Best Camping Cowboy Coffee Pots and Percolators

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Going camping? Need coffee? Discover the best camping cowboy coffee pots and percolators in our comprehensive review.

When you’ve packed your tent and you’re about to head out into the woods, it’s difficult not to get whimsical about your morning cup of coffee.

There is no countertop K-Cup machines or barista-run coffee shops in the wilderness, which makes getting a good cup of coffee a little more challenging.

None of us can even think about functioning properly without our first cup of coffee in the morning. After all, coffee makes the world go around, and without it, even when you’re camping in paradise, your world can come to a grinding, stuttering halt.

But don’t worry, and don’t panic as there’s an ideal solution to your coffee camping conundrum. It’s one that was forged and perfected in the old West by cowboys and settlers bound for the new frontier, camping cowboy coffee pots and percolators.

That’s why, in order to waylay your fears about missing your morning java on your next camping trip, we’ve searched high and low and found the best cowboy coffee pots and percolators.

And, equipped with one of the percolators or pots on our list, you can head out into the wild blue yonder, safe in the knowledge that you’ll never need to miss your morning coffee again.

Best Camping Cowboy Coffee Pots and Percolators – Comparison Table

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Best Camping Cowboy Coffee Pots and Percolators – Reviews

Our Pick – GSI Outdoors Percolator

GSI Outdoors Percolator Coffee Pot | Enamelware Campfire Coffee Boiler Kettle for Outdoor Camping Cookware, Cabin, RV, Kitchen, Hunting & Backpacking

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A campfire companion that’ll warm your coffee-loving heart first thing in the morning and last thing at night, this enamel coffee pot from GSI will brew twelve cups of coffee, which means it’s ready to prepare you to face, and end the day.

Fashioned from heavy-gauge steel that’s been twice hardened at one thousand degrees and finished with speckled enamel, its three-ply construction means that it heats up faster, so your coffee will be ready in record time and it’ll take all the bumps and knocks that the wild can hand out to it and it won’t end up getting scratched or chipped.

As it comes with its own percolator, all you need to do is add the coffee and the water and let it heat up over your campfire or stove. 

And if you want to see how it works, thanks to the unbreakable resin knob on the top of the pot, you can lift the lid and watch the coffee brew without even having to think about it scalding or burning your fingers.  


  • Twelve Cup Capacity – Regardless of how much you and your camping companions love coffee, thanks to the GSI being able to brew twelve cups at once, as long as the fire is lit, you’ll never run out of coffee to drink.
  • The Percolator – It comes with a removable percolator, which makes the brewing and cleaning process simple and straightforward. Just add water and coffee when you’re ready to start brewing, and when you’re finished, take the percolator out and you’ll be able to clean it and be ready to start brewing again in less than five minutes.
  • Three Ply Steel – The three-ply steel and enamel construction means that this pot doesn’t just get hot and brew quickly, it also holds on to that heat and keeps your coffee warm so you can take your time and savor, and enjoy it just like you would at home.


  • Twelve Not Eight – Some of the twelve-cup coffee pots have previously been supplied with eight-cup percolators, which makes it difficult to make coffee as the percolator doesn’t fit properly and won’t hold enough coffee grounds to make twelve cups. While GSI is happy to replace the percolator if you find yourself at the mercy of the eight-cup offering, it won’t change the fact that the delay could potentially spoil your upcoming camping trip and leave you caffeine-free.


There are over 1700 4 to 5-star reviews on Amazon for this percolator.

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Coleman Aluminium Coffee Pot

Coleman 9-Cup Aluminum Coffee Pot

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The premier name in camping, if you need something for your wilderness adventure or tent-based trip, then there’s a good chance that Coleman makes it.

And knowing that America runs on gasoline and caffeine, it was inevitable that Coleman would have crafted and created their own cowboy coffee pot.

