How to Get the Real Taste of Cold Brew Coffee with a Cold Brew Coffee Maker

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A cold brew coffee maker can make your life a little easier. I love a cold cup of cold brew coffee as much as I love a hot one. Especially in summer, cold coffee is one of my favorite drinks. My first method was to brew hot coffee with our espresso machine and put it in the refrigerator to cool overnight. However, this is not technically cold brew coffee.

Do I Need A Cold Coffee Brewer?

I thought, “What difference would a cold coffee brewer make? It’s going to taste the same as the one we brew hot and refrigerate overnight to cool.” Well, I was wrong. It’s not the same, and I wished I had discovered this sooner.

I discovered the difference when I eventually decided to buy the Takeya 10310 Deluxe Patented Brew Iced Coffee maker.

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It is much easier to brew cold coffee using this type of coffee maker.

It’s as simple as adding your preferred coffee grounds to the filter, adding water, and letting it brew.

The usual recipe is 14 teaspoons of course ground coffee and four cups of water (you need the course grind to get the best extraction and also so the coffee grinds don’t escape through the metal filter).

You can let the coffee brew overnight or up to 36 hours. See the video below for a demonstration.

How To Make Great Tasting Cold Brew Coffee at Home (Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker)

You can put the brewed coffee away in the refrigerator for a whole day and the cold-brewed coffee tastes far better.
Here are my observations about cold-brewed coffee and the Takeya cold coffee brewer;

  • The regular hot brewing method we were using made the cold brew coffee bitter after it came out of the refrigerator. I discovered that the regular hot brewing method gives off unpleasant oils and acids that make the coffee unnecessarily bitter and acidic.

On the other hand, when we purchased this cold brewer and started cold brewing, the bitterness was far less, and this is because cold brewing only extracts the natural delectable flavors of coffee and leaves the fatty acids and bitter oils.

  • My second observation about the Takeya Cold Coffee maker was that I was particularly pleased that the cold-brewed coffee could be kept for up to two weeks without becoming stale.

We can sip the cold brew as iced coffee or warm it if we want it hot. The brewer is completely airtight, and combined with the low temperature, keeps the coffee fresh for two weeks. But I also made sure I followed the instruction that says “do not freeze or microwave”.

There was a slight issue

After a few weeks of using the Takeya Cold Coffee maker, I noticed that the coffee grounds started popping up when I placed the filter in the water. As a result, the grounds were not steeped and did not brew.

This issue didn’t alter both the taste and quality of the brewed coffee but I didn’t like the mess it created. The solution was to slowly insert the filter into the water and tap the carafe firmly. This helped the ground to sink without popping up.

Final Thought

The Takeya Deluxe Cold Brew coffee maker is a great product. I recommend it to cold-brewed coffee lovers.

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