialty coffee. Even better is that every coffee is roasted after receiving the order. This is done in hours to ensure freshness and the best-ever coffee delivered to your door.

Unlike some coffee roasters, Hayman Coffee offers whole beans, ground coffee, Nespresso® pods (16 pods in a box), Keurig K-cup® capsules (18 capsules in a box – two layers of 9 capsules), or green coffee beans.

Hayman Coffee Whole Bean Coffee Bag with coffee beans spread around. Hayman coffee review. Brazilian coffee
Hayman Coffee Whole Beans
Hayman Coffee Review. Ground coffee beans on a background with Hayman coffee packaging. Panama Geisha coffee.
Hayman Coffee Ground Beans
Hayman Coffee Review. Nespresso pods in a Hayman presentation box. Jamaican coffee.
Hayman Coffee Nespresso Pods
Hayman Coffee Review. Keurig K-cup capsules in a Hayman presentation box. Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.
Hayman Coffee Keurig K-cup Pods

The roasted whole coffee beans, raw (green) beans, and ground coffee beans are packaged in sensible opaque coffee bags with degassing valve and convenient rip-zip. This ensures that the coffee stays fresh for as long as possible and prevents degradation.

The whole bean and ground coffees come in various pack sizes, including 100g/3.5oz, 200g/7oz, 340g/12oz, 454g/16oz, and 680g/24oz.

If you invest in the best coffee beans in the world, it is critical that it is fresh roasted coffee and fresh ground coffee. Coffee starts losing its flavor and aroma once it is roasted, namely through, the action of oxygen, moisture and light. This progressive aroma and flavor loss occurs even if fresh coffee is adequately protected. This is the reason why fresh-roasted coffee is so important to Hayman. 

Hayman ships fresh roasted coffee to customers worldwide and offers free standard shipping to most locations.

Hayman actively contributes to environmental protection by using only recyclable packaging and recyclable Nespresso® compatible pods.

Hayman is a member of the Specialty Coffee Association and of The Alliance for Coffee Excellence. This shows you the quality of the coffee you will enjoy drinking.

Harrods and Selfridges, the legendary London department stores, were the first to retail Hayman coffee in the UK as a testament to Hayman Coffee.

YouTube Video Summary

Hayman Coffee YouTube

OK. Now let’s look at some of Hayman’s best coffees!

Hayman Coffee Reviews

1. Jamaica Blue Mountain Hayman Coffee

Hayman sources their Jamaican Blue Mountain from small farms in Jamaica where they grow their own organic crops. They’re handpicked, sorted, and shipped directly to Hayman. Then they wash them before roasting for maximum flavor.

The Jamaican Blue Mountains coffee grows at about 2,000 feet above sea level. Rainfall is heavy, averaging around 40 inches per year. The weather is cool and damp, with frequent showers. The mountains are covered with dense tropical forests, providing ample shade for the plants. The trees delay the ripening of the fruit, allowing the beans to develop slowly. This results in a rich flavor and aroma.

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is a protected trademark and only entities certified by the Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority (JACRA) can import and market this awesome coffee. Hayman holds Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee’s foreign importer and trademark user licenses from JACRA (license no. HUL / FI & TM / PRT 620-001).

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is an excellent and refreshingly light acid and fruit coffee bean. We used a 1:16.5 brew ratio to get the best clarity from this specialty coffee.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Hayman Coffee

Product Details

Coffee Profile

  • Origin / Species / Varietal: Blue Mountain coffee belt, Jamaica / Arabica coffee / Blue Mountain.
  • Growing altitude: 900-1700 meters.
  • Harvest period: February – June.
  • Processing method: Washed.
  • Cupping notes: Delicate, gently bright, lightly fruit-toned. Chocolate flavor notes, silky mouthfeel, crisp and sweet finish.

Where to Buy?