Fashioned from durable aluminum, this nine-cup coffee pot is light, guaranteed to be rust free, and is designed to make brewing and the after coffee clean up simple and straightforward.  

Colman’s nine cup campfire percolator includes everything that you’ll need to make all of the coffee that you and your campmates will want to drink – the basket, basket lid, base, and tube, and thanks to its two handles (one on the top and one on the side), it’s easy to pour your liquid gold as soon as its brewed. 

A simple solution to the fireside coffee problem,  this cowboy coffee pot is the only caffeine machine that you’ll ever need when you venture into the Great Outdoors.  


  • It’s Tough – Like everything that Coleman makes, this coffee pot has been built to cope with all of the rigors and demands that outdoor life will throw at it and take them all in its stride.
  • Did You Say Nine Cups? – It’ll also brew nine cups of coffee quietly, efficiently, and without fuss. And when you’ve finished making coffee and are ready to move on, it’s also ridiculously easy to clean.
  • Rust Proof Guarantee – As it’s made from aluminum, it’s guaranteed to remain rust free for the duration of its coffee making life.
  • Coleman’s Promise – Like all Coleman products, this nine-cup coffee making pot also comes with a twelve-month warranty, so if it does head to the big java ranch in the sky before its time due to a manufacturing or design error, Coleman will happily replace it or refund you.


Brewing Issues – Some die-hard camping coffee fanatics have reported that it failed to live up to their high expectations and that maybe it isn’t quite as good at brewing coffee as Coleman likes to claim it is.


There are over 2000 4 to 5-star ratings on Amazon for the Coleman Coffee Pot.

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Faberware Coffee Maker

Farberware 47053 Classic Stainless Steel Yosemite 12-Cup Coffee Percolator, 12 Cup Coffee Maker, Silver

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It may look like it was engineered to take pride of place on any kitchen countertop, but don’t let its appearance fool you. The Yosemite twelve cup percolator is made to be just as at home on the campfire as it is on your home stove. 

Made out of stainless steel, it can be dropped into any coffee making environment and do exactly what it was made to do; brew cup after cup of delicious coffee.  

We previously gave Yosemite a five-star review when we compared this with other percolators. However, we are now comparing this coffee maker in the context of camping.

With a huge twelve cup coffee making capacity, the Yosemite uses a permanent percolator basket and brews the old-fashioned way, and so you won’t need anything apart from coffee, water, and a little heat to let it work its caffeine magic. 

And when you get home from your trip? You can throw it straight in the dishwasher (that’s right, it’s dishwasher friendly) and it’ll emerge as bright and shiny as it was on the first day that you used it.  


  • Brewing Power – It doesn’t matter if you use it on your stove at home or on your campfire, wherever you are, the Yosemite will brew twelve cups of great tasting coffee at a time
  • American Steel – It’s been forged from stainless steel, so it doesn’t just look good when the first rays of the early morning start glinting off it, it’s also tougher than the offensive line of the nineteen seventy-seven Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Watching What You’re Doing – The glass knob fitted on the top of the percolator lets you take command of every stage of the brewing process and you’ll be able to open it and watch it make coffee without having to fear being burned by the ever-present steam.


  • All That Is Glass – The glass knob that sits on top of the pot can come loose and when it does, the percolator can start to leak and coffee making can get more than a little messy. This is what puts us off recommending it as our top pick otherwise this is a great coffee maker.


The Faberware coffee maker has over 20,000 4 to 5-star ratings on Amazon! This is a great indication of its popularity.

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Stansport Camper Percolator

Stansport Camper's Percolator Coffee Pot 9 Cups (277),Silver

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As Stansport says, there’s nothing like waking up to the smell of freshly brewing coffee and the delightful low hissing of a percolator in action. 

And with this twenty-cup (there’s also a nine-cup option available if you’re a little less dedicated to the art of making and enjoying great coffee) percolator by your side and in your camping arsenal, you’ll be able to enjoy both before luxuriating in your first cup of coffee of the day.  

