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Bright Java is coffee with a cause they are a company that assists coffee growers in improving and achieving better lifestyles. 

The company helps coffee growers in Indonesia. It does so by partnering with them to level up their coffee to the highest possible quality. Afterward, Bright Java markets it to a global audience.

They set up a crowdfunding campaign for their cause on Indiegogo about two years ago. Unfortunately, they only managed to achieve 6% of their target of about $42,000. Two years later Bright Java remains undaunted, still inspiring, and continues to grow. 

Let us first have a look at their initial fundraising video. Then we’ll discuss what there is to know about this knight in shining armor. In the end, you just might be inspired enough to help out and buy some coffee! ?

The tale of the Bright Java company starts with two young and vibrant individuals – Troy and Renda Kiper. Of course, if we want to start at the very beginning, we can go back to their first “I do’s.” But that’ll be a bit of an overshoot. So, let’s fast forward to a few years later, shall we?

The year was 2013. Troy had just retired from the US Marines after serving the country for a while. Without a doubt, being a part of the military is a great way to help solve specific problems and disagreements. However, it doesn’t do much as regards providing a better standard of living for those who need it. This realization is one thing that propelled the hero of our story to leave the AC-130 Gunship runs, and the Predator drone strikes behind.

After retirement, Troy and Renda proceed to travel the United States in a recreational vehicle. Eighteen months into that, these two lovers move to Thailand with their family of five. There, they learned how to utilize business to solve the most difficult development problems in the world. After Troy and Renda acquired the skills they needed to make a difference, they moved to Central Java in Indonesia to practice those skills.

The Kiper Family. coffee with a cause
The Kiper Family

The Birth of Bright Java

Soon enough, Troy’s family settled into their new lives in the fourth-highest coffee-producing country, bested only by Brazil, Vietnam, and Columbia. In the process of learning the culture and language, Troy and Aswan met. Aswan has an innate passion for helping Indonesians through social coffee-related businesses.

This passion led to the creation of Bright Java, with Troy and Aswan as co-founders, in 2017. Thus, coffee with a cause was born. Between that time and now, the company has grown and expanded considerably.

Now, the company has employees with different responsibilities. Among others, employees handle accounting, engagement of grower communities, and social media management. Alongside that, in its 3+ years of existence, Bright Java has gone up from exporting just one ton of coffee. Now, it does a whopping 18 tons, at least. Talk about staying true to your cause!

The Bright Java Purpose and Method of Operation

For starters, the Bright Java company is more than a coffee growth or production company. This brand also exists to give Indonesian coffee growers better tools and education. The main aim of all these actions is to help the farmers, regardless of size, to attain higher levels of value in their business.Local Coffee Growers and some of the Bright Java Team

Method of Operation

To fulfill their purpose, the Bright Java company first searches out producers of coffee in Indonesia. Their scope of potential partners ranges from single-family producers to small milling operations. Cooperatives aren’t left out of the scope either.

When Bright Java finds a producer, they go ahead and do a thorough evaluation of the coffee the producer puts out. The reason behind this evaluation is to ensure that the coffee is of the highest quality. After all, if you hope to succeed in marketing to a global audience, you have to bring something truly valuable to the table.

If the coffee already meets high-quality standards and can be referred to as specialty-grade, Bright Java sets up a partnership. If it isn’t already up to par, the company creates a long-term arrangement to help bring their coffee up to standard. As soon as that’s done, they bring the coffee to the international market.

drying coffee beans


Benefits of Bright Java for Coffee Lovers

Directly Sourced

Bright Java is currently sourcing green coffee directly from smallholders in various regions of Indonesia such as

  • Sumatra; Aceh Gayo
  • Sumatra; North Sumatra Simalungun
  • West Java; Preangar
  • Central Java; Merbabu
  • Bali; Kintamani
  • Sulawesi; Toraja

Before partnering with any coffee grower in Indonesia, Bright Java checks to ensure that their coffee comes up to par in quality. If it doesn’t, they won’t export the coffee until it does.

High-Quality Roasted Coffee

Here is what Bright Java says about their roasted coffee

We work directly with farmer groups to maintain green bean quality.  We use state-of-the art machinery to deliver consistent roasts with every batch. We roast to order in batches from a few kilograms up to a ton.  At heart we are specialty coffee lovers and the unique flavors of Indonesian coffees are brought out in every roast.

Their current ‘coffee menu‘ reflects their versatility

Bright Java ‘Coffee Menu’

Improves the lives of others

While Bright Java works with cooperatives, they are particularly committed to helping smaller coffee growers. When we buy their coffee, we’ll be putting money in the pockets of small families and giving them higher living standards.


Besides putting energy in our body, coffee from Bright Java puts a smile on our faces. Why? Because we’re getting to help people improve their lives. Now, tell us, what better reason is there to drink coffee than that?

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