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coffee dispenser and coffee beans in sacks

Farmers Get A Pittance Even When Coffee Price Doubles

Steven Baxter

If you are a coffee lover then you may have occasionally thought about how those coffee beans got to your ...

cup of coffee with gifts

Last Minute Coffee Gift Ideas For The Coffee Lover

Steven Baxter

As you start prepping your gift list for Christmas and the holiday season? If so, you may want to include ...

does coffee make you live longer?

Does Coffee Help You Live Longer? Scientific Study.

Steven Baxter

We all know that coffee can make us feel more awake and alert. But does coffee help you live longer? ...

Different coffee drinks

60+ Different Types of Coffee Drinks To Enjoy!

Steven Baxter

Ever looked at a coffee shop menu and secretly wished you knew what all these types of coffee drinks were? ...

coffee bean in a bath and in a shower

Infusion, Immersion, Percolation, and Decoction Coffee Brewing

Steven Baxter

What do we mean when we brew coffee by immersion, infusion, percolation, and decoction? What is the difference between coffee ...

FinalPress Coffee Maker

Innovative FinalPress Portable Coffee Brewer Review

Steven Baxter

Do you ever wish you could have great-tasting coffee wherever you go, without having to carry around bulky brewing tools? ...

Dark Roast Coffee

10 Best Dark Roast Coffee Beans – Strong Coffee with Rich Depth of Flavor!

Steven Baxter

If you’re on the quest for the best dark roast coffee beans with a robust flavor that will give you ...

Java Burn Scientific Review

Drink Coffee and Lose Weight with Java Burn? Scientific Review

Steven Baxter

You probably already know some of the potential health and weight loss benefits of coffee. We’ve also previously written about ...

Moka vs Percolator

What is the difference between a Moka Pot and a Percolator?

Steven Baxter

What is the difference between a percolator and a Moka pot? Is there really any difference at all? Yes, a ...

national cappuccino day

National Cappuccino Day!

Steven Baxter

We have many days devoted to coffee even when it isn’t a National or International Day. However, 8 November is ...

coffee mortar and pestle

How to Grind Coffee Beans Without a Grinder: 6 Simple Ways

Steven Baxter

Grinding whole-bean coffee right before brewing diminishes exposure to flavor-destroying oxygen, prevents the natural flavors from becoming stale and bland, ...

Top 10 Best Selling Pour Over Coffee Makers

Top Best Selling Pour Over Coffee Makers

Steven Baxter

Discover the TOP 10 and the TOP 100 most popular best-selling coffee makers in Amazon’s Home & Kitchen coffee maker ...

best coffee liqueurs

Best Coffee Liqueur to Buy In 2021

Steven Baxter

Let’s face it. Coffee liqueurs exude unmatched decadence, diversity, and a balanced touch of sophistication. Although they are typically sweet ...

medium roast coffee in a bag

The Ultimate Guide to Medium Roast Coffee: All Questions Answered

Steven Baxter

The final flavor experience of coffee depends mostly on the initial flavor compounds found in the coffee beans. The roast ...

spooky witch

Spooky Witch Brew Frappuccino (Starbucks Copycat Recipe)

Steven Baxter

When it comes to Halloween drinks, Starbucks sure knows how to get them right. Over the years, they have come ...

coffee mug for warm coffee

Best Coffee Mugs to Keep Coffee Hot

Steven Baxter

Any avid coffee drinker will tell you that there are few things worse than taking a sip of coffee and ...

making a cup of french press coffee

The 8 Best French Stainless Steel Coffee Presses in 2021

Steven Baxter

For coffee lovers, this beverage offers an experience of smells, textures, flavors, and levels of intensity. All these culinary experiences ...

Light roast brown coffee beans in white cups on a wooden table top

8 Best Light Roast Coffee: Flavor and Caffeine Content Reviewed

Steven Baxter

It’s true that in the world of coffee, the darker roasts have dominated the market for some time, but recently, ...

picking coffee cherries coffee beans

Where Do Coffee Beans Come From: From Plants to Home

Steven Baxter

Approximately 1.4 billion coffees are consumed around the world every day. Have you ever considered were all the coffee beans ...

strong arm man holding coffee

What is the Strongest Coffee? Best Top Strongest Coffees in the World

Steven Baxter

For some people, a regular cup of joe is enough to help them wake up and start their day. Others, ...

roasted coffee beans for espresso

The 10 Best Espresso Beans for 2021 – Reviewed and Ranked

Steven Baxter

A cup of espresso isn’t like your regular cup of coffee. All things remaining constant, your typical cup of Joe ...

black coffee and coffee beans

Best Coffee to Drink Black. Getting the Best from Your Coffee

Steven Baxter

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who drink black coffee and those who wish they drank ...

french press vs drip coffee

French Press vs Drip Coffee- Which Brewing Method Is Best for You?

Steven Baxter

To accurately answer this question, you need to do a bit of soul searching to appreciate what you like about ...

best coffee for moka pot

Best Coffee for Moka Pot – Ground and Whole Beans

Steven Baxter

Italian Moka pots are known to make some of the best-tasting coffee, but do you know the best coffee for ...

woman with disgusted look after drinking coffee

How Long Can Coffee Sit Out And Not Go Bad?

