Best Coffee Liqueur to Buy In 2021

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Let’s face it. Coffee liqueurs exude unmatched decadence, diversity, and a balanced touch of sophistication. Although they are typically sweet spirits consumed after meals, there’s no denying that coffee-flavored liqueurs double as a digestive and dessert. You get the best of both worlds, saving you the hassle of ordering a digestive and coffee.

These bittersweet tipples are an ideal way to round off any heart meal, satisfying your sweet tooth craving while soothing your stomach if consumed in moderation. Without further ado, here are the best coffee liqueurs that have a littered market. They’ll please you and your guests and make for a fun-filled evening.

1. Amoretti Premium Mexican Coffee Liqueur

Amoretti Premium Mexican Coffee Liqueur

As a coffee-infused liqueur, Kahlua is rum-based with an alcohol content of 20% and is created from locally grown and roasted Arabica coffee beans and vanilla bean. It’s this dynamic duo that creates a mouthwatering and unforgettable burst of flavor.

Likewise, Amoretti Premium Mexican Coffee Liqueur is made of natural ingredients with no artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, trans-fat, and artificial colors. You’ll also be pleased to learn that it’s 100% kosher certified.

Although your first inclination would be to add this coffee liqueur to a hot cuppa Joe that would truly awaken your taste buds and spark a smile, you also have free rein to whip up a flavorful mug of a latte, hot cocoa, or macchiato and then top it with delicious whipped cream.

Nonetheless, if you gravitate more towards a milkshake, an iced coffee, a smoothie, or a coffee frappe, then the Amoretti Premium Mexican Coffee Liqueur would be a great addition. You can also make non-alcoholic or lower alcoholic versions of popular cocktails such as the White Russian, Black Russian, Mudslide, or B-52. The coffee liqueur is also an excellent syrup to infuse a touch of uniqueness into your culinary repertoire.

Additionally, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can add a surprising flavor note to basting sauces and marinades for various meats and baked bean or potato-based side dishes during summer cookouts.


  • Perfect for barbecues
  • Adds flavor to different types of coffee
  • Powerful flavor and thickness
  • Suitable for various cocktails
  • Pocket-friendly


  • An intense chocolaty flavor that may not appeal to some users

Amoretti Premium Syrup, Mexican Coffee Liqueur Type Syrup, 25.4 Ounce


2. Da Vinci Gourmet Sugar-Free Coffee Liqueur Syrup

Da Vinci Gourmet Sugar-Free Coffee Liqueur Syrup

If you’re on the quest for the best coffee liqueur that delivers the bold flavor of espresso, but without the unhealthy sweetness, then your search ends here with the Da Vinci Gourmet Liqueur Syrup. It’ll inspire you to craft flavorful yet sugar-free beverages and channel your inner Martha Stewart across your beverages and food.

Designed to sweeten Keto-friendly beverages, teas, lattes, or infuse a bold flavor to sparkling drinks, mocktails, or cocktails, the Da Vinci Gourmet Sugar-Free Coffee Liqueur Syrup will deliver an exceptional at-home experience. From back-bar essentials to coffeehouse classics, this syrup will deliver the premium experience that you and other beverage creators yearn for.


  • Sugar-free and perfect for a Keto diet
  • Adds flavor to cold and hot beverages
  • Delivers a bold espresso flavor without the sweetness
  • Excellent for pioneering beverage creators


  • Contains preservatives

DaVinci Gourmet Sugar-Free Coffee Liqueur Syrup, 25.4 Ounce


3. Amoretti Premium Crema 

Amoretti Premium Crema

If you’re looking to get the best of both worlds that entail the creamy smoothness and sweet, almond flavor that’s a rarity in standard cups, then your search ends here with the Amoretti Premium Crema coffee liqueur.

It delivers an unmatched smoothness that you won’t find in standard beverage syrups. It’s this combo that makes it an ideal way to turn an everyday latte into a mouthwatering amaretto macchiato right from the comfort of your home.

There’s a boatload of cold and hot coffee brews that can gain from the burst of flavor that the Amoretti Premium Crema infuses. It’s a great addition to nearly all dairy-based beverages ranging from ice cream floats and milkshakes to steamed milk.

It also adds an interesting twist to protein shakes and smoothies. If you’re preparing hot cocoa for your friends or family during the holidays, add one or two pumps of Amoretti Premium Crema and watch how their faces light up after the first sip.

You can use it as topping over store-bought dairy desserts such as gelato, frozen yogurt, or vanilla ice cream. If you’re feeling adventurous with your breakfast, you can glaze it over your pancakes pr French toast for an interesting and memorable twist.


  • Adds a creamy smoothness to beverages
  • Suitable for versatile use
  • Works well for cold brew and hot brewed coffee
  • Doesn’t curdle milk


  • It leaves a slightly bitter aftertaste in coffee

Amoretti Premium Syrup, Crema Di Amaretto, 25.4 Ounce

4. Australian Bitters 

Australian Bitters

Flavored with dark roast Arabica beans, Australian Bitters adds a zest of lemon myrtle, a flowering plant native to Australia. In addition, it lends a hint of citrus to the back end, complimenting the bitter pang of most coffee drinks.

When it comes to the aroma and flavor, Australian Bitters has a complex bouquet of citrus with subtle hints of toasted caramel, coffee beans, lemon myrtle, and saffron.

As a result, it adds complexity to your cocktails with overtones of baking spices and a lingering, clean finish. If you’re on the quest for an all-around application for infusing a robust espresso flavor to any beverage, then Australian Bitters wraps up your search. It also adds a kick to cocktails such as Sazerac, the Old Fashioned, and Manhattan.