Made from lightweight aluminum, even though it’ll brew an impressive twenty cups of coffee it isn’t overly big or bulky and has been designed to fit in your backpack alongside the rest of your camping equipment. 

It comes with its own percolator and stem and as it’s been made from aluminum, it heats up quickly so almost as soon as you start brewing, you’ll be ready to start serving and drinking your first cup(s) of coffee of the day. 


  • Handles – Stansport has fitted their percolator with top and side handles, so it’s easy to carry to and from the campfire and hang over it, and as the handles stay cool to the touch, they also make it easy to pour the coffee that the percolator brews.
  • Capacity Markers – The Stansport is inscribed with capacity markers, so you’ll always know exactly how much water you’ve added to the pot and how much coffee you can expect in return.
  • Light and Easy – It’s light, easy to use, and simple to store and carry. But best of all? It won’t carve its name in your pocketbook, as it’s also incredibly affordable


  • Imperfections – While the occurrences of it happening are few and far between, some of Stansport’s percolators have been beset by manufacturing issues that have led to the pot leaking, the easy pour spout failing and the lid not fitting as snugly as it should

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Granite Ware Coffee Pot

Granite Ware Enamel on Steel 3-Quart Coffee Boiler, 12 cups capacity - Ideal for Camping / Cabin / RV - Heat coffee, tea and water directly on stove and fire.

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Durability and portability are the key ingredients in Granite Ware’s coffee boiler that’s been designed to provide a lifetime of coffee servitude. 

Made from porcelain with a steel carbon core, it was built to heat up and brew coffee quickly so you don’t have to waste any time hanging around waiting for your first java hit in the early morning light of dawn.  

As it’s been made from porcelain, your coffee won’t be spoiled by the metallic aftertaste with which some boilers and percolators can imbue their brew.

You can just enjoy great-tasting coffee that’ll brew and be ready to drink in the blink of an eye. And because it’s made from porcelain, it’s also dishwasher safe, so when you get back from your trip, you can put it in on a cleaning cycle, and when your dishwasher is finished, you can use the pot to start making coffee on your kitchen stove.

It’s an all-in-one indoor and outdoor coffee boiler.  


  • Speed Is Of The Essence – The carbon steel core that the Granite Ware boiler is built around heats up quickly and efficiently and makes sure that your coffee is ready when you need it, and that you won’t have to wait long for this pot to boil.
  • The Porcelain Way – As it’s made from porcelain, it eliminates any and all of the metallic aftertaste that a lot of traditional percolators can add to the coffee they make. If you brew the porcelain way, all that you’ll get is great tasting coffee.
  • More Than Enough Coffee – And even better than the fact that it won’t hurt your bank balance one little bit is the fact that it will brew twelve and a half cups of coffee at once. Most people would tend to ignore the half cup, but trust us, you never know when a half cup of coffee can come in handy. 


  • Quality – There have been some quality issues with this porcelain coffee boiler, and in the unlikely event that the porcelain does chip, it can cause the carbon steel core to rust. And then there’s the weight issue – as it’s made from porcelain, it tends to weigh more than a conventional coffee boiler, which might be a factor you’ll need to think about before loading it in your backpack and hiking around with it. 

Check out reviews on Amazon

Coletti Bozeman Camping Coffee Pot

COLETTI Bozeman Camping Coffee Pot – Percolator Coffee Pot - Coffee Percolator for Campfire or Stovetop Coffee Making (9 CUP)

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Although this percolator was designed and engineered to be used outdoors, it still looks good enough to be used in any kitchen and is just at home on the stove as it is bubbling away on a campfire. 

Named after the rugged city of Bozeman where the locals are born ready to face any harsh environment, this coffee percolator was made to conquer all sorts of adversity and still deliver an incredible cup of coffee.  

Forged from steel, this eighteen-gauge nine-cup coffee percolator was crafted and created by veterans who know what it’s like to drink coffee in the woods, and thrive on caffeine.

