Dona Irani: Pure Arabica Coffee With Sustainable Agriculture

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Nestled away in the State of São Paulo, Brazil at an altitude of 700m is the Dona Irani coffee plantation. Dona Irani: pure Arabica coffee with sustainable agriculture. It is one of the largest agricultural property counties and producers of pure Arabica coffee beans. Spread over 1500 hectares, the farm is situated in the municipality of Gaul in the Midwest region. 

Production started in 1936 and the place was known as “São Vicente Farm”. By 1998, the Lari Group restructured and modernized the entire structure of the farm. It features plantations with high technology, environment-friendly services, and respect for its employees. These arrangements allowed Dona Irani to obtain the UTZ Certification.

The UTZ certification is a worldwide organization that promotes sustainable agriculture and monitors member organizations according to specific requirements. The name has an interesting history as explained by UTZ

Our program was born as “UTZ kapeh” (pronounced o͞otz kahpāy) meaning “good coffee” in the Guatemalan Mayan language of Quiché. And it’s in Guatemala that the UTZ story first began. It’s here where Nick Bocklandt, a Belgian-Guatemalan coffee grower and Ward de Groote, a Dutch coffee roaster, came together after they both saw first-hand the limitations of the coffee market and consumer certifications available at that time.

Along with the agricultural plantations, an area of 397 hectares is restricted for the recovery of forests, primary and secondary with fauna. It is hidden away to respect areas of preservation and protect spring waters. Dona Irani has a mission to “Preserve nature, care for its people, the environment and nature”. 

Dona Irani: pure Arabica coffee with sustainable agriculture
Dona Irani Coffee Plantation in São Paulo Brazil

Donna Irani Coffee Production

Dona Irani Coffee Production carefully monitors each stage of production and guarantees the origin of pure Arabica coffee beans. They effectively use water, land, and fertilizers for production. The continuous practice of planting, safety, and comfort has bestowed coffee production with quality, flavor, and certification for Pure Café Árabica. The types of farming practices employed include: 

  • Planting pure Arabic coffee trees on contour lines 
  • Corrected soil with elements avoiding deficiencies and deficiencies 
  • Planting in prepared and irrigated soil by drip 
  • Certified and inspected seeds 
  • Selected seedlings with varieties disease-resistant arabica coffee Harvest of Café Dona Irani
  • Latest harvest equipment 
  • Washing coffee by removing impurities and grain separation in 3 classifications: pass, cherry and green 
  • Drying by sunlight in a 20,000 m2 terrace to the ideal humidity for your storage. 
  • Stone for storage of up to 10,000 bags, separated by a batch of origin Dona Irani Coffee Production 
  • Storage in special bins for their conservation 
  • Electronic selection of the ideal fruits for roasting 
  • Roasting and product packaging 

Facts about Cafe Dona Irani 

Cafe Dona Irani wants to offer majestic pure Arabica coffee beans to their guests and customers. They want to capture that delightful aroma and delicious taste that you usually only get on the farm. Café Dona Irani has made this a reality and has developed a flavor and aroma that is loved by its customers.

Café Dona Irani offers Coffee Dona Irani, prepared with pure Arabica coffee, prepared under strict control, and responsibly farmed. It is a superior quality, and authentic, Brazilian coffee with delightful aromatics and taste.

Here are some quick facts about Cafe Dona Irani:

  • CoffeeDona Irani Rural Producer: Luiz Antonio Rodrigues 
  • State of São Paulo Brazil 
  • Altitude: 700 meters 
  • Planted Area: 180 hectares/coffee
  • Number of plants: 650,000
  • Type: Arabica Coffee
  • Grain: Predominance of New World
  • Drink: Strong aromatic

Here is a packet of roasted coffee beans ready to go! They also have roasted and ground coffee beans. For the 1kg pack shown below you may expect to pay at least R$35 which is about US$6.60 (depending upon exchange rate). You may eventually be able to buy from their website but at the moment you would first need to contact them to see if they ship to your location.

Mint Coffee Beans

The plantation has been experimenting with some unique coffee flavorings such as mint. The coffee beans are fermented with mint over time. This produces a coffee with a fresh taste that is reputed to be delicious. Here is a brief fun video about their mint coffee.

Dona Irani Mint Coffee


Cafe Dona Irani grows pure Brazilian Arabica coffee beans with sustainable agriculture. It is part of a worldwide trend to give us the food we need whilst caring for employees and the environment. Learn more from Cafe Dona Irani website.

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