21 Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

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They love coffee; you love giving awesome gifts. The problem is that you can get only so many things for that caffeine enthusiast. However, we have compiled this list of 21 best gifts for coffee lovers.

You can use these gift ideas for inspiration and to surprise them! You can also click on our suggested products to buy them today!

1. Coffee Subscriptions

The first of the 21 gifts for coffee lovers is a coffee subscription. There’s been a subscription trend going on for a few years now, affecting nearly everything: fashion, food, you name it. Coffee subscription services are among the best of them all since there’s so much variety you can add to the mix.

Subscription services gather brands and roasts together, let you choose from dozens or hundreds of coffees, and deliver the beans to your door.

You can also sign up for premium services that ship coffee-related goods such as stainless steel coffee grinders, measuring spoons, steel canisters, coffee-centric hand towels, kitchen items, and so on.

The longer you sign up for (usually up to a one-year subscription), the cheaper it is each month.

If you’re feeling generous, you could get twelve months of presents for the cost of one, and keep that special person on the edge of their seat while they wonder what will come in next month’s box.

It’s twelve constant reminders throughout the year of how you impacted every single one of their mornings and made them better.

Bean Box Gourmet Coffee Sampler – 3-Month Gift Subscription

Driftaway Coffee – World Explorer’s Coffee Sampler Subscription

2. Coffee Coasters

Are your coffee-loving friends particularly careful about what goes on their best real oak timber coffee table? Do they want to avoid those unsightly rings left by cups or mugs?

Well, this next coffee gift is ideal. Do them a favor by gifting them a set of unique coffee coasters. They come in various styles, can be fun (or naughty), and are a practical gift.

Tell your friend that you also care about their great-looking coffee table and gift some coasters.

Banberry Designs Coffee Coasters – Set of 6 Drink Coasters with Holder

Teocera Drink Coasters Mats. Moisture Absorbing Stone Coasters with Cork Base, Set of 6

SUPCOW Round Ceramic Coasters, 4 Pack of Absorbent Stone

3. Milk Frother

Espresso machines are costly but don’t always come with milk frother attachments. How are you expected to make a delicious hot latte without steamed milk?

A milk frother may be that coffee gift you need to complete the home coffee setup. Milk frothers have a range of styles, from the relatively inexpensive handheld frothers.

A milk frother is a practical addition to the coffee counter in that special person’s kitchen. If they craft signature beverages and delve deep into the finer side of coffee, espresso, and latte art, this is a must.

Zulay High Powered Milk Frother Handheld Foam Maker for Lattes

Breville BMF600XL Milk Cafe Milk Frother

4. Stirring Spoons

It may sound ridiculous to someone who doesn’t drink coffee, but a regular teaspoon doesn’t imbue creamer, sugar, or flavor agents into coffee or a designated stirring spoon.

And you don’t need to have a boring old spoon – there are a variety of cool designs for you to choose from. Any coffee house will tell you that spoons are part of what binds flavors together and add consistency in every single sip.

Coffee is naturally oily, and it’s hard to get things to mesh with that oil unless you have a proper spoon designed for the task.

In any case spoons can be fun!

Cute Cat Spoons. 4.6 Inches Mini Spoons, 18/8 Stainless Steel set of  4 Assorted Colors

Stainless Steel Creative Flower Coffee Spoon 8 Different Patterns, 16-pack (Rose Gold)

Guitar Spoons 7 Guitar Spoons & 1 Clef Teaspoon

9-inch Long-handled spoons. Set of eight.

 5. Cold Brew Iced Coffee Brewer

Iced coffee drinkers are a separate breed. We’ll drink iced coffee in the dead of a New England winter (walk around Boston for ten minutes in February and you’ll see what I mean), and there’s nothing better than cold brew.

Cold-brew iced coffee has drastically less acidity than traditionally prepared iced coffee and emboldens the flavor profile in a way you can’t otherwise achieve.

Cold-brew systems are almost always manual and take up a small amount of counter space.

Airtight Cold Brew Coffee Maker-BPA-Free. Durable and Industry Strength Glass Pitcher and Removable Stainless Steel.

Coffee Gator Cold Brew Coffee Maker – BPA-Free Filter and Glass Carafe – Brewing Kit with Stainless Steel Measuring Scoop and Collapsible Loading Funnel

6. Travel-Ready French Press

Ever had coffee out of a hotel room coffee maker? Hopefully not. Those things are not only gross (no matter where you go, they’re not appropriately serviced), but they make a miserable cup of coffee even if you are desperate enough to use it.

When you travel for business, late nights on the laptop at the hotel room desk are typical, and coffee is the perfect companion.

Friends don’t let friends drink out of hotel room coffee makers: get them a portable French press as a coffee gift instead. It’s a little more involved in a process, but it makes a fantastic cup of coffee and is super easy to clean.

They generally run the same price as a bottom-tier coffee maker from Walmart but are entirely manual. If you grab one of these with travel in mind, make sure it’s a one or two-cup French press; keep it small and portable so they’re not sacrificing luggage space.

Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker, 1 Liter, 34 Ounce

7. Pod Storage Rack

If you know someone who’s usually ultra-busy, they might use a Keurig™, Nespresso™, or another one-shot coffee maker to expedite their day while still getting in that sweet, sweet caffeine.

If that’s the case, this coffee gift will help them shave a little more time off their morning coffee ritual. These simple racks can hold single-use pods or a few filter pods and simply sit next to your friend’s pod coffee maker.

They spin the rack or open the drawer, select whatever they want that morning, and then off to the races.

The best thing? It’s thoughtful and inexpensive.

K-Cup Carousel – Holds 35 K-Cups in Black

Single Serve Capsule Stand Rotatable Storage Rack for 80 Nespresso pods

8. Steel Coffee Canisters

We don’t all have the time to grind before every single cup or carafe of coffee, but we still want that same great taste.

Steel coffee canisters are designed to lock airtight and store freshly ground coffee inside without oxidizing the grinds.

When you buy a pound of coffee off the shelf and open it up, they have a seal valve on the front so you can bind the top and pull the air out to preserve freshness.

Since those are disposable and not necessarily a sustainable idea, steel coffee canisters come in handy in place of them. The steel coffee canisters also act as a beautiful decoration for the top of the counter.

If the person in mind has an expensive and lavish espresso machine, coffee maker, or they just have a designated area of their kitchen set as a barista workstation, then this will double as an aesthetic feature as well.

You’ll promote better freshness and a longer coffee shelf life for them.

Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Container. With Date Tracker, CO2-Release Valve and Measuring Scoop – Large – Silver

9. Coffee Urns

If you have ever organized a community meeting or seminar, you will know how inconvenient and troublesome it is to make an individual coffee for each attendee.

You don’t want to keep attendees waiting for their coffee during the short breaks, and many will need that caffeine boost for the next session. A coffee urn will solve that problem.

There are different types of urns: some can brew, some are just natural hot holding for already made coffee, but the main reason to get one is for convenience.

They can make high-volume amounts of coffee with minimal effort, and what’s better than that?

Please see our in-depth review of coffee urns

10. Espresso Liqueur

Two of the world’s favorite things: are coffee and alcohol. You might have heard of Coffee Brandy or Bailey’s and other coffee-centric alcoholic liquors and liqueurs, but this is a step up from there.

We all know that espresso is the king of coffee beverages and that it packs a significant punch, but this isn’t about amping up—it’s about winding down.

Coffee liqueurs come a dime a dozen, but espressos are richer and fuller and often provide a bit more buzz.

Picture that it’s 7:00 p.m. on a Friday night and that it’s been a stressful day. The coffee-lover on your list knows that a shot of caffeine will wind them up more and maybe even incite agitation if they’ve already been struggling throughout the day, but espresso liqueur offers them that same great flavor without the buzz.

You can usually find that your local liqueur shop has various coffee liqueurs available.

11. Hand Grinders

Do they like to get their hands dirty when it comes to hand-crafting the best coffee imaginable?

There’s nothing more involved than a hand grinder (apart from picking and packaging the beans yourself). Conical burr handheld grinders are an intimate way to control your cup of coffee’s strength, volume, and flavor.

Unlike electrical units, these are ridiculously easy to clean and maintain.

Most of them are made of stainless steel, which may hold onto the iron in coffee beans but isn’t like plastic, where food can stick to small crevices and divots in the material.

Hand grinders are easy to clean, meaning you’re putting additional thought into your gift.

Nobody wants a present that can inconvenience them beyond its intended purpose; this shows the coffee-lover on your list that you pay attention to how they prefer their coffee.

Please see our in-depth review of coffee hand grinders.

 12. Grinder and Coffee Maker Combos

One of the difficulties of the modern coffee connoisseur is that nobody has time to grind their beans, store them effectively, or plan out batches, the list of issues goes on and on.

If a separate grinder and a coffee maker aren’t the right gifts for the coffee lover on your list, going for a dual unit could answer all of their caffeinated problems. You get twice the versatility of any single standard unit and an easy-to-maintain system.

There are many great options for dual grinder and brewer units, each of which mitigates the annual time you spend cleaning your coffee pot.

Grinders can last for a long while before they need to be degreased, and these units have widely accessible options for the tubing and water reservoir for fast and thorough cleaning.

If the coffee lover on your list doesn’t have much time to get ready in the morning, this is the best way for them to get a coffeehouse flavor in their morning mug.

Please see our in-depth review of grinder and coffee maker combos

 13. Coffee Bean Scented Candles

You either love coffee, or you can’t stand it, and if you know that the special someone on your list loves coffee, what’s better than granting them their favorite scent? This coffee gift will do just that!

Coffee bean-scented candles give this aromatic, atmospheric sense of being in a micro-roaster facility as it’s happening. You get a hint of the bean husks and the waft of fresh-brewed coffee, giving them something to enjoy for some time.

