Best Online Barista Training Courses

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Do you want to learn how to make great coffee from the comfort of your own home? Then take a look at some of the best online barista training courses today. Coffee is a fascinating seed and drink. Coffee is an exciting and ever-changing industry. When making our coffee or for others, we want to bring out the best taste for the bean, the roast, and the brew.

Of course, you can learn to make coffee by yourself with trial and error or you can take a coffee-making course. You can take a specialized barista training course even if you don’t want to become a barista.

If you really want to make awesome coffee, then a barista training course will be the way to go. You can become a coffee professional either just as a hobby or for the specialty coffee industry.

Barista Training Courses

Barista training programs provide structured education and training in the art and science of making coffee.

When you attend a barista training program, You can learn something new or accelerate your progress as a barista in the coffee industry, especially if you want employment in a coffee shop.

Most of the barista training concentrates on using an espresso machine, as this is the most common equipment for a coffee shop.

Where to get barista training? Well, you can enrol in offline or online courses. Both types of courses have their advantages and disadvantages. However, you can also use both to your advantage!

Offline Barista Training Course

The advantage of an offline course is that you can practice with commercial espresso machines and socialize with other trainees.

The disadvantage is that you work close to others, which may not be ideal in pandemics. Restrictions or ‘lockdowns’ may also prevent you from attending offline courses. You also usually only have access to training materials whilst taking the course.

Online Barista Training Course

The advantages of an online course are that you can practice with your espresso machine at home, and you always have access to the learning materials. You may also be safer practising at home than in a group during a pandemic.

The disadvantage is that you miss out on socializing with other people and training on commercial coffee machines.

Some online barista training courses lead to an official certificate and some are just for your experience.

Online training sessions can cost anywhere between $150 and $999!

Udemy Coffee Training Courses

For coffee aficionados and aspiring baristas alike, Udemy’s Coffee Courses offer an unparalleled journey into the heart of this aromatic world.

Udemy’s comprehensive catalogue of coffee courses covers everything from the fundamentals of coffee brewing to advanced latte artistry. Whether you’re a casual coffee lover or dream of opening your café, there’s a course tailored to your needs.

From understanding the origins of coffee beans to mastering the delicate pour-over method, these courses are designed to empower you with knowledge and hands-on skills. Learn the secrets of espresso extraction, explore the art of cupping, and delve into the science of perfecting the grind size – all from the comfort of your home.

What sets Udemy apart is the accessibility it offers to industry experts and enthusiasts from around the world. You’ll have the chance to engage with passionate instructors, access valuable resources, and join a thriving community of coffee enthusiasts. Udemy’s coffee courses are more than just educational experiences; they’re a gateway to a vibrant world of flavors and techniques.

So, whether you’re looking to impress your friends with the perfect pour-over or embark on a professional coffee-making career, Udemy’s Coffee Courses are your passport to unlocking the full potential of this beloved beverage. Start your journey today and savor every moment of your coffee adventure.

Here are some courses you can try

Professional Barista Level 1 Cert. Program – Espresso Coffee

Total Barista – Professional Barista Course

Mastering Cuban Coffee: From Bean to Cup / A Complete Guide

Barista Hustle Online Barista Training and Coffee Courses

Barista Hustle is the coffee industry’s leading online barista training provider, offering a wide range of courses and certifications for those looking to train as a barista or enhance their existing skills.

Their online coffee school is centred around engagement and innovation, with courses covering various aspects of the specialty coffee industry, from milk science and latte art to advanced coffee making.

The Barista Hustle courses are designed for beginners, home baristas, and professionals, featuring over 750 lessons and 250 videos. World champion barista Matt Perger and other industry experts teach the courses, ensuring high-quality content and instruction. Barista Hustle offers both individual courses and an unlimited subscription plan, which provides access to all online courses and certifications for a monthly or annual fee.

One of their flagship courses, Barista One, is designed to guide newcomers to a professional standard in just twenty hours. This espresso course and certification teach everything needed to work effectively in a modern café, with over 40 videos and 50 individual lessons. Upon completion of each course, learners can choose to make their certifications publicly visible, helping to strengthen their CVs and showcase their skills.

In addition to their online courses, Barista Hustle has a global network of accredited coaches and coffee schools across 50 cities, offering practical training and barista skills diplomas. With over 1 million happy baristas, Barista Hustle’s resources have helped countless individuals learn latte art, cupping, coffee tasting, and espresso machine maintenance.

Here are some of Barista Hustle’s Courses

Barista One Course

How to Roast Coffee

Advanced Coffee Making

Make Coffee Like a Ninja Online Training Course

One of the most affordable and straightforward online coffee-making training courses we’ve seen is the ‘Make Coffee Like A Ninja’ Online Barista Training course by Steve Jackson. This course is also used to help train newbie baristas for coffee shops, hospitality staff, cafe staff, and even experienced baristas who just need to refresh their skills.

Steve is a professional with extensive experience in the specialty coffee industry. In fact, Steve has been a barista, coffee technician, coffee representative, cafe manager, head trainer, and consultant for owners of coffee shops.

You can be certain that what you learn in this course is good comprehensive practical advice.

Take this course and be ready for anything before stepping behind a coffee counter.

Steve’s mission is to make specialty coffee education easy, interesting, and fun!

Did Ninjas Make Coffee?