Built to last and be at home in the great outdoors, this percolator comes with everything that you’ll need to make cup after cup of java while you’re on your latest outdoor adventure.  


  • Battle-Hardened – Designed, engineered, and built by a small veteran owned company, the Bozeman was made to thrive and excel outdoors, and while it can be used indoors, its heart belongs to the wilderness.
  • More Coffee – It’s a nine-cup percolator that’s easy to use and simple to clean. It was made to function in the harshest environments and keep on brewing no matter what was happening around it. And that’s why Coletti is proud of the fact that they didn’t use any cheap or inferior materials to make their percolator because they know that the one thing you always need to depend on in life, is coffee.
  • Veteran Owned – Coletti is a veteran-owned and run company, and they’re proud of that too. They expect nothing but the best and their percolator was made to reflect that. If you want the best cowboy coffee maker that’ll never let you down, you’ve just found it


  • Hard To Use – The Coletti does have one inherent flaw – it isn’t the easiest of percolators to master. It’ll take you a while to get to grips with the art of making great coffee with the Bozeman, but when you do, it’ll be worth it.

Check out reviews on Amazon

GSI Outdoors Coffee Boiler

GSI Outdoors 36 Cup Coffee Boiler Design to be Sturdy for The Campsite, RV or Farmhouse Kitchen, Blue

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When it comes to making cowboy coffee, GSI’s coffee boiler follows one simple rule. Go big or go home.

Able to brew thirty-six cups of coffee, this enamelware coffee boiler is ideal for those large outdoor family get togethers, or if you’re more of a homebody, those evenings when you invite your nearest and dearest over to enjoy good conversation and even better coffee.   

Built from heavy-gauge steel and having been twice kiln hardened at over eleven hundred degrees, this coffee boiler can absorb all the blows that life indoors and, in the wilderness, can throw at it.

It’s a sturdy coffee boiler that’s been designed to cater to all of your cowboy coffee desires and look good while it’s doing it.

It might be a bit too bulky for most kitchen stoves, but when you reach your camping destination, you’ll be glad that you took this coffee-making monster along for the ride. 


  • Bigger Is Better – There isn’t a single outdoor occasion that this cowboy coffee maker can’t handle, as it’ll turn around thirty-six cups of delicious coffee in record breaking time.
  • Tougher Than Steel – Well, it might not actually be tougher than steel, but it is as tough as steel, as it’s forged from a heavy-duty variety of the metal and has been twice tempered at the sort of temperatures that would melt flesh and bone in an instant. In other words, it’s durable and made to last.
  • Handling – It might be big, but thanks to having top and side, mounted handles, it’s deceptively easy to carry and hang over a campfire. And when you do brew the cowboy and GSI way, you’ll be rewarded with thirty-six cups of coffee. 


  • Bigger Isn’t Always Better – There’s no way to hide the fact that this coffee boiler is big and when we say big, we mean it’s REALLY big. And because it’s big, it’s also heavy, which means that it might be a bit too big for your weekend getaways. Unless you have a large coffee obsessed family, it might be worth considering a smaller cowboy coffee maker.

Check out reviews on Amazon

Texsport Stainless Steel Percolator

Texsport 9 Cup Stainless Steel Percolator Coffee Maker for Outdoor Camping

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Texsport specializes in making authentic adventure equipment and they’ve been keeping the American camper armed with everything that they need to face the, sometimes, hard reality of life in the wild for more than a hundred years. 

And what’s more important to the American camper than coffee? According to all of the campers that we spoke to, very little and that’s almost certainly what led Texsport to create their rugged and reliable nine cup percolator.   

As good looking as it is efficient and dependable, this percolator has been made from heavy gauge steel, so it’ll heat up fast and make sure that your coffee is ready when you need, and want, it.

