six coffee grinders

Best 6 Burr Coffee Grinders 2023. Expert Reviews And Ranking

Steven Baxter

Introducing our top 6 electric burr coffee grinder reviews for 2023! We’ve gathered information from leading coffee experts and ranked ...

AI Art cartoon of a scheming person who wants coffee first before schemes

101 Fun Coffee Memes With Meanings And AI Art

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Let’s explore the wonderful world of 101 fun coffee memes with AI art and uncover their hidden meaning. Discover what ...

coffee cosmetics soap, scrub and cream

Coffee’s Secret Beauty Weapon: The Benefits of Using Coffee in Cosmetics

Steven Baxter

Why is coffee so desirable in cosmetics? Coffee is increasingly used in cosmetics, from skincare and makeup products to bath ...

coffee beans around a coffee cup with a question mark

Is A Coffee Bean A Bean?

Steven Baxter

To bean or not to bean; that is the question! (apologies to Shakespeare) Is a coffee bean a bean? Is ...

coffee cup with coffee ball 1200

Coffee Balls. The Future of Coffee Pods?

Steven Baxter

Welcome to the future of coffee-making, Coffee Balls! Forget the hassle of measuring, grinding and the mess that comes with ...

a big cup of caramel coffee

Your Ultimate Guide to Caramel Coffee—All You Need to Know

Steven Baxter

From your regular espresso to the more trendy dalgona coffee, there are seemingly unlimited ways to enhance the flavor of ...

mocha on table top with spices

Mocha vs. Coffee – Is Mocha Chocolate or Coffee?

Steven Baxter

Do you want to know the difference between mocha and coffee? Our recent post answers whether mocha is considered chocolate ...

woman with coffee stained dress

How To Remove Coffee Stains

Steven Baxter

The immediate first step for any coffee spill is to blot the stain with a cloth or sponge to remove ...

women with mocha cup

What’s in a Mocha? How to Make Mocha Coffee at Home?

Steven Baxter

If you fancy a sweet, creamy alternative to traditional coffee drinks, try a mocha! You may wonder what a mocha ...

vanilla, vanilla flower, and coffee beans

How To Use Vanilla in Coffee? Tips and Tricks

Steven Baxter

Vanilla is a popular spice for its aromatic smell and sweet taste. French Vanilla has vanilla with added ingredients – ...

molecular structure of cafestol in coffee

What Gives Coffee Its Flavor? The Effects of Coffee Chemicals.

Steven Baxter

What gives coffee its flavor? Which chemicals contribute to the taste, flavor, and aroma of coffee? We’ll explore these questions ...

Death Wish Coffees in a row on a dark background

Death Wish Coffee Review – One Of The Strongest Coffees In The World

Steven Baxter

Wake up and get moving with Death Wish Coffee one of the strongest coffees in the world. Death Wish Coffee ...

The Only Peppermint Mocha Guide You’ll Ever Need

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If pumpkin spice latte is the drink of choice for the fall season, there’s no drink more loveable in winter ...

Easy Caramel Iced Coffee in Glass

Easy Caramel Iced Coffee Recipe – Here’s What You Need

Steven Baxter

Caramel iced coffee is a fun and tasty way to get your daily dose of caffeine. Sure, you can buy ...

national espresso day

How to Make the Perfect Espresso on National Espresso Day

Steven Baxter

National Espresso Day is a day to enjoy your espresso coffee. It is celebrated on 23 November every year in ...

person with mask looking at coffee beans in a petri dish

Is Bacteria In Coffee Good For You?

Steven Baxter

Healthy bacteria are essential for your gut health and immunity. Two Australian companies have created special coffees containing supposedly good ...

nurse holding cup

Regular Coffee Consumption Helps Reduce Cardiovascular Disease and Mortality

Steven Baxter

Scientific research was conducted to evaluate the long-term effects of coffee on arrhythmias, cardiovascular disease (CVD), and mortality. The researchers ...

woman in a kitchen pouring into a V60 coffee brewer with a gooseneck kettle

How To Make V60 Pour Over Coffee – Tips And Tricks From Top Coffee Blogs

Steven Baxter

Discover how to make the ideal V60 pour-over coffee with our comprehensive guide. Learn tips and tricks from us and ...

kettle pour over coffee

What You Need To Know For Pour-Over Coffee

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Pour-over coffee is a way to brew a delicious cup of coffee, whether you’re a new home brewer or a ...

cup of steaming coffee with spices and lifeboost coffee beans

Lifeboost Coffee Review — Is it the Healthiest Coffee Out There?

Steven Baxter

One coffee brand that has built stong customer loyalty is Lifeboost Coffee. It is often seen as the ‘Healthiest Coffee ...

iced-coffee-with-milk-chocolate-syrup-and-meringues. mocha syrup.

How to Make Homemade Mocha Syrup for Coffee

Steven Baxter

Brewing your coffee at home is significantly cheaper than buying it from your local cafe, but many still prefer coffee ...

cocktail with whipped cream on top on a wooden background

How to Choose the Best Sugar-Free Pumpkin Spice Creamer

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Coffee creamers are an excellent way to add a splash of something creamy and light to your morning brew. Whether ...

pumpkin smoothie

Best Pumpkin Spice Coffee Decaf: Our Top Picks to Spice up Your Mornings

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There is no denying that a warm cup of pumpkin spice coffee can make you forget about all your worries ...

pumpkin spice coffee

5 Best Pumpkin Spice Ground Coffee: The Ultimate Guide

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When the outside temperature drops, leaves change color, and you see orange popping up everywhere, you know that fall has ...