Espresso-scented candles have long-lasting scents, slow-burning wicks, and an absolutely encapsulating experience. It’s the perfect way to set the scene for dinner parties, weekend brunch, and nearly any other event you can think of.

14. Coffee Kettles

Coffee water must hit a specific temperature, and it’s easy to make it too hot and burn the grounds. If you’ve ever tasted what you thought was burnt coffee, this could be why.

A coffee kettle is used to heat water and whistles when it reaches the 200 F (93.3 C) mark. They also have very specific pouring spouts so you can gradually pour water, which is useful for using a manual or pour-over coffee maker.

Coffee Gator 34 oz Kettle

COSORI Electric Gooseneck Kettle with 5 Variable Presets, 100% Stainless Steel Inner Lid & Bottom

15. Coffee Sampler Pack

Are they picky? Been stuck on the same coffee for years?

This inexpensive gift gives them multiple brands, roasts, and flavors to try in single-serve-sized packets. There’s an absurd amount of coffee brands out there, each with their unique flavor profile and body, and this lets them explore every part of it.

You could pair this with a coffee-themed gift basket, including some of the smaller items we’ve discussed on this list.

Indulgent Coffee Selection Gift Box

16. Coffee Roaster Drum

Coffee beans are green until you roast them; some people just can’t find their favorite roast. The alternative? Roast the beans yourself.

Plenty of suppliers will ship pounds of green coffee beans directly to your door, so you can roast them independently and control the flavor.

With this gift, you should know about the receiver’s ability to roast coffee throughout the week. It might not be for them if they lead a hectic life.

KALDI Mini Size (200~250g) Home Coffee Roaster Including Thermometer -Gas Burner Required

17. Insulated Mugs and Tumblers

Hot coffee never stays hot long enough, and iced coffee ice cubes melt to water the coffee—this is the answer.

Nobody wants that weak flavor in their coffee, but with an insulated mug (for hot) or tumbler (for cold), you can double the lifespan of an individual cup of coffee.

If the person on your list is commuting daily, getting them something insulated will help preserve their morning brew while they’re on the train in the middle of winter or prolong that lunchtime trip to the coffee shop on a hot summer’s day.

Contigo 2034154 AUTOSEAL West Loop Vaccum-Insulated Travel Mug, 16 oz, Stainless Steel

YETI Rambler 20 oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler w/MagSlider Lid

18. Bean Ice Tray

With iced coffee, dilution is problematic if you don’t drink it fast enough.

Get a coffee-bean-shaped silicone ice cube tray so your friend can freeze their ice cubes from actual coffee. When it starts to melt, it doesn’t harm the flavor of the coffee in the slightest—it only makes it better.

3 Pack X Coffee Bean Shape Ice Cube Silicone Molds

Yueton 55 Cavity Silicone Coffee Beans Mold

19. Scoop ‘n Clip Set

Pre-ground-pound bags of coffee can go bad fairly quickly. If the bag opens weirdly (which they almost always do), it can be hard to get that seal on the top so that you can use the air valve on the front to pull the oxygen out.

Grab a set that comes with coffee clamps for the bags to preserve freshness and a coffee scoop to measure out perfect teaspoons of coffee grinds.

This little gift offers consistently great-tasting coffee and a way to measure it correctly.

Casual Grounds Stainless Steel Coffee Scoop with Bag Clip

20. Coffee Scale

When you’re grinding your coffee, especially by hand, it’s easy to grind the beans incorrectly.

If your system has an automatic grinder on the top of your coffee maker, even those calibrations can be off. In the commercial coffee world, checking the grind size daily is imperative to consistently great coffee.

These little scales are the ideal coffee gift to get the perfect amount of coffee every single time, and most come with zero-out methods (so that the weight of the coffee filter isn’t included).

If they’re using a manual coffee maker or wooden stand unit, get a scale that also includes a timer so that they can efficiently time their coffee.

AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Scale with LCD Display, Batteries Included

Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale and Timer

 21. Mug Warmer

We’ve all popped the coffee mug on our desk, gotten into our daily tasks, and forgotten about it. Then you’re subject to microwaving it (which doesn’t reheat it correctly), and your morning has been tarnished.

A mug warmer is the coffee gift that can solve this dilemma. It looks sort of like a miniature coffee scale for your desk and maintains the perfect heat for your coffee.

The plate gently heats the mug, ensuring that your coffee doesn’t lose flavor or taste cooked.

Some come with a simple USB plugin, making it portable enough to bring to work without taking up much space.

VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer&Cup Warmer With Three Temperature Settings. Auto Shut off after 4 hours

Cosori Coffee Mug Warmer & Mug Set Premium 24Watt Stainless Steel.

Nicelucky Coffee mug warmer for desk with Adjustable temperature 131℉/ 55℃or 176℉/ 80℃

For Every Coffee Lover on Your List…

These functional gifts won’t collect dust on the shelf or get returned with that gift receipt.

Unlike all the coffee-related junk that doesn’t get used, there is guaranteed something for every coffee lover on this list, no matter their level of involvement.

Don’t wait – shop for your gift now!

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