And because it does get incredibly hot, incredibly quickly, it has a fully insulated rosewood handle that makes it easy to hold and pour and so that you don’t waste a drop of your precious caffeine nectar, Texsport has also fitted it with an easy pour spout.

It’s outdoor coffee heaven wrapped in a stainless steel veneer.


  • Coffee Making Capacity – It’ll make nine cups of coffee which is more than enough to keep your camping trip fuelled by caffeine.
  • American Steel – It’s made from heavy gauge American steel, so it won’t just heat up and brew your coffee quickly, it’ll also take all the beatings that multiple camping trips and adventures will hand out to it and just keep on brewing coffee.
  • Hard To Handle? Not A Chance – Even though the percolator will get incredibly hot, you don’t need to worry about picking the percolator up, as its insulated rosewood handle and easy pour spout make it easy to deliver every drop of coffee that it brews to every waiting cup. 


  • A Few Flaws – There are, if some of the reviews are to be believed, a couple of flaws in the design of the Texasport that can make it difficult to use and clean after you’ve finished brewing.

Check out reviews on Amazon

Stanley Cool Grip Percolator

Stanley 10-01876-010 The Cool-Grip Camp Percolator Stainless Steel 1.1QT / 1.0L

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Most of the time, when you hit the trail you won’t want to take a large capacity percolator with you, as you’ll only need to make enough coffee for a couple, including yourself, of people.

And the Stanley Camp Percolator is ideal for making coffee on those smaller, more intimate getaways when all you want is a warm fire, good company, and great coffee.  

A stainless-steel percolator that’s been designed to brew six cups of coffee at a time, Stanley’s java machine uses an interior basket to keep the grounds fresh and has been engineered to heat up quickly and brew even faster. 

We know what you’re thinking, steel gets hot and holds its temperature, which is great when it comes to keeping the coffee warm but not so great when you need to pour it.

Or at least, that would be the case if Stanley hadn’t fitted their percolator with a fully insulated silicone rubber handle that ensures that the heat stays where it belongs, in the pot, and doesn’t reach your hands. 


  • Just the Right Size – When you’re heading out into the woods with your friend or your partner and it’s just the two of you, you don’t need a nine or twelve cup percolator. You just need a brewing machine that will make enough coffee for both of you. And the six cups that the Stanley Camp can brew are more than enough.
  • Forged from Steel – It’s made from stainless steel, so it’s tough, strong, and built to last the course. And it’ll also heat up quickly and make a great cup of coffee.
  • Handling the Percolator – Even though it’ll heat up faster than a sixty-six Nova SS can cover a standing quarter mile, none of that heat will be transferred to you when you pour your coffee thanks to the fully insulated rubber handle that Stanley has fitted it with. 


  • Keeping A Lid On Things – The Stanley Camp appears to have a design flaw that manifests itself in the hinges that attach the lid to the main body of the percolator. They’re prone to failure, so it might be worth keeping an eye on them if you choose to make campground coffee the Stanley way.

Check out reviews on Amazon

Primula Percolator

Primula Today Aluminum Stove Top Percolator Maker Durable, Brew Coffee On Stovetop, 9 Cup

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It may not be the most futuristic percolator that will ever cross your path, but Primula’s retro campfire friendly coffee maker adheres to a simple design rule; if it works why bother changing it?

A simple, straightforward, and effective percolator that’s been engineered to be easy to use and make great coffee whether it’s been brewed on a stove or around a late-night fire in the wilderness, this percolator has a single purpose.

And that purpose is to make some of the best coffee that you’ll ever taste when you’re preparing for a day filled with hiking.  

Made from aluminum, Primula’s stovetop percolator was designed to ensure that heat is evenly and thoroughly distributed to it so that the coffee it brews doesn’t burn or taste scorched. 

And because it heats up so quickly and evenly, Primula fitted an insulated stay-cool plastic handle so that none of the heat that it uses to brew coffee so effectively is passed on to you. 