Graveyard and large yellow moon for Halloween

Happy Halloween With Coffee!

Steven Baxter

Halloween gift ideas and prizes.

cup of coffee on wooden table

How Much Pumpkin Pie Spice to Add to Coffee?

Steven Baxter

As the leaves change color and the air turns crisp and cool, you know that autumn has arrived. Everyone likes ...

italian roast coffee

What Is Italian Roast Coffee? (Everything You Need to Know)

Steven Baxter

What is Italian roast coffee? What makes Italian roast coffee different from other roast coffee? Italian coffee is a roasting ...

Bicerin Coffee

Italian Coffee Chocolate and Cream Drink—Bicerin

Steven Baxter

What Is a Bicerin? Bicerin is a traditional hot beverage originating from Italy, specifically Turin. It is composed of three ...

coffee cup with heart and stethoscope

Is Coffee Healthy For You – Mixed Ideas

Steven Baxter

Is coffee healthy for you? There seem to be some mixed ideas about this. Is coffee good for you or ...

Boxes of Hayman Coffee Pods

Hayman Coffee Review – Is It Worth It?

Steven Baxter

Hayman Coffee is one of the biggest brands among coffee enthusiasts and lovers. They offer specialty coffees of fine quality, ...

coffee cup with flower

Hawaii Coffee Company – Hawaii’s Favorite Coffee Brands

Steven Baxter

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages, earning the title ‘Elixir of life.’ People love it because coffee is ...

percolator on a bench with hand coffee grinder

How Long To Perk Coffee For A Tasty Coffee?

Steven Baxter

How long to perk coffee for a tasty coffee? You can percolate (perk) coffee for up to 10 minutes, but ...

Amazon Prime Day Deals with Coffee Equipment

Amazon Prime Coffee Maker and Coffee Bean Deals

Steven Baxter

Find some of the best coffee maker and coffee bean deals for Amazon Prime Day 2022 and beyond. Amazon Prime day ...

winners in a cafe

SCA Best New Product and Coffee Design Award winners 2022

Steven Baxter

Learn about winning new coffee products selected by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). The Best New Product Awards recognize products ...

coffee popsicle

A coffee popsicle! Cometeer Coffee Review

Steven Baxter

Cometeer Coffee flash freezes brewed coffee in a capsule. It’s just like a coffee popsicle – melt it and you ...

coffee and vegetables

Is Coffee Vegan? A Vegetarian’s Guide To Drinking Coffee.

Steven Baxter

The coffee bean itself is of course vegan. A coffee bean is actually the seed of the coffee plant fruit ...

Amora coffee

Fresh Roasted Coffee From Amora Coffee

Steven Baxter and Rehan Butt

Amora Coffee is a good coffee place. Why? They are a small team of coffee (and tea) lovers that focus ...

crazy man with a cup of coffee

Best Coffee for People Who Don’t Like Coffee

Steven Baxter

Every once in a while, you come across people who never caught the coffee fever and simply don’t fancy a ...

cup of coffee in women's hands

The Best Italian Coffee to Buy In 2022: Reviews and Buying Guide

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What are some of the best Italian coffee to buy in 2022 and beyond? Going to Belgium is a no-brainer ...

coffee roaster

U.S. Coffee Roaster Champions!

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Who are the US Coffee Roaster Champions for 2022 and what did they have to do to become champions? The ...

US barista champions

U.S. Barista Champions! 2022

Steven Baxter

Who are the US Barista Champions for 2022 and what did they have to do to become champions? The U.S. ...

espresso coffee and coffee beans

Guide To The Most Popular Espresso Drinks

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Espresso is one of the most popularly enjoyed coffee beverages across the globe. In addition, it is a vital component ...

portable coffee makers

The Best Portable Coffee Maker for Any Type of Brew

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Whether you want to sip a hot cuppa Joe in the great outdoors or you’re on the quest for something ...

capra press highlighted against orange background

A New Innovative French Press. The Capra Press!

Steven Baxter

A new type of French Press? Is that even possible?  We have been using the modern version of the French ...

free pour latte art

How To Make Latte Art At Home

Steven Baxter

If you like your coffee with milk, you must have come across latte art. These are the fascinating two-dimensional (2D) ...

Top 10 Home Espresso Machines

Top 10 Best Selling Home Espresso Coffee Maker Machines

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Discover the TOP 10 most popular best-selling espresso makers in Amazon’s Gourmet or Home & Kitchen coffee maker Best Sellers ...

smiling woman with coffee

200+ Best Coffee Jokes, Puns, and Quotes

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For those of you who like coffee, have a sense of humor, enjoy a good laugh, appreciate sarcasm, or just ...

coffee dispenser and coffee beans in sacks

Farmers Get A Pittance Even When Coffee Price Doubles

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If you are a coffee lover then you may have occasionally thought about how those coffee beans got to your ...

cup of coffee with gifts

Last Minute Coffee Gift Ideas For The Coffee Lover

Steven Baxter

As you start prepping your gift list for Christmas and the holiday season? If so, you may want to include ...

does coffee make you live longer?

Does Coffee Help You Live Longer? Scientific Study.

Steven Baxter

We all know that coffee can make us feel more awake and alert. But does coffee help you live longer? ...