  • Perfect in bartending for whipping up various cocktails
  • Guarantees vim and vigor when added to your drinks
  • It has a robust blend of flavors
  • Complements the bitter pang of coffee


  • Relatively pricey for the quantity

Australian Bitters Company Coffee Bitters 125ML [4oz] Bottle, Aromatic Coffee Flavored Cocktail Mixer, Quality Bartending Ingredient, 1 Bottle


5. Da Vinci Coffee Liqueur

Da Vinci Coffee Liqueur

Formally Kahlua syrup, the Da Vinci Coffee Liqueur is crafted from pure sugar cane and is a great addition to your drinks without overpowering them with excessive sweetness. Specially formulated, it prevents milk curdling and holds up well to heat, making it the best coffee liqueur to infuse in lattes, espressos, and other drinks.

Additionally, the Da Vinci Coffee Liqueur adds a burst of flavor to cocktails such as the White Russian Mudslide. You also have free rein to drizzle it on your frozen yogurt, ice cream, cheesecake, or a vast assortment of baked goodies or an interesting twist.

The non-alcoholic syrup has a rich, flavorful taste of robust vanilla bean, rum, and coffee that envelops the taste buds and will keep you coming back for more. It’s also worth noting that a little goes a long way, so the 750ml bottle will take a while before a replacement is due, making it cost-effective.


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Made from pure sugar with no preservatives
  • Lasts a while as a little goes a long way
  • Doesn’t curdle milk
  • Pairs well with a vast assortment of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages


  • The coffee flavor is mild compared to other bold liqueurs

Da Vinci Coffee Liqueur Syrup (Formally Kahlua Syrup), 750 ML Plastic Bottle

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Coffee Liqueur

Let’s explore a few pointers to keep in mind when selecting the best coffee liqueur to buy. After all, the last thing you need is to fritter away your hard-earned money on a product that won’t meet your expectations.

Caffeine Levels

The precise amounts of caffeine vary from one brand of coffee liqueur to another. After all, the production process of each brand differs to some degree. Although some brands produce coffee liqueurs without caffeine, others contain enough levels for it to be noticeable.

With the flavoring adding a great twist, the caffeine content in most coffee liqueurs is negligible and will hardly make a difference in someone’s day. However, if you’re caffeine-sensitive, then you should opt for a caffeine-free liqueur.


Not all coffee liqueurs blend with all beverages and cocktails. Therefore, rather than opting for the first option that catches your eye and sparks your curiosity, think about the drinks in which you’ll infuse the coffee liqueur before purchasing to avoid unwarranted disappointments down the road.


Coffee liqueurs come in different-sized bottles. Therefore, consider the frequency of use and choose a coffee liqueur of an appropriate size when taking your pick. After all, you don’t want to be stuck with a large bottle that’s likely to expire in your fridge due to the lack of frequent use.


The prices of coffee liqueur vary from one brand to another. You don’t want to spend on a high-end bottle of coffee liqueur that you plan on using once in a while if you’re not an avid coffee drinker. Therefore, we recommend choosing a product that’s within your budget depending on your needs.


While some brands of coffee liqueurs don’t curdle milk, others do. Therefore, if you intend to use the liqueur in dairy products such as yogurt, ice cream, frozen yogurt, whipped cream, creamed coffee, and other milk-infused recipes, we recommend opting for a product that doesn’t curdle milk.

The Bottom Line

Coffee liqueur is an integral part of classic beverages and cocktails such as an espresso Martini, the Black Russian, a latte, and White Russian. Therefore, choosing the ideal option can be the make or break between a mouthwatering drink and one that makes you cringe. Luckily, with our top 5 options, the chances of the latter are slim to none.


Let’s explore the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about coffee liqueur.

Does coffee liqueur have to be stored in a refrigerator after opening?

Yes! To preserve the flavor and freshness, you’ll need to store it in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight. When it’s neatly tucked away in your fridge once you open the bottle, ensure you close it tightly with the original cap. Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that you don’t need to refrigerate Kahlua once you open it, but it is best served cold.

Can you add coffee liqueur to your morning cuppa Joe?

For the days you wake up craving something a tad fancy, you can treat yourself to Jamaican coffee, for instance, by adding your favorite rum and coffee liqueur to your cold brew or hot brewed coffee. For a decadent finish to your brewed coffee, you have free rein to top it off with whipped cream for a tall cup of coffee.

Are all coffee liqueurs alcoholic?

No! You can choose between the alcoholic and non-alcoholic coffee liqueurs, depending on your preference.

Do all coffee liqueurs have caffeine?

It’s a no-brainer that most coffee-flavored beverages and foods will indicate whether or not they contain caffeine. After all, it’s a popular trend for something infused with the flavor of coffee to also contain caffeine. However, that’s not always the case. For example, coffee liqueurs are slightly different from coffee-flavored chocolate as they are crafted to closely mimic the taste of coffee.

Do all coffee liqueurs have artificial sweeteners?

No! While some have artificial sweeteners and preservatives, others such as the Da Vinci coffee liqueur are crafted from pure cane sugar, making it one of the healthier options.

Can you make your own simple syrup for coffee?

Not interested in the vast selection of coffee liqueurs we have shared above? Well, have you considered making your own simply syrup or homemade coffee liqueur? A homemade coffee liqueur can last for three to four weeks in a cool and dark location, as long as you stir it as least one to two times a week. When making your own simple syrup, you can also add the flavors you like most. For example, vanilla extract or orange peel.

Is Kahlua the same as coffee liqueur?

Kahlua has been used for different drinks including coffee cocktails. It is a rum and coffee liqueur you can easily add to your coffee and works for many occasions.

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