It’s easy to use and simple to clean, what more could anyone want from a camping coffee maker?  


  • Aluminum Forged – Crafted from aluminum, Primula’s percolator is tough, durable, and strong and made to efficiently and effectively brew nine cups of coffee in a single sitting.
  • Easy to Handle – The fully insulated plastic handle makes this percolator easy to hold so you can pour your freshly brewed coffee with confidence, knowing that you won’t be bothered by the heat.
  • Light as a Feather – Because it’s made from aluminum, it’s also incredibly light, so when it’s loaded into your backpack and you move on to the next campground, you probably won’t even remember that you’re carrying it. 


  • Build Quality – Even though the vast majority of people who make their daily coffee with this percolator, both at home and while camping, are incredibly happy with it, a few appear to have fallen through the quality control cracks and ended up in the hands of some less than satisfied caffeine fans. It might be worth digging a little deeper if you’re thinking about investing your coffee making future in Primula’s percolator.

Check out reviews on Amazon

nCamp Portable Camping Coffee Maker

nCamp - Café, Portable Coffee Maker, Portable Espresso Machine, Compact Camping Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel Travel Coffee Maker with Camping Coffee Cup, Reusable, 12 oz

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The ultimate in camping coffee makers, the nCamp takes the caffeine technology that helped the pioneers to cross the United States of America and drags it kicking and screaming into the twenty-first century with a much-needed future-proof boost.  

This is essentially a percolator-style coffee maker, designed to fulfill all of the coffee needs of a single camper. The nCamp fuses state-of-the-art brewing know-how with good old-fashioned outdoor acumen. 

Made from premium 304 stainless steel, the nCamp is as durable as it is efficient and even though it’ll only brew one cup of coffee at a time, the java that it makes could launch a thousand rockets into low Earth orbit. 

It even comes with its own silicone-wrapped, thirteen-ounce steel cup that can be slotted onto the versatile nCamp when you’ve finished brewing and drinking your coffee, and packed away in your rucksack along with it. 


  • The Future of Camp Coffee? – Designed to be unobtrusive and compact, the nCamp’s slim design means that it’s roughly the size of a water bottle and takes up the same amount of room in your backpack.
  • All Steel – Made from high-grade 304 stainless steel, it may be small but the nCamp will take a licking and keep right on ticking.
  • Coffee Capacity – It’ll make one twelve-ounce cup, four three-ounce cups, or any variation in between that you can think of cups of coffee in a single brewing cycle. 


  • Size Is Everything – It’s not exactly the world’s biggest percolator, and it’ll only really make enough coffee for a single person. If you’re going camping with your buddies or your partner, it might be more prudent to invest in a bigger cowboy coffee maker or percolator rather than trying to make coffee for everyone with the nCamp.

Check out reviews on Amazon

UPDATE! The ORB ONE. A New cowboy on the ranch

The Orb One is a brand-new stovetop coffee maker. In fact, as of this update, it is so new that it hasn’t even been produced yet!

This unique little coffee maker promises to brew delicious coffee in a variety of styles including cowboy camping style. It still hasn’t reached the retail market, but you can still take a look!

Best Camping Cowboy Coffee Pots and Percolators – Buyers Guide

Which Cowboy Coffee Camping Pot Is the Right One for Me?

That’s one of those questions only you can answer as it depends on how you heat your coffee and how much coffee you need to get going in the morning.

If you want to heat your coffee over an open fire then you need a pot that can sit on embers or hang from a spit.

Whether you are a lone wolf type or if you’re a more social animal who likes to explore nature and go camping with friends. 

The more caffeine you need to help you kick start your day, the bigger the cowboy coffee pot or percolator you’ll need to make sure you’ve filled up with enough java to thoroughly enjoy your time in the wilderness. 

If you are the solitary type, then the only percolator you’ll want to load into your backpack and your coffee is the nCamp.  It’ll do exactly what you want it to, make one cup of coffee at a time for one person and one person only.  