Steven Baxter

It’s not unheard of for a busy individual to brew a pot of coffee in the morning only to take ...

clean french press

How to Clean a French Press Coffee Maker – In Less Than 5 Minutes

Steven Baxter

Four hundred million cups per day! That’s how much coffee Americans drink on average. If you are part of the ...

Breville vs De'Longhi Comparison

Breville vs DeLonghi: Which Makes Better Coffee Machines

Steven Baxter

De’Longhi and Breville are the leading coffee-machine manufacturers and have become quite popular among expresso lovers all over the globe. ...

cold foam milk

How to Make Cold Foam for Coffee at Home

Steven Baxter

As the summer weather starts to set in, one of the first things some people do is switch out their ...

coffee containers to keep coffee fresh

How Long is Coffee Good For – How to Store Coffee to Preserve Freshness

Steven Baxter

Unlike wine, coffee is a beverage that should be stored and consumed as soon and possible for optimum freshness and ...

home coffee roasting in 8 easy steps

How To Roast Your Own Coffee Beans In 8 Easy Steps

Steven Baxter and Emori Gift

Any coffee lover would agree, there is nothing better than starting your morning with a coffee made from a fresh ...

coffee beans per cup

How Many Coffee Beans are Used Per Cup?

Steven Baxter

The great composer Beethoven reportedly counted exactly 60 coffee beans to make his cup of coffee. We don’t know how ...

arabica vs robusta

Arabica Vs Robusta Coffee

Steven Baxter

Arabica vs robusta coffee beans what are the differences and similarities? More often than not, comparisons of different types of ...

vanilla coconut latte

Blonde Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Latte (Starbucks Copycat Recipe)

Steven Baxter

If you’re a Starbucks addict and your bank account is crying out for a cheaper alternative, then you’ll want to ...

best online barista training course

Best Online Barista Training Courses

Steven Baxter

Do you want to learn how to make great coffee from the comfort of your own home? Then take a ...

iced americano

Ultimate Iced Americano Recipe

Steven Baxter

If you’re anything like us, then coffee is your favorite beverage! We just can’t get enough of it, and we’re ...

best cold brew coffee beans

The Best Coffee Beans for Cold Brew: Everything You Should Know Coffee on a desk

Steven Baxter

There are very few things quite as tasty and as satisfying as having a cup of cold coffee on a ...

Ratio 6 different color coffee maker

Ratio 6 is a World-Class Drip Coffee Maker

Steven Baxter & Vasileia Fanarioti

Ratio Coffee makes stunning automated coffee brewing machines. Ratio Coffee is a small company in Portland, Oregon with high standards, ...

cold brew coffee

The Best Coffee Grounds for Cold Brew – All You Need to Know

Steven Baxter

Cold brew is a burgeoning trend in the coffee world today, and really, why should it not be? It does ...

soulhand products

Soulhand Portable Grinder, Cold Brew Coffee Maker, and Goose Neck Kettles

Steven Baxter

The Soulhand brand was established in 2016 and focussed on pour-over coffee. Their products are sold all over the world. ...

best cold brew coffee ratio

Cold Brew Coffee Ratio Grams: 3 Steps for Perfect Flavor Every Time

Steven Baxter

With the warmer weather setting in, it is officially time to break out one of a coffee lover’s favorite drinks ...

pour over vs french press

Pour Over Coffee vs French Press: Which Brewing Method Is Better?

Steven Baxter

Manual coffee makers are certainly making a comeback these days. And why shouldn’t they? There are lots of reasons to ...

What is Drip Coffee? The Complete Guide 2021 and Beyond

Steven Baxter

Whether or not you have heard of the exact term, if you are an avid coffee drinker, you have almost ...

5 essential rules for making coffee

The Ultimate Guide on How to Make Coffee Taste Good: The 5 Essential Rules

Steven Baxter

For some people, that first cup of coffee in the morning can really set the tone for the whole day. ...

iced coconut milk latte

Iced Coconut Milk Latte (Starbucks Copycat Recipe)

Steven Baxter

When it comes to different types of coffee, iced coffee is one of the best. If you have ever tried ...

when does coffee expire and can it go bad?

When Does Coffee Expire And Can it Go Bad?

Steven Baxter

Everything in life has an expiration date, and just like many of your favorite things, coffee is no different. So, ...

how to brew coffee with a k cup without a keurig

How to Easily Brew Coffee from a K-Cup Without a Keurig

Steven Baxter

A Keurig machine is one of the most convenient kitchen appliances for any coffee enthusiast, leaving you with a simple ...

how much caffeine in decaf coffee

How Much Caffeine is in Decaf Coffee?

Steven Baxter

How much caffeine is in decaf coffee?

how many calories in coffee

How Many Calories Does Coffee Have?

Steven Baxter

Whether a cup of coffee is your morning pleasure, or your quick caffeine fix and pick-me-up, if you’re anything like ...

moka coffee maker and mug near open fire

Best Camping Cowboy Coffee Pots and Percolators

Steven Baxter

Going camping? Need coffee? Discover the best camping cowboy coffee pots and percolators in our comprehensive review. When you’ve packed ...

Orb One. A Unique Stovetop Coffee Maker

Orb One. A Unique Stovetop Coffee Maker

Steven Baxter

Introducing the Orb One, a coffee maker that redefines the art of brewing. This sleek, minimalist device is a coffee ...

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