>>>Click here to buy all forms of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee directly from Hayman

>>>Click here to buy Hayman Jamaican Blue Mountain Ground Coffee from Amazon

>>>Click here to buy Hayman Jamaican Blue Mountain Whole Bean Coffee from Amazon

2. Hawaii Kona Hayman Coffee

The best Kona coffee Hawaii is one of the most sought-after specialty coffees in the world. Kona Coffee is a third-wave coffee grown on the slopes of volcanoes Hualālai and Mauna Loa in the Kona district of the Big Island of Hawaii.

Portuguese sailors who arrived on the islands around 1620 introduced coffee to Hawaii. The earliest recorded use of coffee in Hawaii was in 1790 when Captain Cook brought back some seeds from Tahiti.

This unique location in Hawaii presents ideal growing conditions for coffee, such as altitude, rich volcanic soil, and constant sunshine. The region is also known for the steady yet gentle rainfall, and the surrounding volcanoes protect the coffee trees from prevailing winds.

The annual harvest of Kona’s finest Arabica takes place from September through February. It is then processed using the “washed” method, reserved exclusively for the highest quality specialty coffees. This Hawaiian espresso is gourmet and freshly roasted, extremely appreciated for its creamy texture and caramel flavors.

Hawaii Kona embraces earthy, chocolaty, and buttery flavors. The coffee reminds you of an island coffee, but it features malty and muddy notes that may not be as appealing. In addition, it is a washed coffee, meaning its exotic flavors might have been diluted. However, it’s well-balanced with medium/low acidity that’s enjoyable to drink.

Product Details

Coffee Profile

  • Origin / Species / Varietal: Kona district, Big Island of Hawaii / Arabica coffee / Kona Typica.
  • Altitude: 550-700 meters.
  • Harvest period: September – February.
  • Processing method: Washed.
  • Cupping notes: Sweet, caramel flavor notes. Pleasant acidity. Balanced and smooth, with a very “clean” finish. Rich, sweet aroma.

Where to Buy?

>>>Click here to buy from Hayman coffee

>>>Click here to buy Hayman Hawaii Kona Whole Bean Coffee from Amazon

>>>Click here to buy Hayman Hawaii Kona Ground Coffee from Amazon

3. Panama Geisha Hayman Coffee

Hayman Panama Geisha Coffee Presentation Box with Panama Flag

In the 1930s, the Geisha coffee variety was first discovered in Ethiopia. Thirty years later, it was brought to Panama. In 2004, Geisha coffee beans won an important competition and caught the attention of international experts, who named them one of the world’s finest varieties of coffee.

Among specialty coffees, Panama Geisha coffee beans are among the most desired. Western Panama’s Chiriquí province, which lies between Costa Rica and the Pacific Ocean, grows them.

The best Geisha coffee beans are harvested between January and April, then naturally processed to preserve their unique flavor profile. Geisha coffee, a rare and high-end coffee, is renowned for its mango and mandarin notes.

Panama Geisha from Hayman Coffee has a very floral scent that produces a mild brown foam, giving it a creamy effect. The coffee has a bright acidity to a light-bodied cup. After the brewing process, Panama Geisha leaves almost any aftertaste. A bit of bitterness is evident, but it is very delicate.

Overall, the flavors balance exceptionally well. Hayman’s Geisha is an eccentric coffee with a beautiful jasmine fragrance, exotic mango, and smooth flavor notes. It has a decent taste and offers delicate, bright acidity. Considering the quality and coffee excellence it provides for the price. It is a premium coffee.

Product Details

Tasting Notes

  • Origin / Species / Varietal: Chiriquí Province, Panama / Arabica coffee / Geisha;
  • Growing altitude: 1700-1780 meters.
  • Harvest period: January – April.
  • Processing method: Natural.
  • Cupping notes: Mango and mandarin flavor notes. Balanced and gently bright.Creamy and silky mouthfeel. Bergamot-like finish. Floral, jasmine aroma.

Where to Buy?

>>>Click here to buy from Hayman coffee

>>>Click here to buy Hayman Panama Geisha Whole Bean Coffee from Amazon

>>>Click here to buy Hayman Panama Geisha Ground Coffee from Amazon

4. Award-Winner Brazilian Hayman Coffee

This Hayman Coffee is an exceptional Brazilian coffee and was among the top winners of the 2020 Brazil Cup of Excellence® competition.