However, if you like to hit the trails with your friends and enjoy good conversation around a campfire, we recommend you take another look at the Coletti Bozeman.

It was designed by outdoor people for outdoor people, and whatever the weather or terrain you find yourself in, you’ll always be able to rely on the Bozeman to keep on brewing.  

How To Make Cowboy Coffee?

How do you make cowboy coffee? You can make cowboy coffee in a few ways depending on your equipment and environment.

Coffee Brewing Methods

You can use any coffee brewing method that doesn’t require electricity for camping trips. Our reviews mentioned a percolator, a cowboy coffee pot, and filter coffee brewing methods.

The advantage of cowboy coffee pots and percolator coffeemakers is that heating the water and brewing the coffee occur in the same pot. So, there’s really no need to bring a lot of equipment on your camping trip!

Source of heat

It’s authentic to heat your coffee over a campfire. However, it can also be difficult because you can easily burn yourself, and the heat is inconsistent. That is, the heat varies in intensity over time and over the surface of the pot. 

The temperature needs to be consistent to make good coffee in a percolator or a cowboy kettle. A way to have consistent heat in a campfire is to use a bed of coals (from your logs or other fuel).

However, making a coal bed takes time and is not the best if you are in a hurry to make coffee.

One of the best camping options is having your own camping stove, such as the well-known Coleman camping stove. 

Cowboy Pot Kettle Brewing Method

Start out with cold water. If you haven’t brought your own water whilst camping, then try and find good clean spring water. Spring water can be clear but always be careful with your water source. If the water around your campsite looks dirty or smells funny, don’t use it. In any case, you need to boil the water. 

Grind coffee beans to a coarse grind or use a prepacked coarse-ground coffee.

Coffee Sock Brew Method

Boil about 900 to 1000 ml (about 4 cups or 33 fl.oz) of water in your cowboy coffee pot
Add about one tablespoon (about 14 grams or 0.5 ounces ) of coffee grounds for every cup (about 236 ml or 8 fl.oz) of water into a coffee sock. This ‘sock’ is just a mesh-type bag that stops large coffee grounds from entering your cup after brewing. You can experiment with a coffee/water ratio to suit your taste.

Last update on 2023-05-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

After the water boils, put the coffee sock containing your ground coffee into the pot

You can let it come to a boil again or let the coffee steep for about 5 minutes. Remember, the optimum temperature to extract coffee is about 95 C (203 F), so you don’t need boiled water (100 C or 212 F). 

Drink your authentic cowboy coffee!

Stir and Settle Brew Method

  • Boil about 900 to 1000 ml (about 4 cups or 33 fl.oz) of water in your cowboy coffee pot or kettle
  • Take the pot or kettle off the heat and let it cool for about 30 seconds. This should have a temperature of about 95 C 
    Add about one tablespoon (about 14 grams or 0.5 ounces ) of coffee grounds for every cup (about 236 ml or 8 fl.oz) of water. You can experiment with a coffee/water ratio to suit your taste.
  • Leave it to brew for about 2 minutes, stirring occasionally
  • Let it sit and steep for about a further 2 minutes. Most of the coffee grounds will also settle to the bottom of the pot.
  • Drink your coffee!

Percolator Brewing Method

This method is similar to the cowboy coffee pot or cowboy kettle method in that you need to start with clean water. 

  • Add water to the percolator.
  • Add coarse or medium-coarse coffee grinds to the percolator basket.
  • Place the basket and stem into the percolator
  • Heat the water in the percolator.
  • The water will percolate through the stem and into the basket when it boils. The brewed coffee will exit into the water.
  • Let the coffee ‘perk’ for about 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Take the percolator off the heat and let it cool slightly before drinking.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Cowboy Coffee?

Cowboy coffee is made around a campfire with hot water, a pot, and some coffee beans or grounds.