Did ninjas make coffee? Probably not. Coffee was introduced in Japan during the early 18th Century. The ninjas were active in 15th-century Japan.

Of course, we aren’t talking about ninjas making or drinking coffee. We are talking about the ‘secret’ and highly effective coffee-making methods revealed by Steve’s course. That is, making coffee ‘like a ninja’!

The ninja barista training course is the perfect way to learn how to make excellent espresso coffee. This course is coffee made simple with the most useful course on the market.

The course compiles years of result-driven experience into helpful guides, practical cheat sheets, and ongoing support.

You take the course through the Teachable online training platform. It is well-organized and logical.

The course contains practical information, videos, animations, and PDF materials. It has about 2 hours and 30 minutes of excellent training videos.

These videos must be some of the best and highest-quality instructional videos I have ever seen.

The videos are well-presented and directed. The camera angles are just right. The videos show all the necessary steps and give you an actual  ‘over the shoulder’ view of what’s happening.

Steve was a 3D animator and graphic designer before starting a coffee career. You can see his talent in the excellent animations and graphics throughout the course. An example is shown below.

portafilter diagram from ninja barista
Source: Ninja Barista Course

The video captions are clear and informative. The background music is appropriate and not irritating. The background photography is stylish and gives you the feeling of being in a cafe.

Steve presents all the videos with a clear sonorous voice and good diction. This means that you won’t struggle to understand what he says. Oh…he does have a tell-tale Australian accent but that is not distracting.

You get cheat sheets and 82 pages of supporting full-colour documents in the course. The pages aren’t boring black and white text. They are vivid full color with high-quality images and great design. You can use the documents and cheatsheets as guides next to your espresso machine.

The course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The course materials are always available, you have lifetime access and there is no need to renew your membership after a couple of months. You can refresh any lesson at any time. If you have a question or need help, then all you need to do is ask!

Offline and Online Coffee Training Courses

Some barista training courses have both offline and online components.

The Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) runs some excellent training programs. The SCA’s barista training course is called the Coffee Skills Program.

However, you need to find an Authorized SCA Trainer (AST) near you before you can enroll in the SCA course.

This may be offered as both an offline and online course depending upon the AST.

Unfortunately, the SCA courses are a bit expensive. Depending on the AST, you could pay hundreds of dollars for each module in the SCA course.

You may ask, ‘Where do I find barista training near me?’ That’s not too difficult. You can use the SCA course finder to find a suitable course worldwide.

Five Steps To Make Perfect Espresso Coffee

The following steps are extracted (with permission) from the online Ninja Barista Training course by Steve Jackson. He goes through a 5-Step Program comprising 31 video modules, all set out for you to make awesome coffee!

Step 1. Know Your Equipment

This first step helps you understand coffee-making tools and machines and how to get the most out of them. There are six modules in Step 1.

  • Barista Tools
  • Grinders
  • Home Espresso Machines
  • Commercial Espresso Machines
  • Preview Barista Flow (cafe bonus)
  • Espresso Menu

This step and the modules are a useful and practical introduction to espresso machines. It takes an inside and outside look at some common elements of most espresso machines.

Step 2. Perfect Espresso

During Step 2, Steve breaks down everything for you to make the perfect espresso coffee. There are 10 modules in Step 2.

  • Freshness
  • Brew ratios & portafilters
  • Preview Grind
  • Changing the grind step-by-step
  • Touchpad (cafe bonus)
  • Dose
  • Dosing step-by-step
  • Tamping
  • Assessing the espresso
  • Challenge: Perfect Espresso

The last module in this step is a ‘challenge’ where Steve asks you to do your best at making espresso and share your experience with the Facebook group.

Step 3. Silky Milk

In this step, Steve instructs you to make perfect steamed milk with a shiny microfoam and a pour that delivers quality! There are five modules in Step 3.

  • Milk steaming
  • Milk steaming step-by-step
  • Pouring
  • Chocolates and Chai
  • Challenge: Silky Milk

The last module in this step is a ‘challenge’ where Steve asks you to do your best Silky Milk and share your experience with the Facebook group.

Step 4. Latte Art

During Step 4, Steve takes all that you’ve learned and brings it together to show you how to make great-looking latte art. Practice this and you can impress your friends with photo-worthy latte art! There are six modules in Step 4.

  • Preview Heart
  • Rosetta (or leaf)
  • Tulip
  • Swan
  • Teddy Bear
  • Challenge: Latte Art

The last module in this step is a ‘challenge’ where Steve asks you to do your best Latte Art and share with the Facebook group.

Step 5. Cleaning

Cleaning? Absolutely! If you want great-tasting coffee, you must have a clean machine inside and out. There are three modules in Step 5

  • Backflushing
  • Final Cleaning
  • Servicing

The final module in the course is a conclusion where Steve wraps it all up.


You can take various online and offline barista training courses to up-level your coffee-making skills and knowledge.

You can try Udemy, Barista Hustle, and courses from the SCA.

There is also the reasonable, affordable, and easy-to-do Ninja Barista Training course by Steve Jackson


Steve has offered GoodCoffeePlace readers a massive 40% discount on his course. To take advantage of this great offer, click the display ad or click this link for the Coffee Ninja Discount.

Just to let you know, I am not an affiliate, so I don’t receive any compensation for recommending the Coffee Ninja course. I recommend the course because it is great for someone just starting their coffee learning journey and it is affordable. So start learning now!

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