The Cup of Excellence®** is the most prestigious award and competition for high-quality arabica coffee (the finest coffee beans of all kinds). No specialty coffee organization subjects coffee to scrutiny as the Cup of Excellence®.

Every year, thousands of specialty coffees enter this extremely demanding competition. An international jury of industry experts cups each Brazilian coffee that wins 120 times over three weeks. A national jury from Brazil cups each coffee before the international jury.

Since all Cup of Excellence® winners are produced in small quantities, called micro-lots, this Fazenda Lagoa Seca Brazilian coffee is particularly scarce. Only 730kg (1,528lb) of this Brazilian coffee was produced. This delicious coffee is admired for its apricot, floral, and peach notes.

Award-Winner Brazilian Hayman Coffee

The coffee is naturally processed and offers a balanced acidity.

Product Details

  • 100% Fazenda Lagoa Seca Cup of Excellence®
  • Award-winning Brazilian coffee
  • Freshly roasted
  • Available as whole bean, ground coffee, Nespresso pods, Keuig K-cup capsules, and unroasted raw (green) coffee beans

Coffee Profile

  • Origin / Species / Varietal: Carmo do Paranaíba, Cerrado Mineiro, Minas Gerais State, Brazil / Arabica coffee / Yellow Icatu.
  • Specialty coffee
  • Altitude: 1105 meters.
  • Processing method: Natural.
  • Cupping notes: Apricot, floral, peach.

Where to Buy?

>>>Click here to buy from Hayman coffee

>>>Click here to buy Hayman Award Winning Brazilian Whole Bean Coffee from Amazon

>>>Click here to buy Hayman Award Winning Brazilian Coffee Nespresso pods from Amazon

What Are the Shortcomings of Hayman Coffee?

We have looked at some of the best Hayman Coffees, and their quality. But is it all good? Does Hayman Coffee have any shortcomings?

As you may expect, Hayman Coffee is more expensive than other coffees available on the market.

Hayman coffee says they invest (time and money) in the best coffee beans in the world. We don’t doubt that.

Finding, selecting, and importing the best coffee beans worldwide takes a lot of work. Hayman Coffee also roasts its coffee before shipping to ensure it arrives fresh at your door. All this time and effort is inherent in the price.

However, you must decide if the quality of the coffee. Packaging and customer service are worth the price.

We think it is worth it for the odd splurge or a wonderful gift, but it could get expensive if you buy regularly.

Hayman Coffee Reviews and Posts From Other Websites

Other reviews of Hayman Coffee are positive and enthusiastic.

Hayman coffee has good 4 to 5-star reviews on Amazon

Hayman Coffee Review – Boise Coffee – Hayman Coffee offers four types of beans for sale. I got to try their Jamaica Blue Mountain and Hawaii Kona. They tasted great, but should you buy them? (boisecoffee.org)

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What Brewing Methods Can Be Used With Hayman Coffee?

You can use most brew methods with Hayman Coffee provided you use the right grind, temperature, and recipe.

Brew methods include espresso, pour-over, drip, French Press, Turkish, Siphon, and more.

See videos below for instructions on some brewing methods.

How To Make Hario V60 Coffee With Hayman Coffee

How to make Hario V60 coffee with Hayman

Hayman Coffee suggests using the 4:6 method, invented by Tetsu Kasuya, to brew with a Hario V60 brewer. The method gets its name from how the hot water is divided during the pouring stages— 40% and 60% — which allows you to adjust the flavor and concentration of the coffee.

1 – Prepare your V60 filter.

2 – Place the filter in the V60 and wash out. This washes the paper and warms the server.

3 – Pour away the excess water.

4 – Choose your favorite coffee. We used our Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, a coffee with centuries of history and tradition, with a very floral and sweet flavor.

5 – Start with a 1:15 ratio of coffee to water, like 20g of coffee beans for 300g of water.