It’s been a staple part of American culture since the wagons first rolled West and, in the centuries, since it was first brewed, countless generations have attempted to refine and perfect the art of making it.  

It can be bitter depending entirely on who is making it. A mystical and mysterious art, brewing cowboy coffee can take a lifetime to master or five minutes to perfect, it’s all a matter of who is in charge of brewing it.  

What Is A Percolator?  

A coffee percolator is a coffee pot that uses heat and gravity to constantly circulate water through a basket of coffee grounds until it reaches the required depth and texture of flavor that the person brewing it is attempting to achieve.

We have also written a post about the difference between a coffee percolator and a Moka pot.

How much coffee do you put in cowboy coffee?

The amount of coffee you use for cowboy coffee depends on the brew method you use and your taste. You can experiment with different coffee doses for each brew method and choose the one that suits your taste. However, a rough rule of thumb is to use about 1 tablespoon per cup of water.

What is cowboy-style coffee?

Cowboy style coffee is a style of coffee that originated in the American West. It’s also known as “cowboy coffee,” and it has become increasingly popular among specialty coffee roasters around the world.

The term “cowboy coffee” was also coined by the Roastery Coffee Company in 2014 to describe their signature blend of coffee.

How do cowboy coffee pots work?

Cowboy coffee pots or cowboy kettles work like any other kettle. You just add water and boil. You then add course-ground coffee in a coffee sock or straight into the pot. Drink after you let the coffee steep. 

What coffee grind is best for cowboy coffee?

The best coffee grind for cowboy coffee is coarse or medium-coarse.

How long do you let cowboy coffee boil?

If you are using the percolator coffee method, you can let the coffee boil for about 5 to 10 minutes. If you use a cowboy coffee pot or kettle, boil the water before adding the ground coffee. You can reboil to build up the temperature and let it cool for the best extraction of coffee.

Should you boil cowboy coffee?

You should boil cowboy coffee. If you are camping and didn’t bring your own water, then it is important to use clean water and boil it before drinking.

Is cowboy coffee stronger?

Cowboy coffee can be strong or weak depending on your choice of coffee-to-water brew ratio. A rough guide is to use 1 tablespoon of ground coffee to about 1 cup of water. You can add more coffee or less coffee to suit your taste.

How do you make cowboy coffee at home?

You can make cowboy coffee at home either with a stove-top cowboy coffee pot or a percolator

How do you make cowboy coffee not bitter

To avoid bitter cowboy coffee, adjust the coffee-to-water ratio and don’t let the coffee boil for too long. 

How do you make hobo coffee?

You make ‘hobo coffee’ the same way you make cowboy coffee using either a cowboy coffee pot or a percolator

Does cowboy coffee have caffeine?

Cowboy coffee is still coffee, so it will contain caffeine. The amount of caffeine will depend upon the type of coffee beans used to brew and the amount of ground coffee you use.

How do you remove grounds from Cowboy coffee?

You can avoid coffee grounds in cowboy coffee by placing the ground coffee in a coffee sock. You can also pour the brewed coffee into a filter placed over your cup.

Is Cowboy coffee bitter?

Cowboy coffee can be bitter. It depends upon the coffee-to-water brew ratio and the time you brew coffee.

Did they really drink a lot of coffee in the Old West

There aren’t many statistics about the amount of coffee drunk in the ‘Old West’. However, coffee has been very popular in the USA since about the 18th century. The Old West cowboys existed from about 1803 to 1912.

How long should cowboy coffee sit?

You should let cowboy coffee sit for up to 2 minutes after boiling.

Why is cowboy coffee so good?

Cowboy coffee is ‘good’ because it is quick and easy. It also has the romance of the ‘old west’. 

What’s the secret ingredient in cowboy coffee

There are at least two not-so-secret ingredients: good water and good coffee grounds.

How long do you percolate coffee on a camp stove?

You percolate coffee for about 5 to 10 minutes and then leave it to cool slightly. 

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