6 – Grind the coffee and if you’re using a Comandante, grind at 25 clicks for V60.

7 – Place the coffee in the paper filter.

8 – Divide the hot water into a 4:6 ratio: If you’re using 300g of water, you’ll divide it into 40% (120g) and 60% (180g) respectively.

9 – 40% portion: Split into two pours. The coffee will taste sweeter if the first pour is smaller than the second. If, on the other hand, the first pour is bigger than the second, the coffee will taste brighter. Your choice, but the amount of pour time should be 1.30s-1.50s.

10 – 60% portion: Here you adjust the concentration depending on how often you divide this portion. Pouring all of it at once will make it a lighter coffee while dividing the water into several pours will strengthen the coffee. In our case, we split the water into four pours.

11 – Total pouring time should be 3.30s-4.00s.

12 – Serve and enjoy your coffee!

For another Hario V60 brew method recipe please read our post How To Make V60 Pour Over Coffee – Tips And Tricks From Top Coffee Blogs

How To Make French Press Coffee With Hayman Coffee

How to make French press coffee with Hayman

Here are the steps Hayman suggests you take to prepare French Press Coffee…

1- Start boiling the water in your kettle at 94ºC (201ºF)

2- Weigh out your coffee and look for a coffee-to-water ratio between 1:13 and 1:17

3- Grind the coffee, you’re looking for a coarse grind

4- Add the coffee to the french press

5- Pour in 1/4 of the water in a circular motion

6- Leave it for 30 seconds

7- Stir with a spoon and add the remaining water

8- Leave it for a further 4 minutes

9- Place the plunger on top and plunge 10- Enjoy!

How to Make Chemex Coffee With Hayman Coffee

How to make Chemex coffee with Hayman

Here are the steps Hayman suggests you take to prepare French Press Coffee…

1 – Prepare your Chemex Filter
1.1 – Fold your Chemex filter into quarters
1.2 – Find the corner with the most folds: this will become the bottom of the filter, through which the coffee will drip.
1.3 – Imagine a straight line running from this corner to the opposite one: this imaginary line will serve as a reference point for the next two folds.
1.4 – Lift one side and place the edge along the imaginary line. Then fold into place.
1.5 – Turn the Chemex filter over and repeat the last fold. You will be left with a kite shape, with a fold on one face and the equivalent fold on the opposite face.
1.6 – Completely unfold the filter. You will see that one of the four original crease lines is folded opposite to the other three. We will correct this so that all four folds are the same.
1.7 – Fold the filter in two, to reverse the fold.
1.8 – Now, place the filter in the Chemex coffee maker, which will take shape. Be sure to fold back all the recesses so that neither coffee nor water can slip through.

2 – Place the filter in the Chemex and wash out. This washes the paper and warms the carafe.
3 – Pour away excess water
4 – Weigh out beans depending on the size of Chemex, using 60g (2.1 oz) of coffee for every 1000ml (33.8 fl oz) water.
5 – Grind to a course sand size
6 – Place coffee on the filter paper
7 – Place the Chemex on top of the scale, pour 50ml (1.7 fl oz) of water at 92-96°C (198-205°F) for the coffee to start to bloom
8 – Wait 30-45 seconds and add 200ml (6.8 fl oz) of water then steadily add the remaining
9 – Your aim is to have all 700ml (23.7 fl oz) passed through the filter within 3-4 minutes
10 – If it goes for longer than 4 minutes, remove the filter to stop it from carrying on
11 – Pour into the cup AND ENJOY!


Hayman Coffee offers high-quality specialty coffee that is delicious and fresh. The beans speak for themselves, and we loved each cup we brewed. They also have an excellent presentation and immaculate luxury boxed packaging. It looks sophisticated and screams quality.

Hayman Coffee’s reviews are positive from other blogs and on Amazon.

Consequently, Hayman coffee would be an exclusive gift to impress a coffee lover.

Try Hayman Coffee – give it a go and decide if Hayman Coffee is worth it.

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